The Best Countries for Introverts Who Love to Travel

The Best Countries for Introverts Who Love to Travel

Far-flung escapes that any self-professed introvert can get behind.

Introverts are often misunderstood and labelled for all the wrong reasons. It’s not true, for example, that all introverts are shy, party-hating wallflowers or socially anxious misanthropes who avoid people like the plague. What it comes down to, really, is where you get your energy. Extroverts tend to feel most pumped-up from interacting with people for longer periods of time, whereas introverts get their energy from spending time on their own — like a battery that needs to be recharged at the end of a long day. To restore their energy levels and feel like themselves again, introverts need to recoup with solitude and privacy, be it inside their home or in the great outdoors.

Based on findings from Merchant Machine, a financial comparison website in the United Kingdom, we’ve put together a list of the best countries for introverts to visit, work, or even move to someday. For a change of pace and scenery, read on below! 


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Outranking all the best countries for introverts is Canada, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows its reputation for safety and diversity. With approximately four people per square kilometre, the third largest country in the world offers countless outdoor activities to try, from hiking through the dense forests in Alberta to camping out near freshwater lakes in British Columbia. Besides the natural scenery in the country, it helps that Canadians are well-known for their kindness and politeness as well, which can make any introvert feel welcome in their society.

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Placing second on the list of introvert-friendly countries is Australia, which has a population density of about three individuals per square kilometre. While busy cities like Melbourne and Sydney are great for immersing in culture and the arts, let’s not forget that the Land Down Under is famous for awe-inspiring natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles, Kangaroo Island, and the Great Barrier Reef. Anytime you feel like breaking away from congested areas, you’ll find no shortage of coastal drives across this massive and geographically diverse  country. 


Best Countries for Introverts to Move to: Iceland

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Did you know that Iceland has just around four people per square kilometre? With a small population of 342,631, this Nordic island nation is one of the best countries introverts can visit or move to. The dramatic landscapes and natural scenery — running the gamut from glaciers and volcanic caves to waterfalls and geothermal pools — offer more than enough peace and solitude for visitors hoping to recharge their social batteries. More importantly, the low crime rates and the peaceful environment make it a safe haven for solo travellers. 

But of course, we can never forget its main appeal: It’s one of the best places to witness the Northern Lights


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Officially the largest country in the world, Russia, has a total land area of 17.1 million square kilometres and spans 11 time zones. Nevertheless, it has a relatively smaller population density than one would expect at approximately nine people per square kilometre. Plus, it’s actually one of the friendliest countries for introverts. Even in a densely populated city like Moscow, the locals tend to be formal towards strangers and respect their space. 

In terms of places to explore, you’ll find many opportunities to traverse this stunning country, from the stately palaces and majestic museums in St. Petersburg to far-flung destinations like Lake Baikal and the Kamchatka Peninsula


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Looking for one of the best countries to move to? If a healthy work-life balance sounds great to you, then the happiest country in the world should fit the bill. Many recognise Finland as a popular wildlife destination with beautiful forests and lakes, or a Scandinavian utopia with universal health care, but did you know that it’s also famous for being a land of introverts? 

Finnish cartoonist Karoliina Korhonen captures just how much the Finns value each other’s personal space and privacy in her blog called “Finnish Nightmare,” where she illustrates the many awkward scenarios that introverts can relate to. (“Someone sits next to you in public transport and then they start speaking to you.”) 

How refreshing to know that the locals can speak to each other comfortably without small talk or oversharing — the polite icebreakers that can feel almost obligatory or rehearsed in other countries! In Finland, nobody’s going to force you to strike up a conversation with a total stranger. That’s every introvert’s dream come true right there. 

New Zealand

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When the animals easily outnumber people around five to one, it makes total sense to learn that New Zealand is one of the friendliest countries for introverts. With approximately 19 people per square kilometre, this country which can teach the whole world about longer life expectancy is also blessed with open spaces and breathtaking landscapes for visitors to roam. Take your pick from the rolling pastures and hot springs on the South Island or the national parks that await you on the North Island — New Zealand has a little something for everyone! 

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With stunning fjords, remote valleys, and charming rural villages to explore, Norway is a paradise for adventurers and introspective travellers alike. There are about 17 people per square kilometre in Norway — a statistic that seems very pleasant for introverts, especially considering the country’s vast and unspoilt terrain. The Land of the Midnight Sun also stands proudly among the safest countries in the world for solo travellers. As much as we adore watching the Northern Lights, the privilege of feeling safe in isolated areas is just as important for any introvert seeking a life overseas. 


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Had enough of cold destinations? Self-proclaimed introverts can also enjoy a tropical paradise in Belize, which is home to famous scuba diving sites like the Blue Hole and archeological sites like the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. This island nation near the Caribbean Sea offers a remote destination for swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, fishing, jungle trekking, or just swinging on a hammock in a laid-back afternoon. Belize has approximately 18 people per square kilometre, and between the overwater bungalows and the hundreds of “cayes” or smaller islands nearby, you’re more likely to be surrounded by sand and sea than people here. 

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Of course, this list offers just one interpretation of the best countries for introverts. If you’re interested in starting a new life elsewhere, check out the best cities in the world for expats and the career paths that can lead to travel opportunities as well. 

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