15 Best Beaches in Asia for Summer: From Philippines to Korea!

15 Best Beaches in Asia for Summer Travel

Get ready for a summer break to remember!

Summer is approaching and this means it’s time to start looking for the beach getaway of your dreams. When monsoon rains let up and temperatures rise, sandy shores turn into sun-soaked havens. Whether you’re into swimming, surfing, or just sprawling on the sand, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the best beaches in Asia to step into paradise on Earth. 

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Most beautiful beaches in Asia to visit this summer

1. White Beach – Boracay, Philippines

best beaches in asia

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Boracay’s White Beach is famous for a reason. As its name suggests, this beach in the Philippines is four surreal kilometres of powdery, chalk-white sand. If you’re not a strong swimmer, don’t worry. The calm waters of White Beach deepen gradually, making them ideal for a leisurely dip. 

white beach

Image credit: Deortiz

This is easily one of the busiest beach destinations in Asia, lined with many restaurants, resorts, bars, and shops. The beach is divided into three stations: Station 1 is where the luxury resorts are located; Station 2 is packed with shops, restaurants, and mid-range resorts; and Station 3 is a quiet area with many budget hotels and a few bars. There are no barriers between the three stations. You can wander from one end of the beach to the other and check out the unique vibe of each area. 

2. Pantai Cenang – Langkawi, Malaysia

langkawi beach

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Pantai Cenang Beach is a dreamy slice of tropical paradise in Langkawi, Malaysia. This two-kilometre stretch of white sand is dotted by coconut trees, lush rainforests, and a cliff on its south side. Pantai Cenang is definitely one of the best beach destinations in Asia for those who can’t sit still. 

Kiosks along its shoreline offer all kinds of water sports such as sailing, surfing, boat rides, paragliding, and banana boating. If you just want to unwind, you can rent a beach chair from one of the resorts on the beach and soak in the sun’s glorious rays all day. 

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3. Pink Beach – Komodo Island, Indonesia

best beaches in asia

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Komodo Island isn’t just notable for its komodo dragons. Check out the island’s Pink Beach, which owes its romantic hue to washed-up foraminifera, microscopic red organisms that live in coral reefs. Surrounded by rainforest, the beach is an idyllic escape nestled in the majestic Komodo National Park

The fastest way to get to this secluded gem is to take a speedboat from the town of Labuan Bajo, Flores. Thankfully, Labuan Bajo has an airport that regularly receives flights from major destinations in Indonesia like Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya. There is another pink beach on the neighbouring Padar Island, so you can visit two pink beaches in one trip. 

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4. Koh Poda Beach – Krabi, Thailand

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Image credit: Vyacheslav Argenberg

Koh Poda is a small island in Krabi that’s popular among day-trippers for its picturesque beach. You can reach this tiny isle in Thailand by taking a boat from Ao Nang town or booking an island-hopping tour from a travel agency. There’s only one hotel here, which means that this beach is less touristy than the more developed ones in Krabi. 

Arrive early on the island and spend the day swimming, snorkelling, or just taking in the magnificent scenery. Surrounding islands like Koh Kai and Koh Tub are visible from Koh Poda, and will serve as eye-catching backdrops in your photos. 

Note: Visitors have to pay an entrance fee of ฿400 (~S$15.50), a small price to pay to experience one of the best beaches in Asia. 

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5. Dalawella Beach – Southern Province, Sri Lanka

sri lanka beach

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Sri Lanka is home to plenty of gorgeous beaches but Dalawella Beach is arguably the most stunning among them. Get there this summer to enjoy golden sand, aquamarine waters, and the sight of adorable turtles swimming around you. The beach has a dramatic slab of rock, known as Wijaya Rock, which protrudes into the sea. Climb on top of it to snap some IG-worthy shots that’ll make your friends jealous. 

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6. Bai Sao Beach – Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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Vietnam’s Phu Quoc island is fast gaining a reputation as one of the best beach destinations in Asia. Bai Sao Beach features seven kilometres of dazzling white sand along Phu Quoc’s southern tip that will melt away your worries. It tends to get crowded during the peak season, but you can still find quiet spots to relax at the south and north ends of the beach. Most visitors are drawn to the centre of the beach which holds many water sports facilities and eateries.

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7. Saracen Bay – Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

saracen bay

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When thinking of the best beaches in Asia, Cambodia doesn’t usually come to mind. However, the islands off Sihanoukville in Southwest Cambodia boast beaches that can rival the tourist magnets of neighbouring countries. One of the finest beaches here is Saracen Bay, a crescent arc of pristine white sand facing the east. The sunrise here is worth getting up early for, so start your day with a beach stroll as the rising sun paints the sky and sea in brilliant reds. 

Afterwards, dive into turquoise waters to discover the bay’s teeming marine life. Scuba diving and snorkelling are available at the centre located in the middle of the bay. In addition, you can take a 40-minute walk through the jungle to get to Lazy Beach, named one of the “Top 21 Beaches in the World” by National Geographic. 

8. Woljeongri Beach – Jeju, Korea

Jeju Island has no shortage of awesome beaches, being the quintessential summer destination in South Korea. If you only have time to visit one, come to Woljeongri Beach. The cyan waters, black volcanic rock, and sparkling vanilla sands here will take your breath away. 

Along the beach, there are many hip cafes where you can snap eye-popping photos and appreciate the sea view. Families will be delighted to know that Woljeongri’s shallow waters are ideal for their little ones. 

