22 Photoshoot Locations in Singapore That You Never Thought Of

22 Photoshoot Locations in Singapore That You Never Thought Of

Think picturesque neighbourhoods, scenic parks, and streets of murals!

Since we’re in the age of social media and Instagram, it’s no surprise that many of us are constantly on the hunt for new and interesting photoshoot locations in Singapore. Thus, if you need some inspiration, don’t fret; we’ve rounded up a list of the best photo spots in Singapore to explore. Don’t forget to grab your camera!

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Outdoor photoshoot locations in Singapore

1. Koon Seng Road

photoshoot locations in singapore joo chiat

Image credit: Winel Sutanto

Perhaps the gem of Singapore’s Joo Chiat (or general east) area, Koon Seng Road stands out for its colourful pastel-toned row of Peranakan shophouses. On top of the delectable eats in the vicinity, an afternoon at this spectacular photoshoot location in Singapore will undoubtedly spruce up your photo collection!

photoshoot locations in singapore koon seng road

Image credit: Winel Sutanto

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2. Toa Payoh Dragon Playground

Fun fact: These dragon playgrounds sitting in sandpits used to populate our nation back in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, the original bright orange mosaic-tiled structure can only be found in the Toa Payoh neighbourhood. However, there are three other dragon playgrounds still standing; the only difference is that their surfaces were replaced with rubber (out of safety concerns).

(L-R): Toa Payoh Dragon Playground; MacPherson Dragon Playground | Image credit (L-R): Jimmy Tan; Bryan Low

Luckily, these dragon playgrounds offer you multiple angles to shoot from; whether it’s the walkway, staircase, or the iconic dragon head, you can expect a truly nostalgic photoshoot.

Addresses: 28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, Singapore 310028 (Toa Payoh Dragon Playground); 57 Pipit Road; Between 240 & 241 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh; 571 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, Singapore 560571

3. Gilman Barracks

Aside from being a contemporary arts cluster, Gilman Barracks boasts many features that make it the perfect photo spot in Singapore for an artsy-fartsy outdoor photoshoot. For instance, think numerous colonial buildings and lengthy corridors and frequently empty roads and car parks!

Image credit: Estherkhm

Lastly, end off your afternoon photoshoot with a sweet treat from the area’s ice cream shop.

Address: 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937

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4. Tiong Bahru

Image credit: Payton Chung

Straight out of a Wes Anderson film, Tiong Bahru is one of Singapore’s most picturesque and hippest spots. Steeped in history, this neighbourhood boasts one of the richest cafe scenes too — from the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery to Plain Vanilla Bakery. 

Image credit: cattan2011

Thus, for a truly picture-perfect photo shoot, walk through the myriad of quiet alleyways and old housing estates. Who knows, you might even spot a mural or two!

5. Victoria Concert Hall

Victoria Concert Hall is one of the two locations in Singapore where the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles (the nation’s founder) stands. Thus, with an impressive history of over 100 years, it was gazetted as a national monument in 2002.

Besides its prominent clock tower, this performing arts centre is also the headquarters of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Its elegant white facade makes it one of the most beautiful photoshoot locations in Singapore, especially in the evening!

Address: 9 Empress Place, Singapore 179556

6. National Gallery Singapore

The former Old Supreme Court, National Gallery Singapore houses the largest collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art. This photoshoot location in Singapore is also where our National Day Parades used to be held, before moving to the Marina Bay Float as its new official venue.

Image credit: Bing Hui Yau

Aside from its majestic exterior, the corridors and interior design of the National Gallery are just as magnificent. With the Rotunda Library (the former Law Library) and dark oak floors splashed in natural light from the ceilings, almost every corner of this photoshoot location in Singapore is Insta-worthy. Thus, be prepared to spend more than a few hours here!

Image credit: Matt Briney

Address: 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

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7. Pinnacle@Duxton

pinnacle duxton

Image credit: Isaac Matthew

One of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, Pinnacle@Duxton isn’t just the world’s tallest public housing building (at 50 storeys), it’s also home to the longest sky garden!

Capture a shot of its splendid facade from one of the many spots around Tanjong Pagar, or head on up to the sky bridge to snap a pic of the Singapore skyline. Guests can pay a small fee of S$6 at the entrance to gain access to the panoramic 50th storey vantage point.

50th storey sky bridge | Image credit: Christian van Elven

Address: 1G Cantonment Rd, Singapore 085301

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8. Golden Mile Tower (5th-floor car park)

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Golden Mile Tower is home to perhaps Singapore’s most Insta-worthy theatre, The Projector. While snapping pictures at the theatre might be difficult, the 5th-floor car park, however, is an open-air rooftop area where you can capture some really stunning shots. Not to mention, you get to bask in some stunning views of Singapore’s skyline too.

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Address: 6001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199589

Photoshoot locations in Singapore with alluring natural scenery

9. Japanese Cemetery Park

Image credit: Michael Lee

Tucked away in the Kovan neighbourhood, the Japanese Cemetery Park has been flooding people’s Instagram feed since it was first discovered. And we can see why too — bright pink floral gateways and stone paths make this one of the most beautiful photoshoot locations in Singapore.

Address: 22 Chuan Hoe Ave, Singapore 549854

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10. Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Image credit: Tamal Mukhopadhyay

Raffles Marina Lighthouse sits on the western tip of Singapore, and is the nation’s last remaining lighthouse resembling those you’d see in Australia. For a truly quiet and peaceful venture into the outskirts, head over here for a rejuvenating time; don’t forget to grab your camera to capture some stunning shots.

