Why Short Trips Are Often Better Than Long-Term Vacations

I Prefer Short Trips Over Long-Term Vacations — Here’s Why!

Sometimes, simple is best!

I grew up going on short but frequent vacations with my family, typically lasting for about two to four days. Back then, I’d always dread the last night before packing our bags and checking out the next morning. I’m just not particularly good at goodbyes, and I’m pretty sure any kid on vacay wouldn’t want to leave either. The feeling of wanting to extend your trip never really goes away whenever you step into a new destination far from home and the mundane. But, one of the less noticeable afterthoughts about these short trips is that you’ll always look forward to the next one. 

short trips

One of the earliest memories of a short getaway with my family. Five-year-old me in Cabuyao, Laguna circa 2004 | Image credit: Andrea Yap

Now, with life getting busier and more hectic, I’ve also come to appreciate the instant sense of freedom and relaxation short trips bring. While others may have the luxury and time to take longer vacations, there’s something special about a quick getaway that is more worthwhile. Here are other reasons why I prefer short but frequent trips over one long-term vacation! 

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Short but frequent trips vs. one long-term vacation

1. Trip planning for short vacations is easier

short trips

A quick family trip to Panglao, Bohol back in 2009 | Image credit: Andrea Yap

A lot of people get overwhelmed and even stressed out when planning for long-term trips. Pressure adds when you’re expected by society to go all out and fill your itinerary with as many things as you can for the perfect grand vacation. On the other hand, a short vacation allows you to focus on what you really want to accomplish during your trip. This way, you can easily manage planning for a quick getaway, and ultimately have a more worthwhile experience. 

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2. Short trips can be more cost-effective

short trips

A photo of my dad and me in Boracay back in 2010 | Image credit: Andrea Yap

This next one can be quite subjective depending on your travel style and the destination you’re headed to. But, travelling in itself is a luxury and requires sufficient financial resources to make it a possibility. Naturally, you will need to set aside money for transportation, lodging, food, and activities you want to do. Thus, short but frequent trips give you more time to save up for that quick escape you’ve been dreaming of!

3. It’s faster to switch off and get into the zone

My family and I freezing to the cool winds of Tagaytay back in 2011 | Image credit: Andrea Yap

A quick getaway almost immediately gets you into vacation mode given its limited timeframe. Alternatively, people who go on long-term vacations typically find it harder to disconnect from work and other responsibilities, knowing that they have more time on their hands. Similarly, short trips allow you to come home energised and rejuvenated, making it easier for you to get back to your daily grind! 

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4. More experiences and more memories

A short but sweet vacation to Batangas in 2014 | Image credit: Andrea Yap

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity if you prefer short but frequent trips over one long-term vacation. Personally, I think this travel style allows you to pick up a variety of discoveries and experiences in different destinations. On top of that, it allows you to make more memories with different travelling companions. You could go on a weekend getaway with your family and do a road trip with friends the next! 

5. Looking forward to the next adventure

Of course, a trip to Tagaytay never gets old even during the pandemic! | Image credit: Andrea Yap

Among many other things, there’s no doubt that travelling brings out a huge wave of anticipation and excitement. With short but frequent trips, you get a boost of energy to fuel you up for another trip. Of course, who doesn’t love the pleasure of looking up other awe-inspiring travel destinations and setting yourself up for another adventure! 

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That about sums it up for this quick think piece! In a way, it made me appreciate my short family travels more, driving me to get hyped about the next. What say you? Do short and frequent trips seem more appealing and desirable for you compared to one long-term vacation?  However you choose to go about your travels, I only hope it brings more excitement, happiness, and adventures! 

Featured image credit: lechatnoir via Canva Pro

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