Travel Lessons From 2022: The TripZilla Team Shares What They Learned

2022 Recap: Top Travel Lessons the TripZilla Team Has Learned This Year

But, of course, we’re only just getting started.

There’s no denying the difference that a year makes… and 2022 sure has brought a lot of (good) changes when it comes to travel! After what felt like an eternity of border closures, heavy pre-trip requirements, and other obstacles, it’s safe to say that things are finally looking up and going back to normal.  We got front-row seats to the comeback of leisure travel, as more and more countries bid farewell to COVID-related entry restrictions

As we near the end of the year, we at TripZilla have decided to look back on our most memorable travel lessons from 2022. From learning the importance of packing light to exploring a destination’s hidden gems, here are all the reasons why this year was certainly one for the books! 

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Our year in travel: A rundown of the best things we learned (so far)

Charmaine | Editorial – Philippines

“After being cooped up at home for more than two years, I finally got to travel again this 2022. Unlike before, my first pandemic travel (albeit domestically) felt like meeting a long-lost friend again — there’s the awkward silence, the familiar becoming unfamiliar, and the social anxiety. Things were never the same anymore. But like reconnecting with a dear old friend, there’s still time to catch up, create new memories, and rekindle that sense of adventure. 

Travel taught me to embrace life’s uncertainties responsibly (in between YOLO-ing and adulting). And despite all these, travel is still worth it. #LifesATrip” 

travel lessons from 2022

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Darren | Editorial – Malaysia

“This year, I got to travel to Jeju Island after two years of basically staying at home. While it wasn’t my first time there, it certainly felt like I was visiting a whole new destination. But more than the new attractions and hidden gems that opened, it was the exhilarating experience of simply being outside of my country after so long. The moment I landed at the airport, I thought to myself, wow, I really am stepping on foreign soil. It was the mental release of the past few years and lifted my spirits tremendously.”

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Marcy | Editorial – Philippines

“One of my favourite lessons from 2022 is learning to travel without fixating on having absolutely zero problems; whether it’s things I need to worry about once I’m back home, or the ones I might possibly encounter during my trip. I learned to travel not to escape per se, but simply to experience life in a foreign land and maybe — just maybe — gain a new perspective or two.” 

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Cassandra | Editorial – Singapore

“The priority — not just for me but for many people I’ve witnessed on socials or stories from friends — is just about getting to travel, being elsewhere, and getting out of your country. It doesn’t have to be the most lavish location with the busiest itinerary planned, and it can even be a destination we’ve been to before. 

For me, it was my first time in Europe: a trip that was planned at the last minute. The most exciting aspect of it all was, like I said, just about being able to travel again. And my travel buddies and I ended up enjoying ourselves tremendously. 

I’m going to Thailand soon, and even though I’ve been there before, I’m excited to explore new parts of the country I haven’t seen yet. I’m also looking forward to rediscovering what I love about the country and eating plenty of good food!”

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Danielle | Editorial – Philippines

“Easing out of lockdown restrictions encouraged me to explore my local community rather than traverse the world. This year, I enjoyed visiting familiar destinations with familiar people — making the most of the city I’ve always known. I learned that travel isn’t always about seeking new places; sometimes, it’s also about experiencing your home with brand new eyes.”

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Yanuar | Editorial – Indonesia

“What were my travel lessons from 2022? Let’s see… I have made it a point to be as flexible as I can when travelling. Sure I’ve made some plans, but I know not all of my plans will go as smoothly as I hope. For example, I went on a solo motorbike road trip from Surabaya to Bali. The journey was approximately 450km and was supposed to take 10 hours. But it turned out that I needed more than 15 hours to finish the trip. I also went hiking a few days ago, but I was not able to reach the top because of bad weather. 

Unexpected events like this should always be part of your plan so that, in the end, you will not get disappointed. Here’s my advice: Prepare for the weather, whenever and wherever you go — global warming and climate change are real.”

Celia | Editorial – Philippines

“I learned to always work on living the minimalist life, whether I’m travelling or not. The less I carry, the easier, lighter, and less complicated life on the road tends to be. And if I can survive for weeks travelling with everything I need in my backpack, then this is all I need for regular life, too. 

It’s easy to forget because I like being prepared for every unlikely scenario. But it turns out I don’t really need much to survive or be happy! (Spoiler: The kettle I lugged around during my last trip was absolutely unnecessary). This goes for packing, itineraries, and even people: Sometimes, less will really give you more.” 

