Japan to Introduce New Mount Fuji Online Booking System for Tourists

Japan to Introduce New Mount Fuji Online Booking System for Tourists

A response to the overcrowding of tourists.

Planning your dream trek up Mount Fuji in Japan? There’s a new twist! Japanese authorities are implementing a Mount Fuji online booking system to combat overcrowding on the Yoshida Trail, the mountain’s most popular route. 

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Everything you need to know about the new Mount Fuji online booking system

Mount Fuji online booking

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The breathtaking beauty of Mount Fuji has become a double-edged sword. While it attracts over 220,000 climbers annually, this surge has led to safety concerns, environmental damage, and disruptions for local residents.

To address these issues, Japan is taking a proactive approach. Soon the daily number of climbers on the Yoshida Trail will be capped at 4,000, with a mandatory climbing fee of $13 (S$17.60). This will help manage congestion and ensure a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

For the first time ever, Mount Fuji is introducing an online booking system. Starting 20 May 2024, climbers can secure their spot for the July to September climbing season. This is perfect for those who prefer to plan ahead and guarantee their access to the trail.

But don’t worry if you’re more spontaneous! At least 1,000 daily entries will still be available for on-the-spot registration, catering to those who crave a more flexible approach.

A more sustainable climb

Mount Fuji online booking

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Overcrowding has unfortunately led to accidents and injuries in the past, with some climbers pushing their limits without proper rest. The Mount Fuji online booking system aims to prevent this by ensuring a more manageable number of climbers on the trail at any given time.

Mount Fuji’s majesty extends beyond the peak itself. The surrounding areas have also been impacted by the influx of tourists. Inconsiderate behaviour, like littering and trespassing, has caused problems for local residents. The new measures aim to promote responsible tourism and respect for local communities.

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The Mount Fuji online booking system represents a positive step towards sustainable tourism. It prioritises safety, environmental protection, and respect for local communities while ensuring a rewarding experience for climbers. So, start planning your climb, secure your spot online if you prefer, and get ready to conquer Japan’s iconic peak!

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