Taipei Souvenirs: 25 Unique Items That Will Remind You of Taiwan

25 Taipei Souvenirs That You Should Definitely Buy & Bring Home With You

Just so you know how much pocket money you should bring for that upcoming Taipei trip!

What better way to commemorate your Taiwan trip than to bring home some Taipei souvenirs and keepsakes? 

Well, it applies to any holiday you’re on, really — whether you’re touring South Korea or exploring Australia. Point is: Souvenir items are a staple for folks who like to reminisce. If you’re one of these people and you find yourself landing in (or exiting from) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport anytime soon, we’ve got just the thing for you! Tarry a while in Taipei or better yet, stay in the city as part of your itinerary. While you’re at it, make sure to check out these must-buy Taipei souvenirs for bringing home and keeping the memories alive!

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Tasty Taipei souvenirs reminiscent of Taiwan’s flavours

1. Pineapple cake

pineapple cake

Image credit: Danielle Uy

Here’s the thing about Taiwan’s famous pineapple cakes: They’re so tasty that even those who dislike the raw fruit end up liking this sweet and slightly tart delicacy. Our team has discussed this phenomenon in detail, so rest assured you’ll like it too whether or not you’re a fan of pineapples.

Where to buy: Practically all food souvenir shops in Taipei! It’s not hard to find at all.

How much: Prices usually start at NT$100 (S$4.37) per box, but you may get a discount if you buy in bulk.

2. Nougat bars

nougat bar

Image credit: Sugar & Spice

If fruity desserts aren’t your thing, then perhaps the gooey goodness of Taiwan’s peanut nougat bars will tickle your fancy. This is my dad’s personal favourite. We also like that nougat bars in Taipei aren’t too sweet — they’re always just right! 

Where to buy: Practically all food souvenir shops in Taipei offer this too, but some speciality shops like Sugar & Spice are more known for these tiny treats. Plus, their branches are all over Taipei!

How much: Prices usually start at NT$100 (S$4.37) per pack in standard souvenir shops, but if you buy from a known brand with standalone stores, expect to spend more (around double the price, to be exact).

3. Loose-leaf oolong tea

taiwanese tea

My favourite tea to date! | Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

Taiwan has a distinct tea culture; no doubt tea lovers will love Taipei. Even if there are some coffee shops here and there, Taiwan is more of a tea-drinking country after all. In New Taipei City, you’ll find the rural district of Pinglin — known for tea plantations, tea shops, and the Pinglin Tea Museum (that’s right, a museum dedicated to Taiwanese tea!). A trip to Pinglin Old Street affords you a tea masterclass with any of its longtime tea shop owners. It’s also the quietest ‘Old Street’ in Taipei, so take it as a chance to escape the crowds. 

But if you don’t have time to go on a Pinglin tour, you’ll also find loose-leaf oolong tea all over Taipei. They sell it per pack or per canister, so hoard away.

Where to buy: Tea shops in Taipei or better yet, visit Pinglin Old Street for speciality variants of oolong. We recommend the honey-scent oolong, which gets its delicate flavour and fragrance from insects that trigger early fermentation in tea leaves by ever-so-slightly biting on them.

How much: Prices start at NT$600 (S$26).

4. Mochi


Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

Japan may be known for mochi, but Taiwan loves this chewy dessert just as much! If you feel the same way, you’re in luck. You’ll find boxes of the delicacy all over food souvenir shops in Taipei. You can also buy a few mochi balls and munch on them while you’re busy shopping for other Taipei souvenirs!

Where to buy: Food shops in Ximending, Jiufen, and Shifen

How much: Prices start at NT$40 (S$1.75) for a big piece of freshly made mochi. You’ll also find them in ready-to-take-home boxes that usually go for NT$100 (S$4.37) each at Taipei food souvenir shops.

5. Castella sponge cake

shilin castella cake

Image credit: Chill and Travel

For the best sponge cake in Taipei, head to Shilin District at night. We promise you, the long queue is worth it! Choose from two flavours: plain and cheese. Plus it’s fun to watch bakers make the Castella, which starts out as a big slab of cake. Entertaining and yummy!

