Wi Ha-Joon Might Star Alongside Park Seo-Joon and Han So-Hee!

Wi Ha-Joon Might Star Alongside Park Seo-Joon and Han So-Hee in a K-Drama!

The hottest K-drama stars in one show — soon!

Earlier this year, we heard updates that veteran K-drama actor Park Seo-joon could be joined by the rising actress Han So-hee in a new action thriller that’s in the works. Now, Wi Ha-joon, who skyrocketed to fame after Squid Game, has officially been cast to join the duo in the new K-drama called K Project. However, this K-drama which previously had a working title of Gyeongseong Creature, is still finalising the casting of Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee. 

In Squid Game, Wi Ha-joon played the dashing police officer Hwang Jun-ho. But spoiler alert — he doesn’t have a very satisfying ending in the world-famous K-drama. However, he could be getting more screen time in K Project since he’s up to play Park Seo-joon’s best friend named Kwon Joon-taek. If Park Seo-joon signs up for K Project, he will be playing the male lead Jang Tae-sang. 

K Project: what we know so far

Kwon Joon-taek (Wi Ha-joon) is someone who grows up in a wealthy pro-Japanese family, to his utter frustration. He meets Jang Tae-sang (Park Seo-joon), a self-proclaimed outsider, and the two become close friends. This K-drama revolves around people fighting for survival and their human dignity during a time when their basic rights were being stripped away from them. So, you can be sure that Park Seo-joon, Han So-hee, and Wi Ha-joon are going to bring their A-game to the table to portray all their characters’ different dimensions and to make this story hit home for many viewers.

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K Project will reportedly start filming in Jan 2022 and we’re super curious to see the chemistry between Wi Ha-joon, Park Seo-joon, and Han So-hee. We’ll keep you posted for more updates!

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