15 Stunning Places to Visit in Bali, From Seminyak to Ubud

From Seminyak to Ubud: 15 Must-Visit Spots in Bali

The fun never stops — no matter the time of day.

Just under three hours away from Singapore, you’ll reach an island where you’ll get to visit a temple or rice field in the morning, spend the afternoon at the beach, and cap off the night at a bar. Yes, we’re talking about Bali, where there promises to be something for every kind of traveller. Here are all the places to visit in Bali to tick off your bucket list — and remind you of what makes the island so special. 

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1. Bali Swing

bali swing

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Located 20 minutes away from Ubud centre is one of the most Instagrammable spots in all of Indonesia: the Bali Swing. All you’ve got to do is pay US$35, choose from one of four swings (10, 15, 20, or 78 metres above ground level), and soar to new heights as you bask in the vista of rice terraces and lush forests surrounding you. 

2. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

places to visit in bali tegalalang rice terrace

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Wondering the name of what you’re looking at from the Bali Swing? Luckily, this next one will answer that. Tegalalang Rice Terrace spans the cliffs of Tegalalang Village in north Ubud, and beckons to be on anyone’s list of places to visit in Bali. 

Get a closer look at this landmark by walking through the terraces. Though it may only need 15 minutes for a quick tour, we recommend spending anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to explore every nook and cranny of this Bali attraction — and realise what makes it so important to Balinese culture. 

3. Campuhan Ridge Walk

places to visit in bali campuhan ridge walk

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Continuing on the list of Bali nature attractions is arguably Ubud’s best-known hiking trail: Campuhan Ridge Walk

This one to two-hour walk will take you through a village, rice fields, and forests — with mountain views in the distance. The best time to come here? Either at sunrise or sunset, when crowds are fewer, the weather is cooler, and the sky will be at its most breathtaking. 

4. Ubud Monkey Forest

Find out what makes Bali the “Island of Gods” with a spiritual afternoon at Ubud Monkey Forest — one of Bali’s most-visited attractions. Sacred statues and temples greet you at the entrance, followed by a boardwalk through a nature preserve inside. 

Since more than 600 monkeys freely roam the forest, make sure you keep a lookout when you’re here, with things like belongings, food, and knowing how to behave around them. 

5. Tegenungan Waterfall

bali tourist attractions Tegenungan Waterfall

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We can’t talk about natural places to visit in Bali without mentioning its (perhaps) most popular waterfall: Tegenungan Waterfall

Make your way through a tropical jungle and walk down 150 steps to get to this Bali attraction. While the waterfall may only be 15 metres tall, that just means that getting into the water and swimming really close to the waterfall is possible! 

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6. Batu Bolong Beach

bali attractions Batu Bolong Beach

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Now, we head to the coast, which has perhaps the most frequently visited places in Bali.

Few beaches thrive as well as Canggu’s Batu Bolong Beach, which sits at the end of a busy street filled with cafes, shops, and hotels. It’s the perfect place to learn surfing for the first time thanks to the surfing schools, rental services, and big waves here.

On the other end of this 1.5km beach, you’ll find a string of beachfront eateries — surely the ideal place to cap the end of the day with a sunset dinner. 

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7. Finns Beach Club

This next must-visit spot also sits on another beach — Pantai Berawa Beach — but it’s the bar that features the main attraction: Finns Beach Club

One of the most popular beach clubs in Bali, Finns Beach Club has everything you need for a day at the beach — in style. From day beds and a dance floor to poolside dining taken to a whole new level (i.e., within the swimming pool itself), partying will never be the same when you’re here! 


8. Potato Head Beach Club

beach clubs in bali

Image credit: Ern Gan

Further down the coast lies the other notable Bali beach club: Potato Head Beach Club. This vibrant spot bustles as the heart of Pantai Petitenget, and boasts some of the most incredible sunset views from the infinity pool. 

With direct access to the beach, we recommend setting aside an entire afternoon to properly enjoy this Bali attraction. 

9. Motel Mexicola

Not quite a beach club (a three-minute walk away from Petitenget Beach), but very much a vibrant spot regardless, Motel Mexicola is a Mexican restaurant that’s every bit trendy and unique. 

You’ll soon know why it’s one of the most popular restaurants in Bali with its striking and colourful interior and exciting atmosphere, along with a mouth-watering selection of Mexican food and cocktails. Will the partying get any better than this? (Quite easily, no.) 

10. Seminyak Village

Ready for some retail therapy? Head into the city centre at Seminyak Village, where a variety of retail stores spanning two floors await you. 

Plenty of eateries and indie boutiques also surround the area, so you’re sure to have more than your fill of shopping and eating. 


Like Canggu and Seminyak, North Kuta continues to thrive with beaches, waterfront accommodations, and cafes that make Bali a favourite destination for many. 

However, further down in South Kuta, you’ll find historical landmarks that tell a fascinating history and culture. 

11. Uluwatu Temple

uluwatu temple

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Zen out at the ancient cliffside Hindu Uluwatu Temple: a Bali attraction so serene that sea views and sounds are all that you’ll witness when you’re up here. 

Traditional dances happen here ever so often, so if you’re interested, plan your visit to fit these performances. Special events aside, your time spent here will still be remarkable — and remind you that Bali is more than just its beaches. 

12. Karang Boma Cliff

bali attractions karang boma cliff

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If you’re wondering what Uluwatu Temple looks like from above, head to the nearby Karang Boma Cliff — sitting just a stone’s throw away on another peak. 

As one of the places to visit in Bali for splendid sunset and sea views in one, Karang Boma Cliff is even more impressive since it’s known to have fewer crowds. The best time to come? Just before sunset at around 5pm, and when it’s not cloudy. Also, we suggest packing a picnic to wait for the sunset, or buy food from any of the vendors here for a real treat. 

13. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park

GWK Cultural Park

Image credit: Richard Jacyno via Canva Pro

Just like Ubud Monkey Forest, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (often referred to as GWK Cultural Park) is a massive green space with walking paths, limestone cliffs, eateries, and perhaps the most monumental: the gigantic 122m-tall Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue.

When you’re here, opt for the guided tour, which will take you up to the 23rd floor inside the statue. From here, take a look out at the vista of buildings amid greenery beneath you — with the Bali Sea just over the horizon. 

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14. Batu Bolong Temple

Batu Bolong Temple

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Located a 30-minute drive away from Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, Batu Bolong Temple stands out as a Hindu temple that, quite literally, sits atop the water. This rock formation overlooks the tranquil Bali Sea, lending you that perfect backdrop for some stunning pictures. 

Entrance to the temple isn’t allowed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come here for its magnificent sunset. Complete your time here by setting up a picnic at the open space nearby! 

15. Tanah Lot

bali attractions tanah lot

Image credit: rebius via Canva Pro

Beraban continues to impress with another island temple just a five-minute walk away. The catch? That Tanah Lot is only accessible at low tide, meaning that this is only when you can get as close (pun intended) as you want to this coastal landmark! 

This is from around 4pm onwards — just in time for the sunset. Another tip? Make sure there is no heavy downpour before, so the tide will most likely be low. 

Note: Like Batu Bolong Temple, the main shrine at Tanah Lot is closed for foreigners (and only open to locals). 

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With so many places to visit in Bali, there’s something for everyone: from spending a quick three days at the beaches or venturing a little further to explore the cultural landmarks. 

But, if you’d really like to call this paradise island your home for a few years, why not consider working here remotely? It could just be the new environment you need in this post-pandemic world of travelling. 

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