Where to buy: Shilin Night Market

How much:  NT$90 (S$3.94) per piece for original and NT$100 (S$4.37) for cheese.

Quintessential Taipei souvenirs to keep Taiwan close

6. Taiwan-shaped keychains

taiwan keychains

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

Confession: I didn’t have to buy a keychain for myself and I received mine — a pretty wooden Taiwan-shaped keychain — long before I went to Taiwan. (Thanks to my awesome boss who gave it to me from one of her Taiwan trips! Long story short: She gives us tokens from her own travels for a job well done. *aww*)

In case you didn’t know, you’ll find these keychains EVERYWHERE. And we mean everywhere. The challenge is to find the best-looking ones!

Where to buy: Any gift shop or souvenir shop in Taipei. To narrow down your search, we recommend heading to Ximending, Jiufen, or Shifen. Some night markets will have these, too.

How much: Prices start at NT$50 (S$2.19) per piece but you might, but you may get a discount if you buy in bulk.

7. Postcards

taiwan postcards

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

This one’s for all the old souls out there. If you’re simply out to add to your postcard collection, you’ll have countless designs to choose from. But if you’d like to send one, we recommend heading to Impression Jiufen, a souvenir shop and cafe in the well-loved tourist spot. You can select a postcard, write on it, and they’ll send it to you at a date of your choosing.

Where to buy: Various bookstores (like Eslite Bookstore), souvenir shops, and stationery shops in Taipei. 

How much: Prices start at around NT$30 (S$1.31).

8. Colourful Taiwan magnets

taiwan magnets

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

Now these little things, I’m a sucker for. My family started this tradition of collecting ref magnets from all the places we travel to. It’s a good way to remind yourself to keep exploring the world even when you’re at home. Taiwan magnets are some of the most colourful I’ve seen too, so they easily brighten any surface. The only challenge? Buying just one! 

Where to buy: Any gift shop or souvenir shop in Taipei. To narrow down your search, we recommend heading to Ximending, Jiufen, or Shifen. Some night markets will have these, too.

How much: Prices start at NT$75 (S$3.28) per piece but you might, but you may get a discount if you buy in bulk.

9. Mini sky lanterns

taipei souvenirs

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

If you’ve been researching all about Taiwan, then you’d know that Shifen is where you have to go to release your own sky lantern. Why not buy a mini sky lantern to mark the occasion? If you’d rather sit the real sky lanterns out to be more environmentally friendly, then taking home a mini sky lantern works, too!

Where to buy: Souvenir shops in Shifen.

How much: Prices start at NT$90 (S$3.94) per piece but this will differ depending on the size of the mini sky lantern.

10. Cute pens

taipei souvenirs

Pens I bought from Jiufen (left) and a flower pen gifted by (right)

As far as functional Taipei souvenirs go, nothing beats the ever-reliable pen! Plus points because they come in many designs to fit all personalities.

Where to buy: Any gift shop or souvenir shop in Taipei. To narrow down your search, we recommend heading to Ximending, Jiufen, or Shifen.

How much: Prices start at NT$75 (S$3.28) per pen (depending on the design) but you might get a discount if you buy in bulk.

11. Scarves, shawls, hats

shopping in jiufen

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

You should know by now that Taipei is a shopping paradise. True story: I travelled to Taiwan in February to celebrate Chinese New Year. I did not expect it to be so cold! So I ended up buying gloves to warm my hands. They doubled as a keepsake, too. If you find yourself experiencing the same thing, treat yourself to a scarf or a shawl! Is it sunny? Then go for a hat instead.

Where to buy: Any mall, but for a bargain, head to the stalls found at Taipei Main Station or at Ximending.

How much: Prices start at NT$300 (S$13.14) 

12. Stickers, pins, & decorative items

taipei souvenirs

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

Gaaah, so cute! Creative minds shouldn’t think twice about getting a few of these quirky Taipei souvenirs. You can keep them for yourselves or give them away to friends at home.

