9 Things to Do for Your National Day 2022 Long Weekend

9 Things to Do for Your National Day 2022 Long Weekend

There's plenty awaiting during this four-day-long weekend!

National Day: the day when Singapore celebrates its independence, the Marina Bay area bustles with the National Day Parade, and the skies fill with an aerial display of RSAF fighter jets, colourful lights, and fireworks. 9 Aug falls on a Tuesday this year; so, if you have Monday off as well, that means a four-day-long weekend for you this National Day!

As we commemorate our nation’s birthday, here are a few ways to maximise your time and soak in the festive atmosphere from Saturday through Tuesday.

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Celebrate all things Singapore this National Day 2022

1. Party at Marina Barrage

national day long weekend

Image credit: Aparna Johri

Before you enjoy the National Day long weekend, there’s the question of how you’re going to celebrate National Day 2022. If you’re not watching the televised National Day Parade from home, the next best way that many of us celebrate National Day is by setting up a picnic at Marina Barrage!

Every 9 Aug, watch as the field at this Singapore attraction transforms into a sea of red and white. As the sky fills with an impressive display from 4pm onwards, immerse yourself in the lively outdoor sing-along session of National Day songs. Perhaps the best part of Marina Barrage, however, is the front row seat you’ll get to the fireworks from the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

2. Hike or cycle through the great outdoors

Image credit: Jordan Opel

A favourite pastime for many of us on the weekend (ever since the pandemic), hiking and cycling are not only a great way to burn a few calories, but help us discover that there are plenty of breathtaking sights in Singapore alone. This National Day long weekend, visit either one of the many nature trails on the island, or board a ferry to the nearby Pulau Ubin and explore the trails there!

3. Visit one of the many museums on the island

youWhether you’re a history, art, film, or any sort of culture buff, the array of museums in Singapore has got you more than covered. This National Day long weekend, head to the ArtScience Museum or Asian Civilisations Museum: prime spots to soak in the 9 Aug festivities; or, how about a museum that not many know of, like ones dedicated to civil defence or water sustainability in Singapore?

4. Step into the past with fascinating heritage spots

Image credit: Jimmy Tan

What better time to explore our heritage than during the National Day long weekend? Follow the footprints of our forefathers and discover traces of their past lives in any of the heritage trails, roads, or landmarks in Singapore. Whether it’s driving down a heritage road, visiting Singapore’s last kampung (village), or walking through heritage trails like Toa Payoh or Queenstown, take time to revisit Singapore’s iconic national monuments. This way, you’ll get to experience untold stories behind the streets of our country where we live, work, and play.

5. Amble around Gardens by the Bay

If you’ve yet to visit the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, this is your chance! Current events at this Singapore attraction include Hydrangea Holidays 2022, a floral display reminiscent of Dutch landscapes. You can also learn about the country’s long affinity with the diverse family of orchids at Orchid Stories of Singapore. 

Treat yourself on the long weekend of National Day 2022

6. Go on a staycation with your squad

No time for a full vacation overseas? That’s fine, a staycation works just as well — without the hassle of having to pack for a trip. Enjoy the long weekend with loved ones by catching a movie together or relaxing with food and drinks — with a fancy hotel, to boot! 

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7. Zip away to Malaysia for a short getaway

Image credit: Manish Tulaskar

Knowing how much Singaporeans love to travel, it’s no surprise that a trip to Malaysia is at the top of the list; it may well even be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear of a long weekend in Singapore. But, where in Malaysia should you go to?

Consider Penang or Langkawi if you’re hoping to flee from the hubbub of city life in exchange for some peaceful tranquillity. Or, how about Melaka or Kuala Lumpur for some amazing sights and street food? In any case, you also can’t go wrong with Johor Bahru for a quick getaway of cafes and pampering services like massages and salon treatment. 

8. Hop on a ferry to Bintan or Batam

If travel and good food are your top priorities, take a 30-minute ferry ride to Batam or Bintan! Think private villas with your very own pool, 24-hour services, and massages: what more could you ask from the long weekend this National Day?

9. Refresh your senses at a spa

national day long weekend

Image credit: alan caishan

No time and energy left to go out? Spend your time healing at a spa. Opt for a therapeutic massage to relieve build-up tension in your neck and back. If you’re up for it, try traditional Chinese tui na, which similar to shiatsu, combines massage and acupressure for more effective pain relief.

If you’re looking for deep relaxation, try floatation, where you’ll get to levitate in lukewarm saltwater, or cryotherapy. We heard that the effects include mental clarity and improved well-being — sign us up now!

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Long weekends like this don’t come by often (with only three left until the end of 2022), so cherish the time and give yourself a well-deserved break!

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