Johor Getaway: A Stay in Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF)

Johor Getaway: A Stay in Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF)

The best kind of getaway is those where you can disconnect to connect. In KOREF, you can do just this.

Like many who have been in the workforce for at least a year, I face the struggles that come with adult-ing. How do I attempt to deal with it? Just one word: getaways.

However, on a recent trip to Bali, I realised that I have never truly gotten away. I was constantly checking emails, Facebook and Insta-story due to the sheer convenience that portable WiFi devices and cheap SIM cards are bringing. Hence, my friends of ten years and I decided to challenge ourselves to disconnect in order to connect.

We shortlisted a few activities like treehouse stays and jungle camping. Eventually, we decided on visiting Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF) located in Johor which catered to our need for adventure without bringing us too far from our comfort zone. We’re not really hardcore adventurers, you know?

Here’s what we did over the weekend:

1. Play like a kid with childhood friends

2. Be truly B-A-S-I-C

Featuring our guide David who became one of our best playmates!

3. Try our hands at fish netting

4. Burn some calories on a boat or bamboo raft

kahang organic rice eco farm

5. Camwhore like crazy!

Presenting to you just three out of 180 boat shots…

kahang organic rice eco farm

It’s a lot more difficult to get into position for this shot, so good luck with that!

6. Have a BBQ

Seriously, when was the last time you had a BBQ? The best part is that over here, we didn’t even need to start the fire!

7. Capture real candid moments

Not forgetting the farm dog

8. Complete the night with a jungle trail and some romantic stargazing, then wake up to this peaceful scene

9. Have a wholesome breakfast

10. Get ourselves dirty on the farm

kahang organic rice eco farm

11. And take more photos!

Again, do not forget the farm dog.

The Experience

We were looking for a short getaway, but KOREF gave us more than that; it brought us all the way back to how life was when we first met ten years ago. After years of friendship, it was the first time we asked questions like “what’s your favourite food?”

kahang organic rice eco farm

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away and just have fun, I strongly recommend KOREF. At KOREF, we felt so occupied every moment that we never desired WiFi (there’s none in the farm, by the way). We were reminded of the value of friendship and the importance of reconnecting with old friends. It taught me that while I was preoccupied with struggling to keep my head above the water during my daily life, I should never forget the people around me, and to disconnect to connect.

Cost and Booking

For accommodation, activities and food which includes one bbq meal, we spent a total of S$385 for five pax. No further expenses were incurred in the farm.

To make a booking, visit their website for more details or simply send an enquiry to [email protected] to get your quote. The staff were very prompt and helpful and I got my booking done within two working days.

Getting There

KOREF is in the city of Kluang, just a two-hour bus ride away from Johor Bahru.

From Singapore, you can get into JB by train or bus. We took an express bus from Kranji MRT station early in the morning to avoid the weekend crowd. After crossing the customs, take a cab to Larkin Bus Station (RM15/car) and buy a ticket (RM11/pax) from Larkin to Kluang bus station. Take another cab (RM60/car) from Kluang to the farm or contact the farm in advance to pick you up at the station.

Additional Things to Prepare

As you will be staying in the farm, do not forget your insect repellent. Also, do bring along sufficient change of clothes since you will not be able to resist getting in the water. I also strongly recommend bringing along a camera because the natural lighting is too good to let go to waste! On top of that, you’ll bring home a set of beautiful photos to look back on for many decades to come.

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Er Wei Ting
Er Wei Ting

Amicably coined as Deafne by her colleagues, Weiting has a heart as booming as her vocal cords. When she is not chasing hotels and cutting her own hair, you can find her eagerly looking up on her next adventure to a farm far, far away.


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