9 Night Cycling Routes in Singapore to Admire the City After Dark

9 Night Cycling Routes in Singapore to Admire the City After Dark

Take your pick from the Eastern Coastal Loop, Marina Bay, Pulau Ubin, and more!

Following the extension of various park connectors coupled with the boom of the bike-sharing craze, night cycling in Singapore has cemented itself as a favourite group activity. After all, what better way to spice up your typical cycling outing than riding through the night! Whether you’re a beginner or experienced cyclist, here are different night cycling routes to see another side of Singapore after hours while avoiding the crowd and blazing heat.

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Night cycling routes in Singapore

For the beginners: the North Eastern Riverine Loop

night cycling routes singapore

Image credit: Erwin Soo

Night cycling in Singapore may seem daunting at first, but there’s really nothing to deter you from embarking on this exciting experience! Because of its wide and easy-to-follow roads, the North Eastern Riverine Loop is the perfect route for first-time cyclists. Starting from Punggol Park, follow the park connectors through the heartlands of Buangkok and Sengkang, passing by iconic landmarks such as the scenic Punggol Waterfront and the Coney Island entrance signage that has been flooding Instagram.

As this is one of the most popular and recommended night cycling routes, the National Parks Board has a nifty guide which you can view here.

For a scenic coastal trail: the Eastern Coastal Loop

east coast park

Image credit: Christoph Theisinger

Another lauded cycling route is the Eastern Coastal Loop which will bring you along the beaches of Pasir Ris and East Coast Park as well as the calm waters of Bedok Reservoir. The biggest draw of this trail is the picturesque view of the ocean at night coupled with the cool sea breeze. Part of this route is the Coastal Park Connector leg which runs parallel to Changi Airport’s runway. Take a break there and watch the early morning flights take off!

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For a city adventure: Marina Bay

night cycling routes singapore

Image credit: Daniel Welsh

More often than not, green parks and beaches come to mind when you think of cycling paths. But for urbanites, the city area around Marina Bay is a great night cycling route to explore the concrete jungle and view the stunning city skyline! There are no fixed routes for your city adventure, but some places to visit include the ArtScience Museum bayfront, the Esplanade and the Merlion. Take this route and experience the quiet of the city before it wakes again in the morning!

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For the culture vultures: Civic District

Singapore’s Civic District is peppered with emblematic buildings and historical landmarks. That makes it a prime night cycling route to take in an incredible variety of sights. Starting from City Hall, you can cycle to the eclectic district of Bugis in the North and the reposeful Singapore River on the other end. Along the way, you can stop in your track to gaze at the National Museum of Singapore, Chijmes, the Supreme Court and more. You’ll come to see that the city is most dazzling at night!

For the nature-lovers: the Northern Explorer Loop

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Image credit: Balaji Datt M V

Start off your journey from Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and cycle through the heartlands of Woodlands, across Mandai Park Connector and to Admiralty Park. On this route, you’ll bear witness to untouched wildlife like numerous mangroves and water swamps. Afterwards, head to the Woodlands Waterfront jetty to admire the coast of Johor Bahru just across the calm Johor Strait. This night cycling route in Singapore itself only takes about two hours. It will give you plenty of time to make stops to enjoy immersing in nature. Follow the Northern Explorer Loop here.

For a step into the past: Pulau Ubin

night cycling routes singapore

Image credit: William Cho

For those ready to take on a real adventure, venture out of Singapore’s mainland to the rustic island of Pulau Ubin! There, you can either explore the quaint charm of traditional kampongs and quarries on its main cycling paths. Additionally, you can try out the 10km Ketam Mountain Bike Park trail located at the fringes of Pulau Ubin. While most of the designated tracks are demarcated safely, some like the Black Diamond trail are dirt paths. Thus, be sure to have your bike lights turned on, and wear protective gear if you’re not an experienced night cyclist. A bumboat ride from Changi Village only costs S$3, plus an additional S$2 for your bicycle. Alternatively, there are dozens of inexpensive bike rental stores on the island itself.

For the food lovers: from Esplanade to Changi Village

Cycling through the night is going to activate your hunger pangs. Since Singapore’s definitely not short of delicious supper places, why not combine both for a night cycling food trail? Start this route at the famous Makansutra Gluttons Bay at the Esplanade where you can feast on the best local delicacies and then head eastwards to Sims Avenue for a quick snack at 126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi. After another leg of cycling, stop at Simpang Bedok, and finally at 89.7FM Supper Club at Changi Village.

For a tranquil escape: Western Adventure Loop

Westies, if you’re planning on a cycling adventure at night in Singapore, check out the Western Adventure Loop. Spanning a total of 12km, start off from Chua Chu Kang Park and make your way to Jurong Lake Park. As this off-the-beaten route takes you across several nature parks including Dairy Farm Nature Park and Bukit Batok Nature Park, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of quarries and sightings of multifarious wildlife.

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Bonus night cycling route in Singapore

For a picture-perfect scenery : West Coast Park to Raffles Marina Lighthouse

raffles marina lighthouse

Image credit: Erwin Soo

Erected in 1994, Raffles Marina Lighthouse stands at 12 metres tall. Fun fact: This hidden gem sends out light signals every 10 seconds with a beam that reaches 15 metres. It’s no wonder that it has been gracing many Instagram feeds. The best way to admire the glorious beacon is by cycling from West Coast Park to Raffles Marina. There, you can enjoy the cool sea breeze under a starlit sky. Plus, keep a lookout for magnificent yachts docked along the pier. At the end of this night cycling route in Singapore, you will be treated to incredible backdrops for the ‘gram.

Tip: Come equipped with your bicycle lock as you may have to keep it safely locked before accessing the precinct to get to the lighthouse. 

Whether you’re a nature-lover, foodie, or someone who simply wants a fun way to exercise, there are just so many different night cycling trails to explore Singapore in a whole new light.

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