Travel to Malaysia From Now Till 31 Dec 2022 With These Exciting Deals

Malaysia’s Newest Travel Campaign Offers Affordable Getaways to Singaporeans

Did someone say 50% off?

On 26 Aug 2022, the “Go Malaysia” campaign was launched to promote affordable short getaway travel deals to Malaysia for tourists from Singapore

What should I know about this campaign?

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Headed by Tourism Malaysia in partnership with Easybook, this campaign intends to attract more travellers from Singapore to holiday in Malaysia — in hopes that “Malaysia will meet the target of 4.5 million tourists this year,” states Mr. Salahuddin Mohd Ariffin, Director of Tourism Malaysia – Singapore office. 

Why is this campaign’s main target audience Singaporeans? In fact, Singapore has contributed the biggest revenue for travel to Malaysia since the country reopened its borders on 1 Apr 2022. That being said, this campaign aims to further promote Malaysia as an attractive destination with plenty to offer. 

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Travel to Malaysia with exciting deals

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Head to Easybook for a variety of value-for-money getaway packages and up to 50% discount on all bus tickets from Singapore to Malaysia, valid with the ‘GOMALAYSIA’ promo code. 

Basically, think of the site as a one-stop-shop to book everything you’ll need when you travel to Malaysia; from transportation via bus, train, ferry, or car rentals, to accommodations and booking your must-see attractions!

Purchase these deals from now to 15 Dec 2022 for travel to Malaysia between now and 31 Dec 2022. 

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What are you waiting for? With only four months left till the end of the year, it’s no time to start planning your next holiday. After all, fun lies just across the border! 

Information extracted from a press release by Tourism Malaysia.

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