20 Reasons Why Travelling to Singapore is a Total Waste of Time

20 Reasons Why Travelling to Singapore is a Total Waste of Time

Travelling to Singapore? Meh, just give it a miss.

I’ve heard it many times. Travellers on their first journey to Asia, excited about exploring Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. It seems like they are covering every country in Southeast Asia but… where is Singapore on this list?

“Oh, yeah, we’ll have a layover in Singapore. Heard that the airport is great!”

Oh, there it is! They will have a taste of Singapore after all. I mean, that’s the best thing you can experience in Singapore, isn’t it? Changi Airport, the world’s best airport.

What else is there in Singapore anyway, and what is awesome about Singapore anyway?

1. It’s not like Singapore has any culture

Image Credit: Flee

2. There’s also barely any history to discover since it’s such a young nation #SG50

Image Credit: Jean-François Chénier

3. Everything in Singapore is so bloody expensive

Image Credit: tmgcatering

4. Plus their coffee selection is limited

5. They even speak to you in weird languages and don’t get it when you order iced tea

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6. To make it worse, you will get fined for the silliest things

Image Credit: Andrea Schaffer

7. Singapore’s just a boring city of concrete after all

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8. No colours, just grey

Image Credit: William Cho

9. No character, no personality

Image Credit: Choo Yut Shing

10. Just buildings after buildings after buildings

Image Credit: tuper misc

11. For an island, their beaches sure are disappointing

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12. The parties are MEH

Image Credit: Thomas Tan

13. The people are so busy working they don’t have a life

Image Credit: chuwasg

14. And the children are miserable because they study all day

Image Credit: Teddy-rised

15. There is absolutely nothing in Singapore that is impressive

Image Credit: Jurvis Tan

16. Changi Airport is really not worthy of any award

17. The city’s obsession with cleanliness is just bordering unhealthy

Image Credit: NEA

18. Even though their trains are absolutely run-down

Image Credit: Mark Juan

19. Animals are just dying in the zoo

Image Credit: Restless mind

20. To top it off, Singapore’s food is totally CRAB

Image Credit: Ammom Beckstrom

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So why bother?

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