11 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to for Better Opportunities

11 Easiest Countries to Immigrate to for Better Opportunities

Maybe it’s time to start thinking about your new home.

Everyone has wondered about living in another country at some point. Whether it’s imagining a better future for your family or seeking a well-paying job in your field, it’s normal to wonder if everything really is greener on the other side. Perhaps you just want an adventure, to experience life outside of your comfort zone. As more people increasingly make money online, it’s the easiest thing in the world to pursue a life abroad and immigrate to the countries you’ve been dreaming of just visiting. There has never been a better time to look at your options!

Typically, the easiest way to move to other countries is to obtain a work visa. This will allow you to stay in the country long enough to apply as a permanent resident or even a citizen. Depending on your country of origin, the application procedures will vary. So, it’s important to check each country’s official immigration website to get the best and complete picture of the countries that you can move to.

Depending on your country of origin, the application procedures will vary. So, it’s important to check each country’s official immigration website to get the best and complete picture of the countries that you can move to. If you don’t know where to start, then we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve compiled a list of your best options: Whether you’re thinking of pursuing further studies or you’re just naturally curious about the work opportunities that await you abroad, these are the easiest countries to immigrate to. 

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What are the best countries to immigrate to?

1. Canada

Easiest Countries to Immigrate to: Canada

Image credit: Jason Hafso

Home to freshwater lakes and national parks, Canada consistently makes it to the global rankings of the safest countries to live in. For this reason, it’s also one of the easiest countries to migrate to. Vancouver, in particular, is known for having a culturally diverse population of immigrants. In the 2021 census data from Statistics Canada, 54% of the residents in the metropolitan area of Vancouver said that they belong to a visible minority with the largest non-white ethnic groups being Chinese, South Asian, and Filipino.  

With Canada’s vibrant multicultural population, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the easiest countries to immigrate to. The North American country is well-known for its welcoming immigration policy, with a variety of pathways for foreigners looking to make the big move.

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Looking for the quickest way to get permanent residency? The points-based Express Entry Program is extremely popular, geared towards highly skilled individuals with plenty of experience in their field. Some may also qualify for the Provincial Nominee Program, Atlantic Immigration Program, Self-Employment Visa, or Start-Up Visa. If you already have relatives in the country, you may opt to enter the country through Family Sponsorship

For skilled workers who plan to immigrate to Canada, you can check if your occupation meets the critical skills shortlist here

For more information, visit the website here.

2. Mexico

Easiest Countries to Move to: Mexico

Image credit: Joseph Barrientos

With its efficient health care system and affordable cost of living, Mexico has no shortage of perks for citizens. If you’re keen on enjoying sun-drenched beaches, colourful neighbourhoods, and flavourful cuisine, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s relatively easy to migrate to Mexico, especially if you’re planning to retire there. 

To apply for permanent residency in Mexico, you must show proof of financial means. For pensioners, this means proving that you have an average monthly balance of at least US$107,000 (~S$142,866) in investments or bank accounts over the last 12 months. Alternatively, you can also show that you have been receiving a steady monthly income of at least US$1,620 (~S$2,163) from a pension or other retirement source in the last six months.

Temporary resident visa holders are also eligible for permanent residency after living in Mexico for four consecutive years. This type of visa may be obtained several different ways; for instance, if you buy real estate in Mexico.

Street Art in Mexico

Image credit: David Watkis

Next step: citizenship. Foreign nationals who wish to apply for naturalisation must reside in Mexico for a period of at least five years. This period of residency can be shortened to two years if you are a native of a Latin American country; if you are applying through a Mexican spouse or child; or if you have provided a beneficial service that contributes to Mexico’s culture, art, sports, business, and other areas. Meanwhile, individuals claiming citizenship through parentage can apply for naturalisation after just one year of legal residence in Mexico. 

Aside from showing proof of legal residency, you should also be able to speak Spanish. Expect to demonstrate your knowledge of Mexican history and culture to obtain citizenship in Mexico, as well.

Bonus: Mexico allows dual citizenship, so can keep your original citizenship even as you pursue residency in the country!

For more information, visit the website here

3. Australia

easiest countries to immigrate to

Image credit: RudyBalasko via Canva Pro

Not only is Australia known for breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, but it also happens to be one of the best countries you can migrate to. And despite the relatively high cost of living in the Land Down Under, the salaries are also competitive. Not to mention, you won’t be out of place: Major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth have large populations of Asian immigrants. 