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travel lessons from 2022

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Cecelia | Editorial – Malaysia

“I’ve learned to prepare more than enough for a trip, even if it’s a short domestic one. For instance, I experienced airsickness when I travelled to Sabah for the first time. That made me realise that it’s important to take precautionary measures, such as preparing enough medication, staying hydrated, eating candies, and getting travel insurance.

I’ve also made it a point to know simple local phrases in the country I am travelling to, so that I can communicate better and avoid any misunderstandings. Lastly, I’ve learned to enjoy every bit of travelling, even beyond the usual attractions. I used to think that it was necessary to go to famous, mainstream places. But now, even just being in another country, grabbing a cup of drink from local cafes, observing, and experiencing the cultural differences are just as fun and enjoyable!”

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Aldous | Editorial – Philippines

“2022 marks the first time that my family and I travelled outside the Philippines. After years of seemingly settling for weekend drives outside Manila and domestic flights, finally travelling overseas is still surreal a few weeks later. After our trip to Singapore, we realised that these journeys are just starting to unfold. 

There is still more to discover beyond travel magazines, postcards, films, and travel vlogs. And seeing these images as they are in real life is a welcome pursuit. Now, more than ever, this single trip to Singapore feels like possibilities and opportunities are closer to being within reach.”

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Natasha | Editorial – Malaysia

“This year I learned that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to world-famous destinations. I discovered and learned about so many underrated and lesser-known places that are worth visiting on top of the most popular cities that everyone dreams about visiting.” 

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Andrea | Editorial – Philippines

“On top of my list of travel lessons from 2022: It’s perfectly okay if you don’t tick off everything on your itinerary. I used to get very apprehensive about not getting to do everything there is to do in a new place, and have felt like I’m missing out on all the other good stuff to explore. Now, I realised that it’s okay to just be.”

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Wira | Editorial – Indonesia

“After two years of staying at home due to the pandemic, I finally went on vacation in the middle of 2022. I went to Bali for seven days with my best friend. The most enjoyable moment was when we went on a road trip around the island. Along the way, we saw the beach and sunset. We even listened to old songs playing on the local radio. Simple, but we can sing along while basking in the nostalgia and the views.

One of my most valuable lessons from 2022 is the importance of maintaining a good mood. My best friend and I also learned to look out and care for each other because that was our longest vacation together.”

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Ricky | Business Development – Indonesia

“I’m a guy who loves to create memories with other people, meaning I never go out alone. Even before the pandemic, my whole life is about treasuring moments with others. Well, it all had to stop for a while when the pandemic happened. But this year, as we gradually go back to normal, people around me have started to go around the city, explore new cafes and restaurants, and just cherish special moments more than before. These are the things that I am also interested in, so I tried my best to join them in every opportunity to explore.

One thing that is different now is that I am more appreciative of the people in my life. I feel like I’m now more grateful to be enjoying my life with friends and loved ones, especially since I have experienced what it was like not being able to meet up with them at all. I’m thankful for this ‘second chance’ we have now, and I hope you all feel the same.” 

Sarvaesh | Editorial (Intern) – Singapore

“I learned that travelling with an open mind and making new friends open up your trip to more possibilities. I was in Austria when I chanced upon one of those giant chessboards (like the ones in Harry Potter) and there were quite a few people playing. I joined in and ended up talking to a group of people from Croatia

One thing led to another, and I ended up going to their country for a few days and staying at their place. They also showed me around the city, and we had dinner and drinks. I guess a shared love for chess gave me new friends which led me to explore a part of Europe that I wasn’t planning on.”

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travel lessons from 2022

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Cheng Yang | Editorial (Intern) – Singapore

“During my recent familiarisation trip to Hokkaido, I cultivated a strong desire to go on a solo trip. While joining a tour is rather hassle-free, it felt restricted. I believe travelling alone would allow me to soak in everything the destination has to offer. Furthermore, I’ll have the flexibility to change and adapt my itinerary on-the-fly.” 

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Gerard | Creatives – Philippines

“As a person who hasn’t travelled before, working for TripZilla has made me want to get a passport, save money, go out, and explore the rich outdoors. Seeing how TripZilla showcases places in articles, videos, and more makes me enjoy the little things and allows me to fall in love deeper with the world. I would love to get the chance to travel soon — maybe to Singapore or Japan!” 

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Okay, your turn: What were some of the travel lessons from 2022 that you’ll be carrying with you to the new year? We’d love to hear all about those on our Facebook page

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