Things to Buy at Don Quijote: 23 Best Items Worth Shopping for

Don Quijote Shopping Guide: 23 Things to Buy at Japan’s Biggest Discount Store!

Ready your wallets… and maybe a bit of willpower!

Many would agree that shopping at Don Quijote is nothing short of a magical experience. Otherwise called ‘Donki’ or ‘Donki Donki,’ it’s an open secret among locals and tourists alike as the biggest discount store in Japan! We certainly aren’t exaggerating when we say that it has everything — from cool souvenirs and basic groceries to electronics and homeware. Oh, and did we mention that some store locations are open till late at night… or even 24/7? 

The fact that it has also branched out to other Asian countries is clearly the cherry on top. What can we say? It’s clearly one of the best things to come from Japan since sushi, ramen, and anime! So, without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to buy at Don Quijote stores. Ready your wallets (and maybe a bit of your willpower), folks! 

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Interesting things to buy at Don Quijote

1. Sheet masks

Sheet masks have become quite the skincare essential, and fortunately, you’ll find a wide selection (with an equally wide price range) in Don Quijote stores. There are even some that come in fun and quirky designs, from cute cartoon characters to wacky facial expressions. And the best part? They’re totally lightweight and would barely take up space in your bag! 

2. Cosmetics and skincare essentials

For the travelling beauty junkie, another of the best things to buy at Don Quijote would definitely be makeup and skincare items! Take your pick among the amazing array of eyeshadow palettes, foundation, lipsticks, makeup brushes, facial cleansers, and more. Although, if you were to ask which brands to check out, we recommend starting with DHC, Majolica Majorca, Shiseido, Q10, Bioré, Hada Labo, K-Palette, and KissMe.

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3. Eye warmers

Image credit: Amazon

Eye warmers are heated masks that are meant to soothe tired eyes. Given that they’re quite easy to bring anywhere, you can use them while resting in transit or simply just to relax after a long day! Whichever it is, you’ll definitely wake up feeling refreshed.

Note: Most eye warmers are self-heating and for single-use only. 

4. Detangling hairbrush

This special hairbrush is called a Tangle Teezer and it’s basically an upgrade to your usual brush! While we’re normally advised not to brush wet hair, this one lets you bend that haircare rule.

5. Instax cameras

Donki is also your best bet for cute Instax cameras that come at a lower rate! We recommend opting for those that are hard to find elsewhere to make your purchase even more worth it. 

6. Chopsticks

Not just any chopsticks, mind you, but chopsticks with all sorts of unique designs! There are those that are more on the minimalist side, while there are also some that are specially designed for little kids who are just learning how to. 

7. Stickers

We don’t know about you, but we seriously believe that one is never too old for stickers! Make sure to check out the stationery section at Don Quijote stores, where you’ll find stickers for whatever mood and season. Our fave designs include those of cute animals, Japanese food, and popular tourist spots in Japan. 

8. Helium in a can

Image credit: Eenok_Farkwinder

Looking for novelty items that are on the silly side? Check this out: Human-safe helium in spray bottles that makes your voice tiny when you inhale it! You know, in case you’ve always wondered what it’s like (and for the LOL’s, of course).  

9. Tote bags

These tote bags are certainly great for when you wanna bring a piece of Donki wherever you go. Oh, and did we mention that they come in minimalist-chic designs, too? 

10. Popcorn buckets

Let DonPen keep you company during movie nights at home with these popcorn buckets! Although, who’s to say that you can’t use this for other snacks, too?

Feeling hungry yet? Well, speaking of which…

What food and drinks to buy at Don Quijote stores

11. Onigiri

Image credit: nesnad

This is definitely one of the best things to buy at Don Quijote, mainly because their onigiri is often cheaper than those you’d find in convenience stores and vending machines. So, go ahead and bring home as many as you can! 

12. Bento meals

Got the hunger pangs while touring, but would rather not wait in line just to get a meal? Well then, better look for the nearest Donki and grab a bento box or two. 

13. Tirol Chocolate Kinako Mochi

Image credit: napaJapan

Heads up, chocoholics! When in Don Quijote stores, keep your eyes peeled for Tirol Chocolate Kinako Mochi. Feel free to thank us later. 

14. Kororo

Image credit: Shopee

Fair warning: Kororo is quite addictive! One bite of these flavour-packed, super-soft gummies and you’ll probably have a hard time sticking to just a few pieces. Some of our fave flavours include the Honey Rose Plum, Green Muscat Grape, Strawberry, and Grape.

15. Pocky

Sure, Pocky might be easy to find in many supermarkets around the globe. But that doesn’t mean you should skip out on these (especially when in Japan) — where you’ll find a vast array of flavours that are hard to find elsewhere. 

16. Kit Kat

While there’s certainly a lot of Japanese souvenir snacks to choose from, Kit Kat remains to be the most popular of ‘em all! Take your pick between cult fave flavours like sakura and matcha as well as limited edition ones — most of which you can snag at Don Quijote stores. 

17. Hokkaido Ice Cream Puffs

Hokkaido Ice Cream Puffs come in a variety of decadent flavours, each promising a fluffy cream puff with a mouth-watering custard cream inside! Just make sure to eat them right away, or keep them frozen. Wouldn’t wanna waste that now, would you?

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18. Alfort Mini Chocolates

These bite-sized treats feature rich milk chocolate, biscuit cookies, and the distinct sailboat engraving. While milk chocolate is certainly popular in various parts of the globe, make sure to try out regional varieties like maple, vanilla, and matcha, too!

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19. Aji Ichiban Wasabi Pistachio

Image credit: Carousell

Not really a fan of sweets? Then we recommend trying out these crunchy wasabi-flavoured pistachios! They’re packed in smaller portions, which make ‘em easier to keep in your bag for when you need a quick and easy snack. 

20. Calbee Matcha Potato Chips

Image credit: Doing

Calbee might be more popular for their Honey Butter Potato Chips, but here’s something that some of you probably haven’t heard of: Matcha. Potato. Chips. It sounds bizarre, we know, but the unexpected flavour combo actually works well! That, and the fact that this isn’t something you can easily find everywhere. 

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21. Meiji Meltykiss

If we were to describe Meiji Meltykiss in just five words, it would be this: They’re like drops of heaven! It features premium cubed chocolates coated in cocoa powder. Oh, and did we mention that they melt in your mouth, too? Pretty awesome, we know. Take your pick between flavours like caramel, mixed berries, dark chocolate, and green tea! 

22. Instant ramen

Of course, not just any instant ramen — but those that’ll put other instant ramen to shame! Don’t miss out on pop culture faves like Pokémon and Pringles, as well as the famous resto, Ichiran Ramen. Either way, they’re definitely one of the best things to buy at Don Quijote. Ready to enjoy oodles of cooked noodles at home?

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23. Matcha green tea

If you went to Japan and didn’t get matcha even at least once — then did you really even go to Japan? We think not, but that doesn’t mean you should scrimp on the matcha either even back home! It’s a great thing that Don Quijote stores offer a wide variety from powder and blended tea, to flavoured milk and latte. 

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Aside from Japan, you can also find Don Quijote stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Hawaii! Bummed to find out that your country isn’t part of the list? Fortunately, there’s also Don Quijote online shopping — and they’ve recently added the Philippines and Indonesia to their international shipping list! So, if you’re waiting for a sign, then this is it. 

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