10 Safest Solo Female Travel Destinations in 2019

10 Safest Solo Female Travel Destinations in 2019

Stay safe and sound around the world!

Did you know that even in 2019, it still wasn’t safe for women to travel just anywhere? More so if you travel solo? There’s always the threat of danger when we travel, but it’s about twice as dangerous when it comes to women. From basic street safety to real threats of violence, we just can’t seem to catch a break.

But not all hope is lost. Thankfully, there are certain countries that pass the mark and guarantee safe travels for women. Studies have gathered some of the safest solo female travel destinations around the world, based on the level of safety when it comes to factors that include walking at night, female homicide, non-partner sexual violence, gender inequity, and violence against women. 

So, make sure to check out the following list — and who knows, any of these countries might be your next solo travel destination!

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1. Spain

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Image credit: Santiagova

Soulful and sophisticated Spain tops the list with its beautiful landscapes, charming cities, and fiery culture. Every experience is different, so it’s still important to proceed with a certain level of caution.

Nevertheless, whether it’s Madrid or Barcelona, you’re bound to have a great time with Spain’s overflowing richness in history, artistry, and wine. Remember us when you’re staring at a Gaudi masterpiece!

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2. Singapore

safe solo female travel destination

Image credit: William Cho

Already a tourist favourite among many travellers, we’re glad to know that Singapore is safe for women, too. From the diverse number of cultures coming together to their famous hawker centres and fancy high-end districts, this destination has something for everyone. It’s especially easy for both families and solo travellers alike with their wonderfully efficient train system, which makes it easy to get around.

3. Ireland

Image credit: Ludwig Bickel

Dublin, Belfast, or Derry: Take your pick because Ireland is all for the taking! The tiny island within the United Kingdom has built quite the impression to anyone that’s travelled there. Picturesque views, amazing literary treasures, and a diverse range of music (from folk to EDM!) come together to stun the senses. Ideal for people seeking isolation just as much as it is for those looking to socialise, Ireland is a gracious wonder that will fill you with inspiration and beer! 

4. Austria

Image credit: Uoaei1

Gilded glory in the midst of dazzling alpine slopes ⁠— this is Austria. It’s the perfect place for some artsy reflection, and it’s a relief to know it’s a safe solo female travel destination, too.

Feast your eyes on the works of Klimt, Freud, and the work of classical geniuses Mozart, Strauss, and Haydn among other musical greats, as well as the lavish structures that well-represent the Baroque era of architecture. If all else fails, just make your way to any majestic field and channel your inner Sound of Music.

5. Switzerland

Image credit: Simo Räsänen

If you’re the type of adrenaline junkie that we know you are, Switzerland is a marvellous destination to get your fix. Beyond the yodelling, chocolates, and castles, this country is also home to famous skiing and snowboarding spots in the winter.

Fans of near-death experiences will also enjoy their various summer activities like white-water rafting and parachuting out of a flying plane for a majestic view of their breathtaking landscapes. All that with a side of raclette will be enough for you to say, “Well, fondue if I do.”

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6. Norway

safe solo female travel destination

Image credit: Richard Martin

Norway offers a taste of everything. It’s for design nerds looking to see the simple and strong Scandinavian aesthetic in full bloom in Oslo. At the same time, it’s for soul searchers off to chase the Aurora Borealis in Tromsø. It’s also for the wildlife chasers in search of magnificent creatures like whales, orcas, musk oxen, and arctic foxes! There is comfort in knowing that wherever you go, there’s a safe haven waiting. 

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7. Portugal

Image credit: Daniel Feliciano

Fairy tales exist in Portugal — we’re not even kidding. It’s studded with medieval castles, cobblestone paths, historic villages, misty forests, and colourful houses overseeing crystal blue waters that look like they jumped straight out of a storybook.

On the side of reality are festivals aplenty, filled with rock music and mountains of drinks as well as endearingly delicious pastries, meats, cheeses, crisps, and wine as a more sophisticated alternative to living out your great story. 

8. Croatia

Image credit: Luca Sartoni

Way before Game of Thrones (GOT), Croatia already had its fair share of medieval shenanigans, which explains why the place is like it is. Their famous sparkling coastline and walled city are undeniable attractions and make Croatia a perfect place to lounge and relax on their gorgeous stretches of white sand and the right place to geek out over your favourite series. Who knows, you might also get to connect with fellow GOT fans! 

9. Canada

safe solo female travel destination

Image credit: Guenter Wieschendahl

Brave the environment of the Canadian hinterlands, where snow is bountiful and beauty is everlasting. Inside the city, there’s more life to live with diverse night markets, festivals, museums, and cafés waiting for you in places like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

There’s more to this country than just maple syrup and moose, so embrace the poutine and put on your thermal wear, because Canada is where the adventure (and a great time for women everywhere) lies!

10. Poland⁠

Image credit: Photo RNW.org

Rounding out this list of safe solo female travel destinations is historic Poland. While it isn’t a place that first springs to mind when you think solo travel, it’s actually a charming place that’s filled with unique attractions and a lively town — not to mention, it’s a safe place for exploring!

Poland’s roots, which date back to the 10th century up to World War II, have certainly left a mark on this charming destination. Here, witness a magical blend of architectural styles over the years with hints of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque structures strewn all over town. Explore gorgeously gilded castles, the Wieliczka salt mine, and more in this astonishing country tucked away on the northern edge of Eastern Europe.

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