If you want to become a permanent resident in Australia, the main types of visa to pursue include a family-stream permanent visa, a work-stream permanent visa, or a business or investor-stream permanent visa. If none of these apply, you may also try visas geared towards retirees, former residents, global talents, or refugees.

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Individuals who are planning to go through the work-stream route will have 43 different visas to choose from in Australia. To make it easier for aspiring applicants, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs provides an easy way on their website to narrow down your other visa category options.

To see whether you’re eligible to apply for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa, take the eligibility assessment here. The Skilled Independent Visa will allow you to live, work, and study anywhere in the country. It also lets you enrol in free public health care, sponsor relatives visiting Australia, and apply for citizenship upon eligibility.

For more information, visit the website here

4. Germany

easiest countries to immigrate to

Image credit: Yannic Kreß

Filled with dazzling castles and historic attractions, Germany is one of the best countries for immigrants in Europe. Like many places around the world, it relies on skilled professionals from outside the European Union to strengthen and support its economy. Thanks to the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, Germany has become one of the easiest countries to immigrate to, particularly if you’re eyeing Europe as your future home.

The Skilled Immigration Act, which was passed on 1 Mar 2020, allows qualified professionals with vocational or academic training to work in Germany or look for employment in their area of qualification. Take note that this qualification must be recognised by German authorities. Moreover, applicants should master at least the A2 level of the German language and possess the means to support themselves during their job hunt.

Image credit: Helmut_Kroiss from Pixabay via Canva Pro

If you happen to be a skilled worker with vocational training, then the opportunity to immigrate to Germany could be within your reach. For a clearer assessment of your chances of permanent residency, try this useful Quick-Check tool provided by the German government.

Skilled professionals holding a temporary residence permit for at least four years can receive a Settlement Permit, also referred to as a Permanent Residence Permit. Meanwhile, German citizenship is attainable for individuals living in Germany legally for at least eight years. You must also have the means to support yourself and your dependents, plus sufficient knowledge of the German language at a minimum level of B1. Check the rest of the prerequisites for naturalisation here.

For more information, visit the website here

5. New Zealand

easiest countries to immigrate to

Image credit: Andres Iga

Breathtaking natural landscapes are a given. But more than that, New Zealand offers immigrants a healthy work-life balance, low crime levels, universal healthcare, and a happy social environment that supports the well-being of its citizens. The fact that it’s the closest anyone can get to a real-life Middle-earth is just another reason why NZ tops our list of the best countries to migrate to. 

Lucky for us, the country’s Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa makes it quite easy for skilled professionals to live, work, and study in New Zealand. It targets foreign nationals currently working in the country. At the same time, it applies to anyone with a job offer from an accredited employer. You’ll need six points to be invited to apply; use this Points Indicator as a rough guide for the requirements of your visa application.

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Meanwhile, self-employed applicants aspiring to set up their own business in New Zealand can apply for an Entrepreneur Resident Visa instead. Depending on your origin country, you may have other options, too! Check all the other work-related visas available in New Zealand to find the best route to achieve your dream of living in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

For more information, visit the website here

6. Finland

easiest countries to immigrate to

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If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights — and really, who hasn’t? — then packing your bags and migrating to Finland should easily check that off your bucket list. Ranking first place on the World Happiness Report for several years in a row, Finland offers eco-friendly cities, public healthcare, flexible working hours, a great school system, and paid maternity and paternity leave for citizens, just to name a few advantages of living in the happiest country in the world. 

Citizens of Singapore and Malaysia don’t require visas to visit Finland, although they will need to register with ETIAS starting in mid-2025. If you intend to remain in the country for longer than 90 days, then you should apply for a First Residence Permit at the Finnish Immigration Service’s online portal.

Image credit: Vladislav Zolotov via Canva Pro

To qualify for a residence permit in Finland on the basis of work, you’ll need to choose the right residence permit application depending on your profession. The Finland Application Finder will help you pick the most suitable application for your needs.

Individuals living in Finland for four consecutive years or more may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit.

