Top 10 Day Trips to Experience Melbourne Like Never Before

Top 10 Day Trips to Experience Melbourne Like Never Before

Melbourne city centre is vibrant and full of life but what if you want more than just roaming the alleys and looking at skyscrapers during your trip? Here’s a list of day trips you can take to visit the outskirts of Melbourne and discover a different side of the city.

Melbourne city centre is vibrant and full of life but what if you want more than just roaming the alleys and looking at skyscrapers during your trip? Here’s a list of day trips you can take to visit the outskirts of Melbourne and discover a different side of the city.

1. Great Ocean Road

Just a three hour drive away, the Great Ocean Road is one of Melbourne’s most popular road trip destinations and you will get to see an amazing stretch of coastlines. Vastly different from the Melbourne city life, you get a touch of nature and fresh air as you drive along the Great Ocean Road. 

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As you take a scenic drive along the coastlines, you can stop by and gaze at the London Bridge at the Port Campbell National Park.

Image credit: Richard Mikalsen

Make sure to stop by the famous Twelve Apostles and get a spectacular view of the pinnacle of limestones that stand tall on the ocean floor. With the blue waters and the sandy coloured limestone rocks and shore, you’ll be completely blown away by this scenery. Get your cameras ready because you would want to get the best shot of this landscape!

2. St Kilda’s

St Kilda’s is only a short drive away from the main city centre and it’s a great place to go for a day trip. This beachside suburb is a must-go for everyone who enjoys a little bit of thrill and sun tanning!

One of the places you have to visit at St Kilda’s is Luna Park. If you enjoy playing carnival games or love rollercoasters, this is definitely right up your area! 

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The iconic clown-looking entrance and the Great Scenic Railway Rollercoaster that surrounds the entire park would be enough to lure you in. The best part of it all? The entrance to the park is free! Thrilling rides on the rollercoaster with a fantastic view of the St Kilda’s shoreline is probably the best combination ever. 

Even if Luna Park isn’t something you’re interested in, go ahead and get yourself a little bit of sun on the St Kilda Beach. You can also have a picnic by the St Kilda foreshore lawns if you prefer a spot away from the sun. 

Image credit: Allen Suss 

Visit the St Kilda Pier and have a nice scenic walk along the jetty. There are so many restaurants and hipster looking cafes around the area so be sure to grab a bite somewhere.

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So bring your sunglasses, straw hat, sunblock and beach mat and have the best day at St Kilda’s! 

3. Philip Island

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Phillip Island is the place to go if you love wildlife. About 140km from Melbourne’s CBD, you can take the chance to watch the Penguin Parade along the beach at the Phillip Island Nature Parks!

Image credit: Larry Koester

Since you’re already in Australia, you should definitely visit the Koala Conservation Centre and see koalas in their natural habitat. Koalas are a national symbol of Australia’s wildlife for a reason… They are just adorable.

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Enjoy both the scenery and get a chance to experience Australia’s unique wildlife on this day trip out of Melbourne’s busy city life!

4. Yarra Valley

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Go on a road trip to Yarra Valley to visit one of the most picturesque places in Australia. Drive through the forest greens and immerse yourself in nature.

If you’re a foodie like me, you would be glad to spend the day here as there are so many restaurants, fresh produce and the Yarra Valley Dairy. All cheese lovers should head over to Yarra Valley Dairy to try some of their farmyard cheeses, you won’t regret it.

After sampling all the savoury food, you can satisfy your dessert cravings at the Yarra Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. Walk right into the Chocolatier and find a mountain of chocolate pebbles free for tasting too!

Get yourself some ice cream while you walk around the Chocolatier’s orchard, especially during the summer! 

5. Daylesford

Take a drive to Daylesford near the Wombat State Forest and enjoy a day of spa and relaxation. This place is known for its mineral springs and day spas which will be perfect after a long drive. Get rewarded with great views and serenity as you enjoy a good time at Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa

Image credit: Greenstone Girl

Visit Lake Daylesford and take in the peaceful atmosphere as you take a stroll along the lake. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a place to sit back, relax and chill. 

6. Wilsons Promontory National Park

Also known as “The Prom”, Wilsons Promontory National Park is a great place for you if you love exploring nature. Although it’s a 3 hour drive from Melbourne’s city centre, it will be worth it!

Remember to bring your camera along because it really is so beautiful looking over the beaches and rainforests. Take as many photos as you like and enjoy the breeze when you’re there!

Image credit: Dhx1

It is also famous for its variety of wildlife and if you’re adventurous and ready for a challenge, take a one-hour hike up Mt. Oberon and be blown away by the spectacular views of the Tidal River. The view will simply take your breath away!

Image credit: Laurie Nevay

7. Sovereign Hill at Ballarat

The Victorian-era houses and shops are one of the special attractions at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. The houses will make you feel as though you were transported back in time to the 19th century. Time to take some insta-worthy photos!

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Gain knowledge about the town of Ballarat and Australian history by taking a walk through the historical sites and visiting the Gold Museum. It is the perfect place for a family outing as there are so many attractions in one place that are suitable for both kids and adults!

8. Puffing Billy Steam Train

Something a little different from this list would be taking the Puffing Billy Steam Train! First constructed in Victoria in the early 19th century, it is Australia’s premier preserved steam railway and you can get a chance to ride on the train. 

Image credit: nzsteam

You’ll have so much fun and experience something rare as steam trains are not a common thing these days. You can even have a nice dinner while you’re riding the train to end the long day.  

9. Skiing at Mount Buller

When the weather gets cold and the season changes in winter, it would be an amazing opportunity to ski! Australia doesn’t snow much but up in the mountains, some parts of Victoria are actually covered with snow during winter. 

Image credit: malinhett

Head to Mount Buller Ski Resort to have the time of your life skiing and enjoying the cold weather the right way! They have  22 lifts to transport guests all the way to the various terrain parks. It would be a great experience if you enjoy a little bit of sports during your trip!

10. Mornington Peninsula

Image credit: Kacey Chong

Only a 90-minute drive away from Melbourne CBD is the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. Visit the scenic seaside town of Sorrento and get an amazing view of the seaside when you take the Millionaire’s Walk! You can also visit the Sorrento Pier and Sorrento Back Beach for spectacular views. There are also many shophouses and restaurants in Sorrento so don’t worry about having nothing to do after seeing these amazing views!

Melbourne is sure to lure you in with both the hustle and bustle of the city life as well as the peaceful and picturesque suburbs. This list of diverse day trips will guarantee that you’ll make your time worth it while you’re in Melbourne!

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