8 Cherry Blossom Spots in Hong Kong to Visit This Spring

8 Cherry Blossom Spots in Hong Kong to Visit This Spring

Spot the pink blooms in Hong Kong!

Often hailed as one of the top travel destinations in Asia, Hong Kong is well-known for its enchanting skyline, rich cultural heritage, and delicious world-class cuisine. However, beyond its urban landscape and vibrant culture, one thing it’s underrated for is its scenic beauty through the different seasons. If you’re visiting the Pearl of the Orient during springtime, know that there are several cherry blossom spots in Hong Kong where you can witness the gorgeous pink blooms!

Here are some of the cherry blossom spots in Hong Kong you should visit this spring to enjoy the fleeting blooms like a true local.

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Cherry blossom spots in Hong Kong you shouldn’t miss!

1. HKIA Cherry Blossom Garden

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Image credit: Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場 | Official Facebook Page

For those who can’t wait to see cherry blossoms the moment you land, good news: There’s a cherry blossom garden near the Hong Kong International Airport! The HKIA Cherry Blossom Garden is situated along Chek Lap Kok South Road near the foot of Scenic Hill and is easily reachable via the buses or MTR train. 

Open to the public for free, the cherry blossom garden features nearly a hundred cherry blossom trees planted along the pathways, creating a picturesque scenery that captivates visitors. As you stroll along, you can also catch glimpses of cable cars gliding overhead and bask in the serene sea view nearby. How cool!

2. Tai Po Waterfront Park

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Image credit: Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department | Official Website

The expansive 22-hectare Tai Po Waterfront Park is a recreational haven open to visitors all day long, without any admission fee. The park is meticulously planted with over 80 cherry trees of various species, painting the outdoor space in different shades of pink. But beyond the beauty of cherry blossoms, it also features a gorgeous harbour view, a promenade, sports courts, an amphitheatre and a lookout tower. Many visitors love coming here for leisure activities like kite flying and cycling. It’s certainly one of the most serene cherry blossom spots in Hong Kong worth checking out.

3. On King Street Park

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Image credit:  Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department | Official Website

On King Street Park is situated in Shek Mun, Sha Tin, and boasts over a hundred cherry blossom trees along the riverside for the public’s enjoyment.  When all the flowers are in full bloom during cherry blossom season, it transforms into one of the most romantic places to visit in Hong Kong. In addition to the pink and white cherry blossoms, keep an eye out for other flower species such as hibiscus and orange trumpet vines. 

What’s more, you might even be fortunate enough to meet unique, adorable birds that call the park home! The park also houses cycling and jogging trails, with a water sports centre nearby that offers activities such as canoeing. 

4. Hong Kong Velodrome Park

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Image credit: Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department | Official Website

Like the aforementioned parks, Hong Kong Velodrome Park is another cherry blossom spot in Hong Kong with free entry. Situated in Tseung Kwan O, this place offers lush lawns, serene lakes, and a range of activities for all ages. Enjoy amenities like a skatepark, amphitheatre, jogging track, climbing wall, and family-friendly facilities such as the children’s play areas, a fitness corner for the elderly, and a model boat pool for relaxation.

If you’re a flower enthusiast, don’t miss out on the chance to visit Hong Kong Velodrome Park during the cherry blossom season — which typically ranges from late February to March —  for a golden photo opportunity!

5. The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Image credit: The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學 – CUHK | Official Facebook Page

Another prime location to see cherry blossoms in Hong Kong is the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Within the university grounds, the Department of Japanese Studies of New Asia College has planted cherry trees on the campus, which allows students to indulge in hanami (flower-viewing) during springtime. Visitors can arrive at the university via buses, minibuses or the MTR. 

6. Tin Shui Wai Park

Image credit: Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department | Official Website

Nestled in the heart of Tin Shui Wai New Town, Tin Shui Wai Park spans 14.86 hectares and is built around the concept of tin (sky) and shui (water). A green oasis amidst the surrounding urban structures, the park is home to an artificial lake, a fountain, as well as various sports facilities. These include tennis courts, basketball courts, a 5-a-side soccer pitch, a gateball court, and a skateboarding ground.

Thanks to the Hong Kong Flower Show in 2023, the park has been transformed into a cherry blossom viewing spot, boasting more than 20 trees adorned with pink blooms!

7. Rotary Park, Tai Mo Shan Country Park

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Image credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board | Official Website

Rotary Park, nestled in Hong Kong’s highest peak, Tai Mo Shan, is a haven for nature lovers and avid hikers alike. Follow the scenic trails that wind through the area, leading not only to the park but also to other attractions like the Tai Mo Shan Lookout Point. In springtime, the Taiwanese cherry trees at Rotary Park burst into vibrant, colourful blossoms, leaving visitors in awe. 

In addition, you can also revel in glimpses of Victoria Harbour and distant views of Hong Kong Island through the park’s viewing point. Nearby, there are charming Chinese-style pavilions nestled under leafy branches awaiting your exploration, just a brief walk down the trail.

8. Kwan Kung Pavilion

Image credit: seaonweb via CanvaPro

Make the most of your cherry blossom viewing journey by checking out Cheung Chau, a popular island about 10 kilometres away from Hong Kong island. More than its main attractions like fishing villages and delicious street snacks, the pink blossoms can also be spotted here. The Kwan Kung Pavilion, surrounded by a peaceful garden, boasts a few cherry trees that captivate visitors with their vibrant colours and tranquil ambience.

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So, there you have it: a list of stunning cherry blossom spots in Hong Kong, beloved by tourists and locals alike. Did you know that you could find these delicate pink blooms even in this bustling city? Share with us your thoughts on our Facebook page and follow us for more travel guides! 

Featured image credit:  Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場 | Official Facebook Page

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