25 Hiking & Nature Trails in Singapore to Explore on Your Weekends

25 Nature & Hiking Trails in Singapore to Discover on Your Weekends

Spend some time with nature as you wander around the Garden City!

Singapore may be small, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do here in our Little Red Dot. If you fancy getting more connected with Mother Nature any time soon, you’ll be happy to know that as much as Singapore is known to be a modern sophisticated hub, there are plenty of hiking and nature trails in Singapore for you to check out during the weekends.

Just remember to put on a comfortable pair of shoes before you get started!

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Beginner-friendly nature and hiking trails in Singapore

1. Kranji Marshes

First off, from walking along actual marshes to grassy lands where unique birds abound, Kranji Marshes would make a lovely weekend escape to learn more about the biodiversity and landscape of Singapore.

Join the “Evening Chorus at Kranji Marshes,” a free guided tour by NParks through the marshes, and gain access to areas normally inaccessible to the public.

2. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

nature trails singapore

Image credit: Travjes23 via Canva Pro

Also tucked in the northwest of Singapore, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is lauded as Singapore’s first ASEAN Heritage Park. This one is truly for animal lovers; with just enough patience and luck, you might chance upon a crocodile lurking in the waters! This reserve is a safe home for an abundance of wildlife — thanks to conservation efforts.

As an added nature trip, you’ll get to enjoy the lush views of mangroves, mud lands, forests, and ponds.

3. Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park

Image credit: aaron90311 via Canva Pro

Singapore’s central area may be home to famous shopping malls, but did you know there are stunning parks here, too? Take Fort Canning Park, for instance, sure to pique the interest of history buffs. With structures that housed Malayan kings to barracks used during the era of colonisation, this park has borne witness to many historical milestones of the country.

Today, it functions both as an event space as well as a quickie rural respite that’s perfect for history lovers.

4. Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Rainforest Walking Trail

Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Rainforest Walking Trail

Image credit: Joshua Alan Eckert

Not too far away lies the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Singapore Botanic Gardens. Step back in time as you walk among 314 species of plants that make up the rainforest on this popular nature trail in Singapore. Some of these plants existed even before Singapore’s discovery by Stamford Raffles in 1819. You can almost imagine just how green Singapore was like before it became truly urbanised.

Plus, since 50% of the plants here are classified as rare, you’ll be sure to spot exotic species while trekking through this forest-shrouded trail. 

5. Hindhede Nature Park

Hindhede Nature Park

Image credit: Kee Seng Chew via Canva Pro

We’ll come to the massive Bukit Timah Nature Reserve later on, but just nearby, you’ll find the much easier Hindhede Nature Park. This Singapore nature trail is suitable for families with young ones looking to get outside for some fresh air and greenery.

Or, for those who have already checked out the nearby Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, come here for the well-defined footpath which is considered an easy trail.

Moreover, you can acquaint your kids with the rich flora and fauna teeming in the area, on top of enjoying the spectacular view of Hindhede Quarry. It’ll be an adventure in nature that textbooks can’t replicate. 

6. Bukit Batok Nature Park

Bukit Batok Nature Park

Image credit: Chris Harvey / 500px via Canva Pro

Also within the area, Bukit Batok Nature Park is home to a stunning quarry pond. With so few natural quarries in Singapore, its granite core is indeed a sight to behold with stone slabs stretching upwards through rich vegetation. When you’re here, climb up to the lookout points (easily ten storeys high) for breathtaking views of the quarry. It’s definitely a sight you do not want to miss out on!

Fun fact: The nature trail is so extraordinary in Singapore that it has a sobriquet: Xiao Guilin (meaning “small Guilin”). The name takes inspiration from the city of Guilin in China where dramatic limestone cliffs adorn the grand city.

7. Rifle Range Nature Park

The newest addition to the Bukit Timah natural attraction family — and the newest of Singapore hiking trails — Rifle Range Nature Park opened as recently as October 2022. Located just next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, this park boasts an array of nature-friendly trails, and is also the country’s first net-positive energy nature park. Bookmark this spot for your next weekend hike to see how Singapore continues to expand its green efforts.

8. Tampines Eco Green

Boasting a savannah-like landscape with geographical features like secondary rainforests, freshwater ponds, and marshlands, this hiking trail in Singapore is almost as natural as you can possibly get. There are three tracks for you to choose from at Tampines Eco Green, and the names speak for themselves: Diversity Trail, Forest Trail, and Marsh Trail. Pick your nature trip for the weekend and wander off to your heart’s content.

One thing’s for sure: Whichever path you choose, you’ll be sure to feel like an explorer trekking through undisturbed lands. If you’re brave enough for night hikes, note that the paths are unlit so as not to disturb the creatures living there.

