50 Incredibly Unique Reasons We Are Proud of Singapore

50 Incredibly Unique Reasons We Are Proud of Singapore

Whether you’re in your golden years or you’re a Gen Y kiddo, here’s something we Singaporeans can all agree on.

Singapore turns a year older every 9 Aug. As we count down to this joyous occasion, let’s reminisce about all the reasons we are proud to call Singapore our home. Majulah Singapura!

50 reasons why we are proud of Singapore

1. Singapore is the only country to go from third-world to first-world in one generation

proud singapore

Image credit: Julien de Salaberry

From a sleepy fishing village to a well-developed country, Singapore has evolved over the years and continues to do so.

2. We have our very own special language

Don’t be taken aback when you perceive an interjection of words from different languages strewn in a sentence when conversing with a local. Singlish, as we colloquially know it, is a unique blend of vocabularies “borrowed” from a handful of languages spoken in the Little Red Dot. Here is a list of Singlish phrases you can pick up to speak it like a pro!

3. As well as our own unique “traits”

“Choping” hawker seats with items like tissue packets and forming long queues because we are just “kiasu”? It is just who we are!

4. We have one of the best airlines in the world

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Image credit: Tim Dennert

The flag carrier airline of Singapore has bagged the top spot for ‘World’s Best Airline’ several times! Hop onboard Singapore Airlines and you’ll see just why!

5. And the best airport, too!

proud singapore

Image credit: Faris Ariffin

For eight years in a row, our airport has been named the world’s best airport. A class of its own, there are a plethora of things you can do at Changi Airport. We’re talking about taking a refreshing dip in an outdoor pool, zooming down a giant slide, and watching a movie — flight delays may not sound like a really bad thing.

6. We’re well protected in the hands of National Service

7. And we’re also one of the safest countries in the world

You won’t flinch when roaming the streets well after the sun recedes from the horizon thanks to our really low crime rate and a reliable police force. We are truly proud of you Singapore!

8. On top of that, we have a clean record of natural disaster occurrence

We count ourselves lucky that we sit outside the Pacific Rim of Fire and are safe from a series of major natural disasters.

9. Cheap, delicious food is ubiquitous

singapore hawker

Image credit: Ethan Hu

So cheap that we are home to the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal! Yes, we’re talking about Liao Fan Hawker Chan where you can wolf down a plate or two of Hong Kong soya chicken rice and noodles.

10. And so are famous international restaurants

11. Plenty of the eateries even operate 24 hours

Hungry at 3am? Roti Prata is available just down the street.

12. Almost everyone is at least effectively bilingual

It is necessary for students in Singapore to learn English as the first language in schools and pick up a second language known as the “Mother Tongue Language”.

13. And with one of the best education systems in the world…

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Image credit: Pang Yuhao

14. We have the world’s top-ranking universities too

National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are amongst the top universities in the world.

15. It’s one of the best places to start a business

16. Singapore has great relations with other countries

17. Partly because our leaders are incredibly charismatic and globally respected

18. Plus they have a (together) East Coast plan

19. And we’re one of the few countries with a female president

In September 2017, Halimah Yacob became our first female president.

20. We have a healthy unemployment rate and economy in Singapore

21. It’s also one of the only places where you can find a Chinese temple, a mosque and an Indian temple along the same street

proud singapore

Image credit: Charles Postiaux

22. And there’s plenty of green spaces to enjoy

We call ourself a Garden City and have abundant pockets of green spaces to corroborate that. Enjoy a blissful stroll at one of our many parks, nature trails, and botanical gardens to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

23. Cleanliness is top-notch here

We take cleanliness very seriously so much so that littering can warrant a hefty fine and chewing gum is banned!

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24. Even when we’re out of Singapore, we hear great things about our country from travellers

25. The nightlife’s great

26. And the museums are amazing

27. Let’s not forget we hosted the first F1 night-time race too

28. Singapore’s also one of the best countries to begin a start-up

29. There are many Singapore companies in Silicon Valley

Razer, a gaming peripherals company, is one of them.

30. And we have the world’s fastest average peak Internet speed in the world

31. We probably have at least one mutual friend with any other Singaporean we meet

Now that’s something cool.

32. Our passport’s awesome

Second most powerful passport in the world, we can visit 192 destinations without a prior visa!

33. So are our acronyms that only fellow Singaporeans understand


34. Signages are everywhere

35. Great connectivity is abundant too

36. There’s cheap, traditional ice cream

ice cream uncle

Image credit: Kevin Utting

Ever tuck into a slab ice cream sandwiched between two slices of colourful bread? Try it for yourself and you’ll know why it’s one of the reasons we are proud of Singapore!

37. And we can indulge in our favourite pastime, shopping, at multifarious malls in Singapore

what makes you proud to be a Singaporean

Image credit: K8

From the iconic shopping belt of Orchard Road to the bustling Bugis Street brimming with a variety of stores, Singapore is haven for all shopaholics!

38. We support the freedom to love

39. And are never short of other awesome events

40. Singaporeans are a peaceful bunch

The only times we protest, we do it in the designated Hong Lim Park.

41. Our government gave every Singaporean aged 21 and above $600 during the challenging COVID-19 period

43. On top of free reusable masks and alcohol-free hand sanitiser

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Image credit: Tai’s Captures

43. Plus, 62% of our residents have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19

44. And we have a multi-ministry taskforce to direct the national whole-of-government response to the COVID-19 outbreak

World Health Organisation even went on to praise Singapore’s “all-government approach” in tackling the pandemic. That’s something we all can truly be proud of Singapore for!

45. We have an authentic kampong amidst this urban jungle

proud singapore

Image credit: Grps

Kampong Lorong Buangkok is truly one of the island’s hidden gems. Erected in 1956, it’s Singapore last surviving mainland village.

46. It’s perpetually summer here

December and you feel like suntanning? Simply head to one of these beach bars in Singapore to bask under the glorious sun.

47. And because we have chilli crab

chilli crab

Image credit: jh_tan84

Yes, this dish is something we Singaporeans are immensely proud of! Pair it with fluffy mantao buns for a glorious burst of flavours. Do also check our other Singaporean food you should have tried by now!

48. And the king of fruits — Durian

what makes you proud to be a Singaporean

Image credit: Jim Teo

49. It’s also the perfect hub for travellers

50. Even without a passport

We have a bunch of secret islands for you to discover, such as St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island.

There you have it: A list of reasons to be proud of Singapore! Let us know in the comments sections what makes you proud to be a Singaporean.

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