You’ll Want to Visit Norway After Seeing These 20 Photos

You’ll Want to Visit Norway After Seeing These 20 Photos

Wow, just wow.

The land of the midnight sun and the northern lights, of epic fjords and ancient glaciers, of charming coastal villages and cutting-edge cities, Norway dazzles, sparkles and shines.

This is one of Europe’s most breathtaking destinations. A long and narrow country in the far north of the continent, Norway has always fascinated. This is Viking country, a place of legends and lore, of sagas and stories. It is also home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes.

Nowhere else in the world can you find this many fjords. The Norwegian coastline is incredibly long, characterized by deep bays, islands and inlets. Inland, you will find some of Europe’s tallest mountains, largest glaciers, deepest valleys and densest forests. Moose, wolves and brown bears call these landscapes home. In Arctic Norway, you can see hundreds of reindeer roam the tundra. In its coastal waters, whales and seals migrate.

If rich history and spectacular nature isn’t enough, there are Norway’s cities. Places such as Trondheim and Bergen, Oslo and Alesund entice visitors with their gorgeous architecture, walkable streets and world-class shopping.

Norway, in a nutshell, has everything and more to make any vacation memorable. The armchair travellers among you will definitely enjoy the following 20 photos of Norway.

1. Reine is one of many picturesque villages on the Lofoten Islands

2. Lonely house on the Arctic tundra

3. Rapid-flowing river in Western Norway

4. Bryggen in Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

5. Cabins in the Western Norwegian mountains

6. White beach on the Lofoten Islands

7. Tiny fishing community in Arctic Norway

8. Flam is renowned for its goat cheese

9. One of the Hurtigruten ships docked in the harbour of Hammerfest

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10. Iconic and photogenic bridges connect the Lofoten Islands

11. Beautifully coloured wooden buildings line the waterfront in Trondheim

12. Hamnoy is yet another gorgeous village on the Lofoten Islands

13. The Geirangerfjord is arguably Norway’s most famous fjord

14. Stave churches are fantastic examples of ancient Norwegian architecture

15. Crystal-clear waters surround the village of Sakrisoy, Lofoten Islands

16. The midnight sun brightens a snowy landscape in Northern Norway

17. Sheer cliffs dwarf the boat houses in Svolvaer

18. The Trollstigen, or Troll’s Ladder, is one of the most breathtaking roads in Norway

19. The North Cape, Europe’s northernmost car-accessible point

20. Photogenic church in Svolvaer

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