10 Prettiest Spring Train Trips You Can’t Miss on Your Next Vacay!

10 Scenic Train Trips to Take This Spring

It’s time to witness spring beauty on rails.

Spring is hands down a perfect time to take a scenic train trip as the world bursts back into life with blooming flowers, clear skies, and comfortable temperatures. Whether you’re spending your spring vacation in Asia, Northern America or Europe, there’s always a rail ready to take you on a scenic journey amidst a sunny, blooming field. So, read on to learn more about the best spring train trips to catch on your next vacation!

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The most beautiful spring train trips around the world

1. Alishan Forest Railway — Chiayi, Taiwan

spring train trips alishan forest railway

Image credit: Anton Fratila via Canva Pro

Alishan Forest Railway in Chiayi, Taiwan, offers one of the best spring train rides during the blooming season. Its construction dates back to 1899 and was initially built to transport logs down the mountain. During springtime (from March to May), their iconic steam trains will chug past a cherry blossom tunnel in Zhaoping Station, bathed in sunny yet refreshing temperatures and wonderful pink hues. FYI, it’ll take you around 10 minutes to complete the 1.3km scenic journey. Definitely worth the ride!

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2. Tsugaru Railway — Tohoku, Japan

spring train trips tsugaru railway

Image credit: Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization | Official Website

Visiting Japan during springtime feels incomplete without boarding the iconic Tsugaru Railway in Tohoku, which passes through the charming Ashino Park. The park is recognised as one of the country’s top hanami spots, featuring over 1,500 cherry trees and a children’s zoo. You can board the JR train to Goshogawara Station before transferring to the Tsugaru Railway Line to get here. The seemingly endless pastel pink views throughout the 20.7km journey will surely leave you in awe!

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3. Nederlandse Spoorwegen Trains — Utrecht, Netherlands

spring train trips in netherlands

Image credit: dennisvdw via Canva Pro

If cherry blossoms don’t fancy you, Nederlandse Spoorwegen trains will make you swoon with the enchanting beauty of Keukenhof Gardens! That’s right, trains from this Dutch state-owned railway company bring passengers from Haarlem to Leiden and pass directly across the blooming tulip fields. You can hop on one of these Netherlands trains between mid-to-late April, whereby a one-way trip from Haarlem will take less than half an hour. Talk about one of the best spring train trips you can’t miss!

4. Denali Star Train — Alaska, United States

spring train trips denali star train

Image credit: Alaska Railroad | Official Facebook Page

All aboard the Denali Star Train, one of Alaska Railroad’s most loved lines, which operates annually in May! The 12-hour journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks offers passengers the unbeatable beauty of Alaska‘s mountains and rivers all the way through. You should look forward to seeing patches of purple and yellow flowers along the rail as the spring blesses Alaska with a colourful ambience once more. BTW, you might want to come between late May and June for the best views of pink peonies during the ride!

5. White Pass & Yukon Route — Alaska, United States

white pass and yukon route spring train trips

Image credit: White Pass & Yukon Route | Official Facebook Page

Discussing the best spring train trips without mentioning White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad truly feels weird. FYI, this historic train travels from Skagway, Alaska, to Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada. Starting in April, the train will take you on a 2.75-hour journey through lush mountains, forests, wildflowers, and along the splendid shores of glacial lakes. So, do opt for this ride if you wish to experience breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls in spring from the comfort of a century-old railcar you won’t soon forget!

6. Amtrak California Zephyr – California, United States

amtrak california zephyr

Image credit: Amtrak | Official Website

Another one of the unmissable spring break train trips is the stunning ride by Amtrak California Zephyr. This iconic train travels from Chicago to San Francisco, passing through the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Ruby Canyon, and more. Hop on this train, and you’re in for stunning views of snow-capped peaks, deep canyons, and colourful wildflowers in spring — all in the 51-hour train ride! Definitely a wise choice for a less-crowded (yet beautiful) ride on your next vacay. 

7. Royal Gorge Route Railroad  — Colorado, United States

royal gorge route railroad

Image credit: Royal Gorge Route Railroad | Official Facebook Page

Royal Gorge Route Railroad is the answer for those looking for a pleasant train ride that combines lovely scenery and an exceptional dining experience. Imagine travelling along the Arkansas River, offering views of the gorge, canyon walls, and waterfalls while enjoying a hearty lunch from your seat — perfect! The 24-mile round-trip journey will traverse the narrow Royal Gorge that soars more than 1,000 feet above the tracks. FYI, spring is a beautiful time to visit the gorge, as the wildflowers are in bloom and the waterfalls are flowing. Undoubtedly one of the best spring break train trips to add to your bucket list!

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8. Kurobe Gorge Railway — Toyama, Japan

kurobe gorge railway

Image credit: Kurobe Gorge Railway | Official Website

The Kurobe Gorge Railway in Toyama, Japan, is a must-visit destination during springtime, offering a vibrant and refreshing escape into the heart of the Northern Japanese Alps. The journey takes approximately 80 minutes, traversing over 40 tunnels and 20 bridges. Imagine the train winding through this verdant paradise, with the clear waters of the Kurobe River rushing alongside. What’s more, the mild spring weather makes exploring the surrounding areas (especially the onsens) after your train ride much more enjoyable!

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9. Jungfrau Railway — Jungfrauroch, Switzerland

jungfrau railway

Image credit: Janoka82 via Canva Pro

Planning on visiting Switzerland in spring? The iconic Jungfrau Railway is ready to take you on a picturesque ride during the blooming season. Hop on and this modern cogwheel train will take you on a nine-kilometre spectacular journey to Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. FYI, your journey will either start in Interlaken, Grindelwald or Wengen. But from whichever point you wish to kickstart, expect the train to snake through nearly 4.5 miles of tunnel before the stunning Aletsch Glacier, a UNESCO World Heritage site, greets you on another end. Hands down one of the most beautiful spring train rides you should take to avoid the summer crowds!

10. Grand Canyon Railway — Arizona, United States

grand canyon railway

Image credit: Grand Canyon Railway | Official Facebook Page

Riding the Grand Canyon Railway in Arizona during springtime offers travellers a delightful blend of comfortable weather and breathtaking scenery. The railway has been operating since 1901 and is still actively enchanting people with the magnificence of its Grand Canyon National Park, featuring million-year-old revealing red rocks. You can take a full-day adventure on the rails, departing from Arizona as early as 9.30am and arriving back in Williams at 5.45pm. 

P.S. — Expect fewer crowds in spring, translating into shorter wait times at the train station and a more relaxed atmosphere at the Grand Canyon South Rim!

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And that concludes our list of the most scenic spring train trips around the world that’ll leave you breathless. Have you found your ride yet? Great, now it’s time to book those tickets and get on an unforgettable springtime adventure of a lifetime!

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