4 Elusive Pokemon That You Die Die Cannot Catch in Singapore

4 Elusive Pokemon That You Die Die Cannot Catch in Singapore

Be the very best trainers by catching all these elusive Pokemon – even if they are halfway across the world.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering where to find the last missing few Pokémon from your collection, chances are, they simply can’t be found here in Singapore. Sure, you might get them from a hatched egg, but it’s going to take plenty of luck to do so!

If you’re looking to prove to be the very best out of the other trainers here, it’s probably time to travel overseas and start tracking down these elusive ones. 

Anyway, what better reason to travel than Pokémon, right?

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1. Tauros

Image credit: Pokémon Wiki

This bull-like Pokémon is native to the North American continent, where local players have commonly seen it turn up on their phone screens.

Populated areas such as Central Park in New York City are great places to land your first capture of a wild Tauros while doing a little sightseeing! There are plenty of other things to do while waiting, such as going on a bike tour, watching a street performer or even taking a horse carriage ride!

Daytona Beach in Florida is also another location that trainers should check out. Historically known for their association with motorsports and NASCAR, the beach is also known for miles of pale sand and clear ocean waters! It’s the perfect place for long walks and relaxation, while you await the appearance of your four-legged quarry.

There are also rumours that Tauros tend to appear in rodeo-related areas. It’s a sketchy source, but if you’re interested in the idea of watching cowboys and cowgirls wrangle against real bulls, you should definitely check out a rodeo show at Wyoming, South Dakota or Texas. The sight of a professional rider easily taming a raging bull might get you blushing in embarrassment for struggling on your virtual capture!

2. Kangaskhan

Image credit:Pokémon Wiki

If you’ve seen a Kangaskhan before, it’ll be pretty obvious where this Pokémon would be most commonly found. This kangaroo-like creature can be found in Australia and rumoured to be in its nearby countries as well, such as New Zealand and New Guinea.

However, it’s not as simple as waltzing in and throwing a Poké Ball in the first five minutes while you’re in town! Even to locals, it’s rare to even spot a Kangaskhan, so you’ll need to exercise plenty of patience and pay extra attention to your phone screen.

One good place to check out is the Sydney Opera House, where many players have reported encountering and capturing Kangaskhans. The nearby Pokéstops also have permanent lures, meaning that your chances of encountering one would be much higher.

In the meantime, however, you should definitely explore the  city! The spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city skyline is something straight out from the movies. 

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is another place where players can try their luck at, with the high number of Pokéstops and lures available. Local fans have also reported seeing wild Kangaskhans appearing on their trackers as well, which brings it down to an individual’s patience and luck. So relax, wander around the beautifully kept gardens, and enjoy the calming lush greenery as you wait!

3. Mr. Mime

Image credit: Pokémon Wiki

This Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon can be found in most parts of Europe. Players have encountered Mr. Mime during their adventures, especially in crowded cities and parks around the region. However, similar to Kangaskhan, it’s not going to be a simple bag and tag expedition. Even the local fans are having a hard time tracing down its exact location, so stay alert!

There’s no better place to start your hunt than Paris! This tourist country is often associated with stereotypical French street mimes, and is a probable bet that you can find virtual ones as well. The best places to hook up for a Mr. Mime catch would be hot tourist spots, where there are plenty of Pokéstops and active lures. The Eiffel Tower and the Luxembourg Gardens are good spots to camp while enjoying a little scenery!

The city of London is also home to a population of Mr. Mimes! Local players have bumped into this Pokémon at populated areas, with many encounters occurring at the Tate Britian. This art museum showcases an era of Britsh artistry that would appeal to those with an appreciation of culture, which would probably explain why a mime Pokémon would be hanging out here!

Others, however, have mentioned that waiting by the various Pokéstop lures at the Tower of London would be a safer bet. Especially since developer Niantic recently rolled out an update that apparently scrambled the Pokémon locations, it’s better to lie in and wait for a Mr. Mime to pop up rather than going on a wild goose chase. 

4. Farfetch’d

Image credit: Pokémon Wiki

This peculiar duck Pokémon is rumoured to reside exclusively in Asia, especially in Japan. Reports suggest that Farfetch’d sightings usually occur in populated city districts and nearby parks. Fortunately, it’s one of the easier region-exclusive Pokémon to track down, so rejoice!

If you’re set on capturing one for yourself, your best bet is to head to Tokyo to begin your search. The Shinjuku district is the perfect place to nab a Farfetch’d while doing a little shopping and food sampling. The sheer number of departmental stores and eateries here will keep you entertained for sure; just remember to check your phone screen while wolfing down that second bowl of ramen!

The Imperial Palace is another hotspot for Farfetch’d activity, with a vast garden area that attracts all kinds of Pokémon to the venue. Consider taking a guided tour while you’re here and take in the wonderful sights as you walk along the palace grounds. Depending on the month, you might even get to witness cherry blossoms. It’s an experience that’s definitely worthwhile, even if you can’t find your target!

Ueno Park is a decent place to check out as well, with plenty of Pokéstops scattered around. It is also a favourite haunt by local trainers. With the lures constantly refreshed, you’ll have a higher chance of running into a Farfetch’d and other rare Pokémon. Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings when you’re swiping your phone for that capture, else you’ll fall into the nearby Shinobazu Pond!

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Unfortunately, there are a few Pokémon that are still unavailable or have yet to be discovered by anyone. This includes the legendary bird trio: Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos, the shape-shifting Ditto, and the last two Pokédex entries: Mewtwo and Mew. The closest that anyone has gotten to seeing one in existence is screenshots and videos from an apparent Articuno owner in Ohio.

However, Niantic has confirmed in interviews and panels that they would eventually release it. Fans have speculated that there would be public events staged around the world, similar to their previous mobile game, Ingress, which hosted ‘Anomalies’ that required players to complete group objectives across the globe.

Image credit: Movie Pilot

This can be further seen in one of the trailers, where a scene of Pokémon trainers in a packed Times Square battle against a Mewtwo and break into a cheer when the digital screens flash after a successful capture. Many feel that this is a clue, suggesting that trainers will likely need to work together to battle a legendary Pokémon and get a chance at capturing one.

If the rumours are true, then be prepared! If you’re determined on completing the Pokédex and claiming the local throne as the best Pokémon trainer, you’ll need to travel far and wide to participate in these future events.

Image credit: PC Advisor

Has this list inspired you to pack your bags and prepare for a trainer’s journey? Do remember that the eggs you hatch still have a chance on giving you a region-locked Pokémon as well! There’s still a way on collecting these Pokémon for those who are insistent about staying in the country.

Do remember that the eggs you hatch still have a chance on giving you a region-locked Pokémon as well! There’s still a way on collecting these Pokémon for those who are insistent about staying in the country.

Of course, if the idea of a cross-country Pokémon capture trip excites you, then by all means! After all, the core of the game focuses on travelling and exploring. Go out there for an epic holiday and be the first one to boast an (almost) full Pokémon collection when you return home!

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Do you know of any other Pokémon that are available overseas? Do let us know!  

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