Address: 10 Tuas West Dr, Singapore 638404

11. Changi Boardwalk

changi boardwalk photoshoot locations in singapore

Image credit: alantankenghoe

Situated on the northeastern tip of Singapore, Changi Boardwalk is a favourite nature spot for residents of the area. Perfect for walking along during sunrise or sunset, it’s clear why it’s one of the best vantage points and photoshoot locations in Singapore.

Image credit: jEd dC

Above all, you’ll need to know where to walk depending on what you wish to see. Luckily, Changi Boardwalk is divided into four segments, each with different names and purposes:

  1. Sunset walk – as the name suggests, best for sunset shots.
  2. Kelong walk – this path is reminiscent of the ‘kelong days’ with kelong stilts scattered across the waters.
  3. Cliff walk – perfect if you want to capture the panoramic views of the coast as you walk through lush greenery.
  4. Sailing Point walk – for a vast and endless view of the sea.

Address: 7A Gosport Rd, Singapore 509710

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12. Little Guilin

photoshoot locations in singapore little guilin

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Little Guilin is Bukit Batok‘s most popular nature reserve. Besides its calming, picture-perfect oasis, did you know that Little Guilin derives its name from its natural formation — reminiscent of the granite rock formations in Guilin, China?

little guilin

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Even if you don’t intend on taking pictures, there’s nothing like spending a few quiet moments in this stunning place. Just imagine relaxing on the lawn with the warm sunshine and basking in the panoramic views of the quarry

Address: Bukit Batok Town Park, Bukit Batok East Ave 5, Singapore 650242

13. Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant & Public Space

A newer addition to the list of public parks in Singapore, the Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant & Public Space is leading the game in being Singapore’s first truly green and car-free zone. The nearest car park is a 10-minute walk away, where its only access is via the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network on foot or bicycle (i.e. no cars are allowed anywhere nearby!). Thus, this spot comes highly recommended if you’re craving a photoshoot location away from the chaos and rush of city life.

Address: 1 Marina East Drive, Singapore 029996

14. The Lawn @ Marina Bay

the lawn marina bay

Image credit: Google Street View

This open field is located in Singapore’s Central Business District, and is one of the quieter public spaces you can find in this area! Therefore, with uninterrupted views of some of Singapore’s most iconic attractions, every angle is a scenic backdrop for the perfect photoshoot.

Address: 8A Marina Blvd, Singapore 018984

15. Kampong Lorong Buangkok

kampong buangkok

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Famous for being Singapore’s last remaining kampong (village), this humble area is perfect for venturing for a step back to the nation’s past. Built in 1956, it’s no wonder that Kampong Lorong Buangkok is one of the most unique photoshoot locations in Singapore; it’s also a popular filming site!

singapore's last kampung

Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Address: Entrance near Gerald Drive

16. Lawn outside Marina Square

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Address: Junction of Raffles Link and Raffles Avenue

Alleyways of murals that make for vibrant photoshoot locations in Singapore

17. Tanjong Pagar/Chinatown

Firstly, this area is perhaps most known for its alleyways of colourful murals! Although there are many others to be uncovered, here are just a couple that we’ve found:

Mohamed Ali Lane

Image credit: Google Maps

3 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089111

photoshoot locations in Singapore keong saik

Image credit: Google Maps

95 Amoy Street, Singapore 069915

18. Little India

Secondly, Little India features an array of streets with murals that pay homage to the cultural importance of its location.

40 Clive Street, Singapore 209784

photoshoot locations in Singapore little india

Image credit (L-R): Francisco Anzola; cattan2011

6 Belilios Lane, Singapore 219954

photoshoot locations in Singapore little india

Image credit: cattan2011

67 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219189

little india murals

Image credit: Mark Gunn

19. Kampong Glam

Thirdly, Kampong Glam is one of the best places in Singapore to explore on foot! This area features car-free streets of boutique stores, authentic Malay and Middle Eastern cuisine, and vibrant street art. Thus, do expect to spend a few hours walking along its beautiful streets.

Arab Street

photoshoot locations in Singapore arab street

Image credit (L-R): Thyla Jane; Severinus Dewantara

Haji Lane

photoshoot locations in Singapore haji lane

Image credit: rigel

20 Aliwal St, Singapore 199911

20. Boat Quay Underpass

Yes, the famous drinking and clubbing spot of Singapore actually features this pedestrian-friendly underpass. However, not many people know that it’s a popular photo spot in Singapore, but we’re here to shed some light on it!

Image credit: Joshua Tsu

21. Queen Street

photoshoot locations in Singapore murals

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Queen Street is known for being the centre of indie art galleries and performing houses. Thus, it’s no surprise that the walkways here are paved with vibrant murals depicting the Singaporean lifestyle, perfectly befitting its area!

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Address: 223 Queen St, Singapore 188533

22. Armenian Street

Along Armenian Street, you’ll find the former Peranakan Museum and SMU Law Campus. Furthermore, it’s home to numerous photogenic spots, one of which is the alley behind The Substation.

photoshoot locations in Singapore armenian street

Image credit: Cassandra Nerva

Address: 45 Armenian St, Singapore 179936

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To sum up, there are truly a myriad of photoshoot locations in Singapore! From picturesque neighbourhoods to scenic parks and streets of murals, it’s time to explore these underrated gems to add a lovely variety to your collection.

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