Tokyo Disneyland Expands Area with New Rides and Food

Tokyo Disneyland Expands Area with New Rides and Food

Film theme recreations, rides, food, and more!

Tokyo Disneyland has expanded its area to include more rides and food. These new areas have been open to the public since Monday, 28 September 2020. 

The expansion includes rides based on themes such as Baymax, and Beauty and the Beast. Minnie’s Style Studio and a new character greeting area are also a part of this expansion.

The Beauty and the Beast Ride

The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast ride is one of the biggest attractions and is located inside a castle. 

The ride comprises of large robotic figures dressed like the characters from the film. The arrangement is similar to that of other Disneyland rides. The ride also consists of beautifully intricate recreations of key scenes from the movie, including the iconic dance. 

The Beauty and the Beast theme is consistent all around the area of this ride. This also includes an accurate recreation of the village town from the animated film. 

The town includes gift shops and a restaurant named after the hunter Gaston from the film. The restaurant is called “La Taverne de Gaston”. The restaurant serves various different food items and drinks such as pastries, croissants, Hunter’s Pie, and Berry Cheers among others. 

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The Happy Ride

The Happy Ride is located in the Baymax-themed part of the expansion. As a part of this ride, guests are driven around the arena by Baymaxes. The Baymaxes in this ride are almost identical to the one from the film.

A specialty popcorn shop “The Big Pop” is also a new addition to Disneyland. Here, they sell specially flavoured popcorn in designed popcorn buckets. These buckets double as souvenirs and are made with stained-glass inspired designs. Beaty and the Beast, Baymax, and Toy Story are just some of their exquisite design themed buckets. 

Additionally, as a part of the inauguration of the rides, they will also be selling Baymax and Beauty and the Beast-themed food items around the park.

To enjoy the new rides, guests have to adhere to a balloting system through the Entry Request System. This is to ensure that safe distancing measures are followed and riders have a safe experience. 

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