29 Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Taipei

29 Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Taipei

Check off this list of sightseeing spots and fun activities on your next trip to Taipei. Can’t finish it all? Make another trip!

Without a doubt, I love visiting Taipei. From the iconic Taipei 101 complex to the bustling street markets at night, I just love the mixture of modern, metropolitan vibes and the deep cultural roots of the city. There’s just so much to see and do in Taipei that if you’re a first-time traveller, you might not even know where to start! Well, don’t worry because this article has got you covered.

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Here’s a list of the top 29 things to do in Taipei!

For Sightseeing:

1. Admire the majestic Taipei 101 from Elephant Mountain

things to do in taipei

2. And then head up to the 83rd floor observatory INSIDE Taipei 101 for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the city

Image credit: Matthewwu88

3. Take a day trip to Jiufen, the Santorini of Taiwan

Image credit: Cotaro70s

This gem of a town, which resembles the classic anime, Howl’s Moving Castle, is just a short train ride away from Taipei Main Station. The (almost) mystical feel surrounding the town only adds to the immensely beautiful appeal of the scenery there. Trust me, the trip will be worth it!

4. While you’re there, take a short train ride into Shifen and visit the scenic Shifen Waterfall

Image credit: Weihao.Chiu

It’s known as the Niagara Falls of Taipei! Rainbows can often be spotted where the waters splash into the lake 40 metres below, making it one of the most surreal places you’ll find in Taipei in terms of natural scenery.

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5. Hike up Mount Keelung for a spectacular night view of Jiufen

Image credit: TaiwanKengo

6. Travel back in time at Bopiliao Old Street

Image credit: Blowing Puffer Fish

The buildings here date all the way back to the Qing Dynasty and represent a part of Taipei that has not been touched by the city’s rapid development, making it a significant link to Taiwan’s cultural past! Plus, it’s an extremely photogenic place!  

7. Catch the sunset at Danshui/Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Image credit: 士航 魏

8. Trek to the top of Fort San Domingo and be rewarded with amazing scenery

Image credit: Ken Marshall

9. Get close to nature in Yangmingshan National Park

Image credit: Rong-Yuan Lin

Psst, visit during winter! If you get lucky, you might even experience some rare snowfall!

10. Take a detour to Hualien County

Image credit: Fred Hsu 

Hualien County is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited – and I’ve visited quite a few beautiful places! Granted, it’s a two-hour train ride from Taipei, but once you’ve set foot in places like Taroko Gorge, you’ll know that it was worth the journey!

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Fun Activities:

11. Enjoy the world’s largest Chinese Art collection at Taipei’s National Palace Museum

Image credit: Latinboy

12. Visit Dihua Street during the Lunar New Year for an unforgettable cultural experience

Image credit: Michael Rehfeldt

13. Discover Taipei’s historical heritage at Liberty Square

things to do in taipei

Image credit: Fred Hsu

Here, you’ll find important historical buildings such as the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan’s National Concert Hall and Theatre. The square itself serves as an important place for public gatherings and represents an integral part of Taiwan’s democratic society.

14. Make a wish and release traditional sky lanterns on Pingxi Old Street

Image credit: Jirka Matousek

15. Go rock-climbing at the beautiful Long Dong (Dragon Cave), 40 minutes away from the city

things to do in taipei

Image credit: TaiwanKengo

16. Brave the heat of the Beitou Thermal Valley

Image credit: Thomas Lok

17. Stay at a resort in Beitou and take a dip in the Beitou Hot Springs

Image credit: Tydence Davis

The actual hot spring itself is too hot for anyone to enter its bubbling waters (unless you don’t mind being boiled alive). However, you can enjoy the Beitou Hot Springs via the many resorts in the area which allow patrons to take a dip in the springs waters after they have flowed away from the main pond and cooled slightly.  

18. Escape the city life at Daan Forest Park

things to do in taipei

Image credit: Lienyuan Lee

19. Enjoy quirky attractions at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Image credit: travel oriented

20. Go Insta-crazy with the rock formations at Yehliu Geopark

Image credit: カメラマン

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21. Party it up in Ximending

things to do in taipei

Image credit: Antonio Tajuelo

Ximending is arguably the most happening hotspot in Taipei, home to countless clubs, bars, shopping malls and great eateries. There’s never a dull moment in Ximending and it is THE social hub in Taipei where youngsters can always be found having a good time.

22. Shop till you drop at the infamous Wufenpu District

Image credit: Sengkang

If you’re looking to buy quirky clothes, fashionable accessories, and other eye-catching attire, Wufenpu is the place for you! With alley upon alley of shops and outlets to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something (or some things) that suits your fancy! And it’s all at bargain prices! Awesome!

23. Explore the Underground Mall at Taipei Main Station

Image credit: Antonio Tajuelo

Spanning close to a kilometre in length, the Taipei City Mall is an underground mall beneath Taipei Main Station selling a multitude of different objects, from manga and anime figurines to quirky souvenirs and even Indonesian cuisine!

24. Go on an epic street food tour at the Shilin Night Market

Temple Hopping:

25. Pay a visit to Taipei’s famous Longshan Temple

Image credit: Goranq

26. Admire the delicate details within the ornate Bao’an Temple

27. Or make a wish at the neighbouring Confucius Temple

things to do in taipei

Image credit: Lienyuan Lee

28. Make a pilgrimage to Guandu Temple, one of the oldest temples around in Taipei

Image credit: Ellery

The majestic Guandu Temple is built into the side of a mountain with a tunnel which runs right through it. At the rear of the temple, visitors may be treated to panoramic views of the Tamsui riverscape. Not bad for a temple that dates all the way back to 1661!

29. Get a fortune block reading at Xingtian Temple, Taipei’s busiest Buddhist Temple

Image credit: Ellery

Did I miss out anything? Feel free to add on in the comments section!

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