Where to buy: Any gift shop or souvenir shop in Taipei. To narrow down your search, we recommend heading to Ximending, Jiufen, or Shifen.

How much: Prices start at NT$75 (S$3.28) per piece (depending on the design, but prices can soar if it’s made by an artist).

13. Beauty buys

beauty drugstore buys taipei

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

There are many drugstores with really good beauty brands in Taipei. Take your pick from Watsons to CosMed. And those are just drugstores. Wait till you see spacious standalone shops of your favourite brands! Not into makeup? No problem! Go for skincare instead. No one can resist a good face mask.

Where to buy: Watsons, CosMed, Tomod’s for drugstores; standalone shops for brands like Naruko and 23.5°N (aside from other known Asian brands like Innisfree, Etude House, etc)

How much: Prices start at NT$60 (S$2.62) for individual face masks in drugstores. Keep your eyes peeled for promos and sales, too!

14. Trinkets, jewellery, & accessories

taipei souvenirs

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

Accessories are a good investment since they perk up any outfit. And if you get them from a destination you love, they’ll remind you of your trip. It’s a nice way to wear your memories. We’re pretty sure you’ll love Taipei… and these pretty necklaces artisans sell in Jiufen and other tourist go-tos!

Where to buy: All over Taipei, but for bulk buying or to simply narrow down your search, head to Ximending or Jiufen.

How much: Prices vary depending on materials used, but expect to spend at least NT$400 (S$17.52) for handmade or speciality products.

Unique souvenirs from Taipei for memories that last

15. Jade accessories

jade jewellery

You can shop for many jade accessories in Taiwan, too. But as our tour guide to Pinglin said, “Just make sure you know how to tell if it’s authentic or not!”

Where to buy: Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market

How much: Prices vary depending on size and quality of jade, but expect to spend thousands of NT$ on authentic jade jewellery, especially if it comes with other precious stones and metals. If you aren’t sure about what’s real or not, though, better sit this one out. Make sure you get your money’s worth!

16. Animal figurines

taipei souvenirs

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

Now, this has a funny backstory. While I’m pretty sure you’ll spot a lot of cute figurines in Taipei, especially in the touristy areas of Ximending, Jiufen, and Shifen, not all are priced the same. I discovered that you’ll find the cheapest options in the inner streets of Shifen; just move further away from the train station, in the direction of Shifen Elementary School. Like I said previously, I visited Taipei to celebrate Chinese New Year. And seeing as we were ushering in the year of the pig, my brother wanted — and I quote — “a pig” for luck.

Of course, I couldn’t bring him live swine from Taipei, so I settled for a glass animal figurine instead. I bought ours from one of the locals of Shifen who simply laid out the glass figures outside of his house. While you’re bound to see some other options (some wood, others pottery), these were the most affordable ones I could find. So that’s yet another souvenir hack when in a touristy place: Explore the place’s innards! Chances are something will catch your eye. And most likely, they’ll be more affordable, too.

Where to buy: Shifen residential area or Jiufen

How much: Prices start at NT$30 (S$1.31) in Shifen and can reach up to NT$200 (S$8.75) in Jiufen.

17. Toys

ximending taipei

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

There are many places where you can buy unique toys in Taipei. Don’t just settle for any item. Buy one that will remind you of the sights you saw! Going on a shopping spree in Ximending? You’ll find many claw machines and gashapon machines (toy-dispensing machines) there, too! Tokens cost anywhere from NT$50 (S$2.19) to NT$200 (S$8.75), so everyone can get in on the fun no matter their budget! Paying a visit to Taipei Zoo? Since you can’t take home any of its furry residents, opt for a plushie from the souvenir shop instead! You’ll have many to choose from.

Where to buy: Ximending for claw machine and gashapon toys and Taipei Zoo for animal plushies

How much: Prices vary but a budget of NT$350 (S$15.33) would be safe in both areas.

18. Cultural products

taiwan culture

Image credit: Taiwan Tourism Bureau

There’s a one-stop shop for authentic cultural souvenirs in Taipei — from weaves and ceramics to all-natural soap and even a few items also available at local museums. It’s the National Cultural and Creative Gift Center. Drop by for unique finds.

