Spring Vacations US: 10 Scenic Places to Visit This Season

Spring Vacations in the US: 10 Scenic Places to Visit This Season

From coast to coast, find the perfect spring destination for you!

Spring is just around the corner, and travelling to the United States during this time of year can be a truly exciting and refreshing experience! As this season shakes off winter’s gloom and replaces snow-blanketed landscapes with colourful blooms and rich greenery, the country provides tons of spring havens begging to be explored. Planning a trip to the Northern Hemisphere and on the hunt for the best spring vacations in the US? From coast to coast, we list some of the most stunning destinations s to visit during your spring break in the United States! 

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Best spring vacations in the US

1. Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming  

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Want to experience the best spring vacations in the United States? Enjoy the great outdoors, of course! During the springtime, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming becomes an ideal destination because the weather and crowds are at bay. Since the park is situated at a high elevation, your trip here might feel a little more like winter. Nonetheless, you can enjoy spring cycling and camping among other outdoor activities. You might even chance upon wildlife activity, as wild bears emerge from hibernation. 

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2. Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee and North Carolina

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Your spring trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Parks promises cool mornings and evenings, with pleasant temperatures during the day. Stretching along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, the park features a mountainous terrain with elevations ranging from lower valleys to towering peaks. 

Some of the most popular spring activities to do here include hiking the Appalachian Trail and driving along the Cades Cove Loop Road for breathtaking landscape views. You can also enjoy a number of water-based fun like fishing along the park’s streams or enjoying a refreshing swim among its many waterfalls. 

3. Washington, D.C.

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Ah, Washington, D.C., aka the capital of the United States! Spring transforms this city into a spectacle with its annual National Cherry Blossom Festival — a must-have experience if you wish to witness the season’s most-awaited pink blooms. Aside from cherry blossom sightings, expect exciting outdoor recreations, sports tournaments, parades, and even free events happening all over the city. Plan your trip to Washington D.C. between late March to early April, just in time for cherry blossom season. 

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4. Hill Country – Texas

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Springtime brings a flower show to Texas Hill Country with its vast lands of vibrant bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush blooms! While the region boasts a small-town charm, it also abounds in swimming holes, natural springs, and lakes flowing from the Edwards Aquifer. Due to its slightly acidic waters, the region also features thousands of limestone caves worth exploring! For hiking and camping enthusiasts, don’t miss Enchanted Rock State Natural Area on your spring break in the US. 

5. Kauai – Hawaii

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Often referred to as the Garden Island, Kauai prides itself on its unspoiled natural beauty and easygoing Hawaiian vibe. For an unforgettable spring break in the US, discover Kauai’s wonders: waterfalls, tidal pools, scenic drive routes, and over 60 beaches for snorkelling and thrilling water sports. You’ll witness more of the island’s beauty when you hike up the Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali coastline or on a short trip to Waimea Canyon State Park, aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific! 

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6. Holland, Michigan

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For a Dutch-inspired spring break in the US, make your way over to Holland, Michigan! Best loved for its vibrant tulip festivals, charming windmills, hip downtown shopping, and scenic cycling routes, this Midwestern gem offers a picturesque escape that feels worlds away. Nature lovers and curious adventurers will be delighted to know that the region also features a string of stunning beaches, nature preserves, and quaint historic towns, each more captivating than the last. We don’t know about you, but these definitely make for one of the most ideal spring vacations in the US!

7. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

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Famous for its swirling sandstone formations, Antelope Canyon in Arizona beckons explorers with its mesmerising natural beauty. As spring unfolds, the canyon’s atmosphere becomes truly ethereal!  That’s because its intricate textures and colours become more prominent due to the season’s gentle sunlight. For an enjoyable experience here, plan your trip from March to May, which coincides with the best viewing and photographic conditions. 

8. Palm Springs – California

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No place does spring break in the U.S. like Palm Springs in Southern California! Here, prepare to be immersed in the desert chic vibe that defines this resort city. Come here for its eye-catching mid-century modern architecture, vibrant arts and culture scene, rejuvenating hot springs, and eclectic mix of boutiques and restaurants. Don’t miss out on must-visit attractions like Joshua Tree National Park, the Moorten Botanical Garden, and the Palm Springs Art Museum on your trip here. 

9. Mystic Hot Springs – Utah

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Mystic Hot Springs invites you to a soothing dip among its natural thermal pools surrounded by the serene beauty of the Monroe, Utah countryside. Adding to the charm of the springs are iconic vintage cast iron tubs, which allow you to soak away your stresses under the open sky. For those seeking an overnight experience, Mystic Hot Springs provides a range of accommodations: from rustic cabins and campsites to unique hippie bus stays! 

10. Santa Fe – New Mexico

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Last but not least on our round-up of stunning spring destinations in the US is the historic and artsy city of Santa Fe! Come mid-April, you can witness one of the largest art scenes in the country. The highlight here would be its bustling outdoor market showcasing the works and crafts of local artists. 

For your fill of nature and wildlife, explore El Rancho de las Golondrinas, a living history museum that hosts bird-watching tours. Your gateway to an unforgettable spring skiing adventure? Skii Santa Fe Resort, no doubt! While snow begins to recede during this time, there’s still ample opportunity to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. 

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What say you? Don’t these stunning spring vacations in the US make you want to scratch that travel itch? Take this much-awaited season as a sign to embark on new adventures this year! After all, spring is all about new beginnings. 

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