9 Wine Regions in Asia Every Wine Lover Must Explore

9 Wine Regions in Asia Every Wine Lover Must Explore

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Wine is truly one of the world’s first great discoveries. Who would’ve thought that grape juice and a little fermentation could open the door to a new landscape of flavours and sensations? From red wines to white wines and everything in between, some people spend a lifetime discovering the pleasures of this ancient beverage.

Almost half of the world’s total wine production owes its thanks to countries like France, Italy, and Spain. Generations have been spent mastering winemaking in these regions, which usually puts their wines front and centre on any wine lover’s wishlist.

Unbeknownst to most, however, several Asian countries also have a long tradition of winemaking, and they’ve got the vintages to show for it. It’s time to broaden your scope as an oenophile (that’s fancy talk for wine lovers) and explore these wine regions in Asia!

1. Taunggyi, Shan State – Myanmar

wine regions asia

Panoramic view of the Aythaya Vineyard | Image credit: Aythaya Vineyard Official Website

Enter Myanmar’s local wine scene at Aythaya Vineyard; this is Myanmar’s first local vineyard, established in 1999. It was an enterprise kicked off by a man named Bert Morsbach, and some fellow wine enthusiasts. Aythaya is located near Taunggyi and specialises in Western-style wines. 

The land’s altitude of 1,200 metres provides the ideal conditions for the craft of winemaking. Besides Aythaya’s signature vines, its location in the Shan State of Myanmar makes it part of the south Himalayas. Popular attractions nearby include the picturesque Inle Lake and the elaborate Kakku Pagodas.

Another popular winery in Myanmar within the same region is the Red Mountain Estate Vineyards & Winery. It’s renowned for making some of the best wines in Myanmar from locally grown grapes. Tourists flock to Red Mountain Estate to enjoy the sweeping views of the vineyard overlooking Inle Lake. Red Mountain Estate is famous for a wide variety of creations, including Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Petit Grain, Pinot Noir, and Tempranillo. Myanmar definitely has one of the more interesting wine regions Asia has to offer.

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2. Khao Yai – Thailand

Image credit: GranMonte Vineyard and Winery Official Facebook Page

Refined and delicious wines flow out of Thailand’s Khao Yai region, a landscape of mountains and green valleys, which is also home to the Khao Yai National Park. In this wine region of Asia, you’ll find the GranMonte winery, which was founded in 1999 by Visooth and Sakuna Lohitnavy. The name ‘GranMonte’ loosely translates to ‘big mountain’, inspired by the highlands of Khao Yai.

The environment and temperature create the perfect microclimate for growing high-quality grapes for winemaking, despite Thailand’s natural tropical weather. 

GranMonte sits 350 metres above sea level and produces Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, Semillon, Verdelho, Durif, and Grenache. Grapes and tannins aside, the winery Manor House sits amidst a tranquil pond and garden. The on-site VinCotto Restaurant pairs must-try Western and Thai dishes with exquisite wines.

3. Bali – Indonesia

wine regions asia

Image credit: Hatten Wines Official Facebook Page

Bali is a wine region in Asia that’s famous for a wealth of vacation-friendly activities – including exploring the local vineyard! If you’re an oenophile in Indonesia, be sure to check out Bali’s Hatten Wines. Whether it’s their pink and citrusy Bali Rosé or the sweet, dry Bali White, the bottles at Hatten are crafted with a blend of modern and traditional French techniques.

The magic of Hatten Wines happens at the Sanggalangit Vineyard. Treat yourself to a magnificent view of its rolling hills from the observation deck while taking your taste buds on a tour of Indonesia’s finest wines. There’s no better place for it!

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4. Nashik, Maharashtra – India

Image credit: Sula Vineyards Official Facebook Page

Nashik is an ancient, holy city in the state of Maharashtra, India. This sacred place has ties to the epic Ramayana poem and also happens to be home to one of the most prolific wine regions in Asia. Sula Vineyards was established in 1996 by Rajeev Samat, a sprawling premise that includes two luxury boutique accommodations in addition to the rolling vineyards.