9. Changi Bay Park Connector

hiking nature trails Singapore

Image credit: cattan2011

Located on the eastern tip of Singapore, the newly opened Changi Bay Park Connector is one that you’ll be familiar with, thanks to its picturesque scenes captured for the ‘Gram. Overlooking the serene sea, this nature trail is for all seaside lovers; best of all, it’s an easy walk that treats you to peaceful views of fishing villages of the past and undisturbed beaches. At the end of this trail, reward yourself with some modern comforts at Jewel Changi Airport.

Along the way, stop to unwind along this after a hectic day. Who knows, you may be able to catch a picturesque sunset!

10. Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway is one of the hiking trails in singapore

Image credit: Erwin Soo

Punggol Waterway is perfect for some family fun because of its water play area and sandpit where kids can build sandcastles. If amped-up activity isn’t part of the itinerary, you may opt to take a relaxing walk by the river to enjoy the calming presence of nature. After all, it is one of the ideal places to walk in Singapore. Also, the bridges here are a sight to behold; the Jewel Bridge and its futuristic design, for instance, glistens serenely on the water.

Fellow Northeasties, it’s time to bring your friends over to explore the beauty that is Punggol Waterway!

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11. Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoirs

Upper and Lower Peirce Reservoirs

Image credit (L-R): justhavealook; Hub Hayag via Canva Pro

Even though these two parks sit next to each other, each reserve stands independently of the other, providing more individual paths to explore. Both the Singapore nature trails are famous for sightings of cheeky monkeys, views of the waterways, and blossoming trees.

Lower Peirce Reservoir, in particular, offers one of the most beautiful sunset views in Singapore. With little high-rise buildings obstructing the view, the calming sunset makes for a great reward after a leisurely hike. Upper Peirce Reservoir, on the other hand, is accessible by an uphill 2.2km hike. What greets you at the top are plenty of observation posts and boardwalks for the perfect sunset watch. 

12. Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Nature Reserve is one of the best singapore hiking trails

Image credit: cattan2011

For those who love the sea, this Singapore nature trail should be right up your alley. Not only are its coastal views extremely picturesque, but Labrador Nature Park also teems with wildlife. For instance, you can expect to catch sight of adorable squirrels everywhere during your hike!

Other views include swamplands and secondary forests, both pleasant surprises during a hiking weekend.

13. Windsor Nature Park

Singapore’s sixth nature park — Windsor Nature Park — positions itself as a fun date spot. There are three rather easy trails for you to choose from, though if you want to try something more novel, go for the Drongo Trail and walk amongst the trees!

Also, animal lovers, rejoice: With about 23,000 to 28,000 species on the ground and 392 recorded bird species, it’ll make for a fun weekend of exploration and animal spotting. For flora enthusiasts, make sure to discover the Hanguana Trail teeming with rare native plants.

14. Thomson Nature Park

Just a 15-minute walk away from Windsor Nature Park lies Thomson Nature Park, also home to a selection of beginner-friendly nature trails. Not to worry, you’ll still be working up a sweat if you course down each trail a few times.

Intermediate nature and hiking trails in Singapore

15. Southern Ridges

This 10km trek connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve together. Not only does this trek offer a rich selection of flora and fauna for you to admire, but it also has the best panoramic view of the city. For leisure hikers, don’t worry: You don’t have to climb all the way up the 10 km stretch. Instead, simply choose your starting and ending points, and off you go.

One highly recommend vista is the magnificent Henderson Waves structure along the route from Mount Faber to Telok Blangah.

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16. Coney Island

coney island

Image credit: cattan2011

An actual island just a bridge away from mainland Singapore, this island’s charm lies in the fact that it’s mostly left untouched. Here at Coney Island, Mother Nature runs her course and the trees grow and bloom unrestrictedly. If you’re looking for a day away from the urban jungle that is Singapore, then this is the hiking trail for you. Devote a whole day to walk through the different paths, stake out its five beaches, and brave its off-beaten tracks. The vastly different landscapes make this island a gem at every turn. You’ll come to discover why it is one of the best Singapore hiking trails!

Head on down for a variety of activities, including bird watching, cycling, and nature photography! Coney Island links to nearby park connectors such as Punggol Waterway and Punggol Promenade Nature Walk. That way, you’ll never run out of space to wander around.

17. Pulau Ubin’s Chek Jawa

nature trails Singapore

Image credit: travel oriented

In spite of its small land area, this hiking trail in Singapore sure packs a punch because of the diversity of the landscape. In fact, Pulau Ubin has no less than seven vastly different ecosystems. You get to enjoy and appreciate each one as you walk around the grounds.

You’ll find a coastal forest, mangroves, a natural rocky shore, a sandy shore, a sandbar, a seagrass lagoon, as well as the coral rubble area. This is arguably the most well-preserved natural space in Singapore, so it’ll be a fun whole-day outing for you to kick back and see more of its hidden gems.

For adventurous spirits, rent a bike or walk to Chek Jawa upon arriving at Ubin jetty. And in case you’re holding out on visiting Pulau Ubin, hop on this virtual tour instead!