For more information, visit the website here

7. Spain 

easiest countries to immigrate to

Image credit: Ihor_Tailwind via Canva Pro

Ever heard the Spanish phrase “mi casa es su casa?” As it turns out, Spain is one of the best countries to migrate to in Europe. This beautiful country of flamenco, siesta, and delicious paella is known to be incredibly friendly to immigrants as well. 

For nationals of the Philippines and other former Spanish colonies, Spain offers the easiest process to fast-track citizenship for those who wish to immigrate to its warm and sunny shores. Filipinos only need two years of legal and continuous residency in Spain to apply for Spanish citizenship. This is a privilege that Spain extends to the Philippines and other former colonies in Latin America. Do note that you’ll have to pass the language test, too — if you’re planning to migrate to Spain, you better start learning Spanish ASAP.

Image credit: paologallophoto via Canva Pro

Not a citizen of the Philippines or a Spanish-speaking country? Not to worry, as other non-EU nationalities can still apply for permanent residence after living in Spain for five years. National visa options are available for students, employees, and self-employed individuals, among others. 

For more information, visit the website here.

8. Panama 

Easiest Country to Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship: Panama

Image credit: Danielho via Canva Pro 

Never considered this underrated country? You should: It’s no secret that Panama is one of the easiest countries you can immigrate to, especially if you’re thinking of moving to Central America. The Friendly Nations Visa lets citizens of 22 “friendly nations” apply for a fast-track permanent residency in Panama — and yes, one of these nations is Singapore! 

Not a member of a friendly nation? Another way to obtain permanent residency is by getting the Panama Pensionado Visa. With this visa, foreign nationals over 18 can apply for legal residency in Panama, provided they can prove they receive a lifetime guaranteed pension or a monthly income of at least US$1,000 per month.

Easiest Country to Get Permanent Residency and Citizenship: Panama

Image credit: SimonDannhauer via Canva Pro 

Foreign nationals may also pursue residency by working for a Panama company in a professional capacity. After two years of being a temporary resident, you can go ahead and apply for permanent residency in the country! 

For more information, visit the website here

9. Portugal


Image credit: Ricardo Resende

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Portugal attracts many immigrants for its scenic coastlines, mouth-watering food, and vibrant nightlife. It also enjoys a pleasant climate, affordable public transportation, and a leisurely pace of life. Who wouldn’t want to live here, right? 

If you’re interested in migrating to Portugal, having a solid grasp of the Portuguese language will set you apart from other candidates who are applying for a job. Currently, Portugal is in need of highly skilled workers in the industries of healthcare, information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Al Fresco Seating in Portugal

Image credit: Clifford

Even without a passport from EU countries, Portugal offers one of the easiest ways to immigrate to Europe, with an assortment of work and study visa programs. Similar to Spain’s immigration policy, Portugal allows you to apply for permanent residence after legally staying in the country for five years. 

For more information, visit the website here

10. Thailand

easiest countries to immigrate to

Image credit: Mathew Schwartz

Prefer to stay close? No need to fly very far to move to a foreign country, especially since our Southeast Asian neighbour Thailand is one of the best countries to migrate to, anyway. Mouthwatering local cuisine, vibrant cultural sites, and endless white beaches — if you never want to leave this paradise, then stay! 

To secure permanent residency in Thailand, foreigners must either qualify for one of the following categories: investment (a minimum of ฿3,000,000 or ~S$113,820 investment in Thailand); work or business; academic; or family or humanity. 

Image credit: Evan Krause

However, the naturalisation process can take a while in Thailand. To qualify for citizenship, foreign nationals must hold Permanent Resident status in the country for 10 consecutive years.

For more information, visit the website here

11. Ireland

easiest countries to move to

Image credit: Jason Murphy

Travellers who fall in love with Ireland’s unspoiled natural landscapes and welcoming people will be happy to find out that it also remains among the easiest countries to immigrate to in Europe. 

Like many countries on this list, a straightforward way to get permanent residence is by finding employment in Ireland and securing a job offer from an Irish employer. Many foreign nationals will get the General Employment Permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. 

Image credit: Sean Kuriyan

Look for work permit options at the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) website, as well as opportunities for studying and naturalisation requirements.

For more information, visit the website here.

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Which one of these countries seems like the easiest one for you to move to? Starting a new life in another country can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Truly, migrating overseas is far from simple. The journey ahead will be filled with a lot of patience and paperwork, but who knows? It might be worth it!

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