Where to buy: National Cultural and Creative Gift Center

How much: Prices vary but a budget of NT$450 (S$19.71) would be safe.

19. Taipei 101 merchandise

taipei souvenirs

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

Want a tip? If you’re on a budget, you don’t actually have to buy Taipei 101 merchandise from Taipei 101 itself! You’ll find many keychains and magnets bearing this building’s unique architecture! But if budget isn’t a concern, you’ll have a lot of eye-catching choices to choose from at the observatory of Taipei 101.

Where to buy: Ximending for cheaper keepsakes; Taipei 101 for authentic items

How much: Keychains and magnets from Ximending would cost like any other (see entries above) but prices for authentic Taipei 101 merchandise tend to be steep. Expect to spend at least NT$400 (S$17.52) for a shirt or tumbler.

20. Pottery

taiwanese pottery

One of the pottery shops we visited in Jiufen that also sold speciality tea and soap.

You’ll find many pottery products in Taipei. With a colourful tea culture, it’s not difficult to imagine why. That said, why not go for something functional… like a tea set or a mug?

Where to buy: There are many across Taipei, but we found interesting finds at Jiufen. You can even learn to make your own there!

How much: Prices start at NT$1,000 (S$43.81)

21. Spirited Away merchandise

spirited away merchandise taiwan

Image credit: Patricia Sta. Maria

A popular day trip in Taipei, Jiufen has long been celebrated as “the real-life Spirited Away”. Or rather, it is one of filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic inspirations for the animated film, which has quite the cult following. It would then make sense why the place is overflowing with Spirited Away merchandise. You’ll find these in the city, of course, but it would be pretty cool to have photos of your keepsake(s) with the “real” set of Spirited Away in the background. This photo op slipped my mind out of sheer excitement but perhaps you won’t miss the chance to do it!

Where to buy: Jiufen — you’ll find that some souvenir shops here are even dedicated to Spirited Away and other popular animations.

How much: Prices start at NT$75 (S$3.28)

Useful items that double as Taipei souvenirs

22. Decorative milk tea bottles and milk tea cup holders

taiwan milk tea

Image credit: Chill and Travel

Another thing we’re sure you’ve heard of is how crazy Taipei is for milk tea. If you are too, why not have your fill and bring something home to commemorate your milk tea binge? Like these ornamental milk tea bottles which you can display after gulping down their tasty contents! Or a couple of milk tea cup holders that you can still use when you get back home.

Where to buy: For the bottle, at the food court of Taipei 101; for the cup holders, Jiufen and some stores in Ximending.

How much: Prices start at NT$139 (S$6) 

23. Your EasyCard

EasyCard Taiwan

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

If you used public transportation in Taipei, then we’re pretty sure you’ll have your own EasyCard! You can add it to your stash of Taipei souvenirs, plus you can use it anytime you find yourself in Taiwan again.

Where to buy: Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

How much: NT$500 (S$21.89) for NT$400 balance plus NT$100 deposit for the card itself.

24. Train tickets

taiwan train

High-Speed Rail ticket | Image credit: Ayo Mangoroban

The same goes for your one-way train tickets! They aren’t reusable, but they’ll definitely double as Taipei keepsakes. Keep them in a travel time capsule, paste them in your travel journal, or repurpose them as bookmarks. 

Where to buy: Train stations in Taipei

How much: Prices for single journey tickets start at NT$30 (S$1.31) for short distances. For longer distances, prices can reach up to NT$160 (S$7).

25: Bonus: snapshots from all the sights you’ll see!

chiang kai shek taiwan

Image credit: Jilson Tiu

A priceless souvenir that’s absolutely FREE? Take lots of photos in all the Taipei spots you’ll visit! Doesn’t matter if you’re at iconic spots or lesser-known hangouts — just snap away so you’ll have lots to look back on till the next time you visit Taipei.

top spots in taipei

Image credit: Alyosha Robillos

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