18. St John’s Island

hiking nature trail singapore

Image credit: Daniel Kilburn

St. John’s Island is an unexpected treat for many Singapore visitors and residents alike. In fact, government park conservation group NParks recently launched a free and easy 1.6 km out of the 2.8 km guided trail that shows just how unique the St John’s experience can be. The most unique part of this tour? During low tide, you can make your way into the lagoon and get up close and personal with the marine life! Pretty cool, huh?

The park holds guided tours on the first Sunday of every month on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure to book yourself a slot by checking the registration information here.

Challenging nature and hiking trails in Singapore

19. Chestnut Nature Park

The biggest nature park in town, Chestnut Nature Park, has two trails for you to choose from: the North and the South. From its name, the North trail runs on the Northern part of the park, and the other traverses the Southern section.

The Northern Trail is perfect if you’re looking for some afternoon shade, what with its scenic cluster of trees. Plus, if you’re a water lover, the Northern Nature Trail will walk you by a scenic stream. Not to mention the old kampong structures that you’ll see, too!

Lastly, the Southern Trail is perfect for those with a fascination for geological masterpieces.

20. Dairy Farm Nature Park

Heralded as one of the most natural, rugged trails in Singapore, you can escape the city’s rigid and manicured facade and take a break at Dairy Farm Nature Park. At this park, you get to bask in nature in its bare splendour. Not exactly a farm per se, the park has since been repurposed to function as a wetland habitat. Moreover, it is also home to a large species of flora, fauna, and local animals. A hike through this nature reserve leads you to a viewing platform for visitors and to a quarry at end of the park.

Look out for the Wallace Trail, a 2.2km nature trail that stretches from Hillview MRT station to the Wallace Education Centre, i.e. Singapore’s first community nursery catered to propagating and nurturing endangered native plants.

21. MacRitchie TreeTop Walk

hiking nature trails singapore

Image credit: travel oriented

Macritchie Reservoir seems like a usual green reserve at first, but within that lush greenery is a bridge high above the canopy of trees. Sitting 25m above the treetops, a trek on the bridge gives hikers a different view of Singapore’s lush green landscape. The trek itself will surround you with the thick forest, which makes for a cooling hike toward the suspended climax.

Watch out for the monkeys, though, they can get quite mischievous and steal your things!

22. Rail Corridor

green rail corridor

Image credit: Jin Guan KOH

As the name suggests, this hiking trail in Singapore was once a railway track for trains many years ago. In recent times though, the Rail Corridor has been refurbished to flourish with lush greenery, coalescing harmoniously with nature. At an astounding 24 km long, the track extends from the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station all the way to the Kranji MRT station.

Pro tip: There are many access points to the Rail Corridor. Click here for more information. 

23. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Being a popular lookout point and also the highest point in Singapore, this top spot is surely not new to Singaporeans. In fact, it is one of the best Singapore hiking trails. The trail at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, however, still offers a novel way to experience the city.

From the foothills, you can choose to take a few paths to the summit. If you prefer a more scenic route, try hiking up the South View Path to get a more immersive dose of nature on your way up to the top. Brace yourself, though: All of these trails will definitely make you work up a sweat. 

24. Clementi Forest

clementi forest singapore

Make your way to Clementi Forest — a green lung nestled in the west side of Singapore — to venture off the beaten track. The sheer untouched beauty here is a stunning juxtaposition to Singapore’s urban landscape. Spanning 85 hectares, it formerly housed the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) railway line.

Just a heads up: There are no official pathways here, so come ready to thread your way through luscious vegetation carefully. Plus, the best bet is to start your trail in the morning so that you can catch sight of the glorious sun illuminating the forest.

25. Coast-to-Coast (C2C) trail

Finally, are you seeking an adventure to kick your Singapore hikes up a notch? Embark on the 36km-long Coast-to-Coast trail (C2C), which takes you across the island through a series of natural areas, parks, and park connectors.

You can set off on your exciting journey from Jurong Lake Gardens and wend your way to Coney Island Park. This curated Singapore hiking trail is certainly lengthy but it commands a variety of sights along the way. Think of the likes of pagodas, lotus gardens, a tranquil oasis, abundant wildlife, and so much more.

Pro tip: Undertaking this hike requires a great deal of effort and preparation, no doubt. Also, hydration is key so do make sure you have an adequate supply of water. You can refer to the C2C online Trail Guide or download the C2C Mobile App to help you get started. Fret not if you feel worn out during your hike, you can make a pitstop at one of the ten checkpoints.

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With so many trekking places in Singapore, there’s no excuse to hole up for a boring weekend ever again. Not only do these places provide you with a much-needed reprieve from the urban rush, but they also offer so many unique features to keep you occupied, mesmerised, and fit.

So, unearth your hiking boots and get ready for trails that’ll shake up your weekends. Are you ready for your best hikes in Singapore yet? 

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