I Fell in Love with Faro, Portugal and Here's Why You Will Too

I Fell in Love with Faro, Portugal and Here’s Why You Will Too

Say olá to sunny days on the beach, salsa nights, endless booze, magical sunsets and hot Portuguese men in Faro.

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Faro will always have a special place in my heart. The sun-kissed white-washed town in the south coast region of Portugal, which is inspired by Iberian and Moorish architecture, was my very first European hometown for the first year of my Erasmus Mundus Master studies. At first sight, Faro does not have the wow factor unlike the other popular European cities but it has its ways to charm and captivate your heart. Hence, I’ve listed below 12 reasons to fall in love and visit Faro:

faro portugalAerial view of Faro, Portugal

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1. Bucketful of sunshine

Faro has a perfect weather. It is always loaded with sunshine. No wonder it is a very popular destination among sun-seeking tourists from the UK and Scandinavian countries. Even during late October or early November, you can still find some people walking around the city wearing shorts and a shirt. You can even still wear a bikini if you plan to go to the beach. #Awesome

2. Accessible sandy beaches

The city is also surrounded by idyllic island beaches and the stunning Ria Formosa nature reserve that are perfect for boat trips.

On the other hand, Praia de Faro is only 20 minutes away via bus ride from the city centre. Moreover, the beach is not packed with tourists even during the summer period.

Praia de Faro

Praia de Faro might not be that stunning compared to the other beaches in the Algarve region but it is a perfect place to flaunt your sexy bikini bodies or chocolate abs. If you don’t have one, there are still other activities to do like: (a) swimming/surfing/kayaking/beach volleyball; (b) chilling out with friends while getting drunk with beer or wine; (c) strolling around; (d) reading a book; (e) meditation/yoga; (f) tanning; or better yet (g) burying a frenemy.

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ChIR students hanging out at Praia de Faro

My German Erasmus friend gave me his legal consent to bury him.

Unfortunately, he was still alive afterwards.

3. Jam-packed town

Faro is more than just a holiday getaway beach town because the small city is packed with historical, archaeological, and architectural sites to fill your fancy.

things to do in faroArco da Vila leads to Faro’s Old Town

Museu Municipal de Faro

things to do in faroBiblioteca Municipal de Faro

However, it is strictly not advisable to wear stilettos when wandering around Faro because of its cobbled streets. But if you are channelling the inner catwalk model within then feel free to do so. No one will ever stop you!

4. Artsy fartsy graffiti walls

Some streets are also filled with artsy fartsy graffiti walls which could be a perfect background for a dramatic photo shoot or Instagram #InsertSentimentalCaption post/s.

© Tantan Ebare

5. Peacock interaction

Unknown to tourists, there are peacocks roaming freely around Jardim da Alameda. You can feed them and even get a #PeacockSelfie (if the bird likes you).

6. Seafood haven

Southern Portugal is surrounded by the sea making it a sweet haven for fish and seafood lovers out there. Compared to other European countries, the cost of seafood in Faro is very cheap.

Cataplana de Marisco (mixed seafood)

On the other hand, the carnivores should not worry because meat is also very popular in Faro. Various chicken, pork, beef, turkey, duck, lamb, and rabbit dishes can be found at very affordable prices. Unfortunately, there’s no peacock delicacy. Why oh why?!

7. Day-drunk

You can get day drunk all night in Faro with low-cost alcohol drinks. Beer starts at 50 cents while Portuguese wine costs at least EUR 1. #TeamAlcoholFTW


8. Elite living

It is very cheap to live and survive in Faro. A single person can #LiveLikeASuperstar with EUR 500 per month alone. The money is more than enough for food and accommodation.

9. Salsa nights

Thou shall dance salsa when in Faro. Hence, put your salsa heels on and party all night long!

things to do in faro© Bar Patrimonio

10. Warm and friendly citizens

Portuguese people are generally genuinely friendly even to strangers. Moreover, they can speak English especially the young ones.

11. Hot Portuguese men


© Bar Patrimonio

12. Magical sunset

Lastly, the sunset view in Faro is magical. Need I say more?

Sunset view from Faro Marina

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