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9. Puka Beach – Boracay, Philippines

best beaches in asia

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Puka Beach is one of the best beaches in Asia to chill out and recharge. There aren’t any restaurants or bars along the beach, which means that it’ll be just you and Mother Nature under the sun. Mixed into its sand are puka shells in many colours, shapes, and sizes. The sand here isn’t as fine as the sand on the previously mentioned White Beach. But if you want a serene place to bask in Boracay’s natural beauty, then this is the place to be. 

10. Weligama Beach – Southern Province, Sri Lanka

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Dream of being a surfer but don’t know where to start? For your next beach vacation in Asia, head to Sri Lanka’s Weligama Beach, an oasis for beginner surfers. The beach curves along a bay that reaches far inland, forming gentle waves and forgiving surf breaks. 

You can rent boards and book lessons from surf schools along the beach, and buy any supplies you may need from nearby surf shops. In the vicinity, there are also surf camps that provide accommodation, surfing, and yoga classes. 

11. Bophut Beach – Koh Samui, Thailand

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Bophut Beach is a dream trip for travellers who want to do some shopping while soaking up the sun and sea. This cream-coloured beach in Koh Samui is right next to Fisherman’s Village, an area with many eateries and stores housed in wooden shophouses. 

At the village, you can buy souvenirs such as bowls carved from coconuts and beach kaftans (a light outer garment). A bustling night market is held here on Mondays and Fridays from 5 to 11pm. Drop by the market to experience the lively atmosphere and buy refreshing fruit juices, local food, and cheap clothes. 

12. Miho no Matsubara – Shizuoka City, Japan

miho beach

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Not impressed by white, gold, and pink sands? Step onto otherworldly black sands at Miho no Matsubara (Miho Beach), where the shores are lined with pine trees and boast a view of Mount Fuji. This is among the best beaches in Asia for travellers seeking something different. The black volcanic sand juxtaposed with Mount Fuji’s pale blue body and snowy peak will make for a one-of-a-kind beach holiday. 

miho pic

Hagoromo-no-Matsu (left) and Hiroshige’s print of Miho Beach (right) | Image credit (L-R): Shizuoka Tourism Official Website, Utagawa Hiroshige

Another notable sight here is the Hagoromo-no-Matsu, a revered pine tree believed to be over 200 years old. According to legend, a fisherman once found the robe of an angel hanging from the tree. He stole the robe and returned it after receiving a dance from the angel. 

Shrouded in myth and blessed with astounding beauty, it is no wonder that the beach has served as a muse for great artists. Ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige famously depicted the view of Mount Fuji from Miho beach in his woodblock prints. You’ll see why it inspired him and other artists if you travel there this summer. 

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13. Mawun Beach – Lombok, Indonesia

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Mawun Beach on Lombok Island is for travellers looking for a peaceful summer in Asia. This beach lies a 1.5-hour drive from Mataram City and a 20-minute drive from Kuta City. It is less developed than most beaches in Lombok, so you won’t find many shops and restaurants here. However, its rustic state is part of the appeal. 

Rent a vehicle and bring your own picnic to enjoy what Mawun Beach has to offer: crystal-clear waters, clean sands, and dramatic hills rising above the bay. As the beach is shielded by headlands, the waves are gentle and suitable for swimming. 

Some tourists have tried to climb the hills surrounding Mawun Beach for the awe-inspiring views. This is dangerous due to the lack of proper trails. One more thing to note is the Rp 10,000 (~$S0.90) entry fee for visitors on scooters. 

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14. Palolem Beach – Goa, India


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One of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, Palolem Beach in Goa has something for every kind of beachgoer. Families who want to take it slow can camp out on the north side of the beach, which has placid waters safe for children. On the south side, the waves are rougher and draw visitors interested in surfing, kayaking, and other water sports. 

leopard valley

Leopard Valley | Image credit: Leopard Valley Official Facebook Page

When the sun goes down, you can dance the night away at exciting clubs in the area. A 15-minute drive away from Palolem Beach, Leopard Valley is a nightclub known for its laser light shows, pyrotechnics, and skilled DJs. Another clubbing hotspot is Silent Noise, a club that plays a wide variety of music including disco, hip-hop, techno, and rock. 

15. Jeongdongjin Beach – Gangneung, South Korea

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Jeongdongjin Beach will give you the experience of going to the beach without the hassle. The beach holds the world record for the closest train station to a beach. Take a train from Seoul Station, and two hours later, you’ll step out onto peach-coloured sand. 

Jeongdongjin’s claim to fame is its sunrise scenery. Crowds of locals flock to the beach on New Year’s Day to celebrate the Jeongdongjin Sunrise Festival. The sandglass at the beach’s Sandglass Park is one of the biggest in the world and it takes a whole year for the sand inside it to run down. On New Year’s Eve, the sunglass is turned to celebrate a fresh start. 

rail bike

Jeongdongjin rail bike | Image credit: Korea Tourism Official Website

Other attractions at Jeongdongjin Beach include the Jeongdong-Simgok Badabuchae-gil Trail, where you can get unrivalled views of the sea and Sun Cruise Resort, a cruise-shaped hotel perched on a cliff. To chill with your BFF, pedal a rail bike together while taking in the refreshing sea breeze and coastal scenery. 

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Now that we’ve come to the end of our list, you should have realised that the best beaches in Asia offer much more than sun and sand. Jaw-dropping landscapes, thrilling water sports, and flourishing wildlife await those who hit these incredible beaches. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Luckily, spring isn’t over yet and there’s still time to plan a beach holiday this summer. Why not start today? 

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