A specialty of Sula Vineyards is the Dindori Reserve Shiraz, a wine barrel-aged in American oak. It exudes powerful, intense flavours of berries and vanilla, pairing beautifully with meat dishes like mutton biryani, kebabs, and lamb roast. The winery is also known to offer wine stomping for guests who visit during the harvesting months of January to March.

Besides that, you should consider visiting Charosa Vineyards too. Also located in Nashik, they were the first winery in India to use open-tank fermenters to increase the quality of their wine production.

5. Yamanashi Prefecture – Japan

wine regions asia

Image credit: Chateau Mercian Official Facebook Page

The art of winemaking in Japan was born in Yamanashi Prefecture and has been going strong for the past 150 years, making it one of the older wine regions Asia has. Koshu, a signature grape indigenous to Japan, is grown along the mountainous parts of the region and is perfect for making crisp, refreshing wines. Yamanashi’s wineries have the chops to compete with some of the best in the world, and a good place to explore wines here is Château Mercian.

With an origin dating back to 1877, Mercian has established wineries not only in Yamanashi prefecture, but also in the Nagano, Fukushima, and Akita prefectures. This Japanese winery is no stranger to awards and accolades, having won many over the years, including “Winery of the Year” at the 2016 Asian Wine Review. 

It has four speciality wines; the blended wines of Jyonohira Vineyard in Katsunuma, the Chardonnay and Merlot of Mariko Vineyard of Nagano Prefecture, the Château Mercian Niitsuru Chardonnay of Fukushima Prefecture, and the Château Mercian Omori Riesling 2008 from the Akita Prefecture.

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6. China

Image credit: @taoarchitects | Instagram

China holds the honour of being one of the biggest wine regions in Asia, as well as one of the largest wine-consuming countries in the world. The best wine-producing regions here are Yinjiang, Liaoning, Ningxia, and the Penglai Peninsula

It’s no surprise then that China’s oldest (and largest) wine producer, Changyu, owns over 35,000 hectares of vineyards in these lands. Ningxia is also home to the Jade Vineyard, which won the “Best Red” award for its 2014 Aria Cabernet Sauvignon at the 2017 Asian Wine Review.

7. Lebanon

Image credit: Château Ksara Official Facebook Page

Lebanon is one of the oldest wine-making countries in the world. Wine lovers from all over the world should journey here at least once to visit the Beqaa Valley, home to the major wines of Lebanon. Begin your wine tour at Château Ksara, one of the first wineries in Lebanon that’s famed for producing the nation’s first dry red wine. 

This winery is also home to the IXSIR Restaurant, so make sure to stop by for amazing pairings of local wines with Lebanese cuisine. Other local wineries you can also check out are Domaine des Tourelles (1868), Château Heritage (1888), and Châteaux Musar (1930). Make sure to add this wine region in Asia to your list!

8. Dalat – Vietnam

wine regions asia

Dalat, Vietnam’s wine country | Image credit: GoodOlga via Canva Pro

The Dalat region in Vietnam is undergoing a winemaking renaissance, and you should absolutely be there for it! The high-altitude vineyards in this region, alongside the temperate climate, make it perfect for the cultivation of wine grapes. An up-and-coming winery you can visit in Dalat is the Ladora Winery, which sits 1,600 metres above sea level. 

The wines here are aged in oak barrels, creating delectable flavour notes of smoke, vanilla, chocolate and leather that every wine aficionado simply must try. If you’re planning to visit Vietnam anytime soon, just remember it’s also one of many interesting wine regions Asia has to offer.

9. Yeongchon – South Korea

Wines from Daehyang Winery, Yeongcheon | Image credit: Daehyang Winery

A quiet city southeast of Seoul, Yeongcheon has been steadily reinventing itself into South Korea’s wine mecca in recent years. Originally, the city was known as a major producer of grapes, before foraying into the wine business sometime in 2007. 

Within 10 years, Yeongcheon was the proud home of over 60 wineries and was responsible for 35% of South Korea’s domestic wine production. The wine industry also contributes to Yeongcheon’s tourism drives, with visitors given opportunities to go on vineyard tours, grape tasting, and even wine-infused soap making.

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Oenophiles across the world spend their entire lives discovering and delighting themselves in the wonderful world of wine. With this list of wine regions in Asia, we hope that piqued your interest enough to join the club. Cheers!

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