7 Photo Spots in Auckland for Your Instagram-worthy Shots

7 Photo Spots in Auckland for Your Instagram-worthy Shots

With your trusty camera in hand, explore Auckland’s picture-perfect spots. This useful guide will take you to places!

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Home to numerous adrenaline-pumping adventures, New Zealand is most renowned for her idyllic South Island that boasts stunning natural landscapes and decadent mountain ranges. However, the city of Auckland in the North Island does not lack in equally captivating photo opportunities. Forget the countryside and fluffy sheep for now, here is a list (in no particular order) of the top seven most picturesque spots in Auckland, New Zealand!

1. Te Henga (Bethells Beach)

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If you are a devoted K-Pop fan, you will recognize this scenic beach on Taeyeon’s first solo music video, “I”. Any Taylor Swift fans? The incredible music video of “Out Of The Woods” was also partly shot here. From Auckland city centre, a 40-minute drive will take you to Te Henga. The most iconic feature of Bethells Beach is the black sand dunes that are very unlike your pearly-white sand on tropical beaches. Here’s the scientific rationale: black titanomagnetite, derived from Mount Taranaki’s volcanic rocks, were swept away by tides and accumulated onto the shores over time. Tip: Make sure you capture the amazing contrast of the sand dunes and the sea in your winning shot.

2. Waitemata Harbour

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What better way to capture the essence of the City of Sails than at the harbour itself? A popular Maori interpretation of Waitemata translates to “Sparkling Waters”. There is no doubt this backdrop will add that extra glimmer to all your photos. Opt to selfie against the majestic Auckland Harbour Bridge or perhaps strike a pose along the Auckland waterfront, amidst the countless catamarans. Whichever you decide on, know that the photos will leave your followers very bedazzled.

3. Britomart Train Station

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 After the Britomart precinct was redeveloped, this bustling area became home to lavish restaurants, quaint cafes and swanky bars. The alleys near the train station are popular for parties, meetups and tea sessions. In the evening, the colourful fairy lights make for such an ideal “dreamy” shot. The best part is that when you start getting real hungry, a mouth-watering burger is just a minute or two away. Soak in the vibrant nightlife thereafter and wind down with a refreshing margarita.

4. Nelson Street Cycleway

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A hot-pink cycling-cum-walking pathway? I’m not sure about you, but Nelson Street Cycleway is screaming for me to put on my running shoes. The innovative re-purposing of a redundant highway has promoted a more active lifestyle amongst locals and encouraged the appreciation for urban design aesthetics. The intricate Maori designs, fancy LED lights and eye-catching pink path should give you enough reasons to want some (read: a thousand) pictures taken here. Like they say, do it for the ‘Gram!

5. Mission Bay Beach

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Image credit: Chris Gin

Do you see that volcano in the middle of the sea? That is Rangitoto Island, Auckland’s youngest and largest volcano formed unexpectedly about 600 years ago. The fascinating symmetrical cone against the cerulean-blue sea and golden shores makes this backdrop a rather magical one. If your caption is going to be along the lines of, “One with nature”, this is the significant shot you need. After a million poses, you can retreat to The Promenade nearby and indulge in some hearty Mexican food (think: beef quesadillas, hot buffalo wings and an ice-cold Sangria, yum!).

6. Queens Wharf

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Queens Wharf is home to two significant landmarks, namely The Cloud and Shed 10. The latter is very quintessentially Auckland as it is a symbol of Auckland’s early maritime heritage while the former is a mark of architectural innovation in a public space. Choose to capture the historical essence that Shed 10 exudes or perhaps show-off the classy, modern curves of The Cloud. Bonus tip: Do not miss The Lighthouse, a life-sized artwork by Michael Parekowhai, which poses to be a brilliant photo opportunity by the pier.

7. Mount Eden

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At 196 m, this is the highest point in Auckland and the views will most definitely leave you on a high too. From the summit, you will get unparalleled and unobstructed 360-degree panoramas of Auckland and beyond.  The best part? It’s only a ten-minute hike up to the top so don’t worry about having to don your full hiking gear. When you’re finally at the summit, you will be greeted by a giant crater. Legend has it that a deity of some sort lives inside it and guards the secrets of the Earth. Very mythical, indeed. Go on now, start working those angles and glow in your photographs!

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