10 Beaches in South Korea to Visit For a Fun-Filled Adventure

10 Beaches in South Korea to Visit For a Fun-Filled Adventure

Many of these are home to popular cultural festivals too!

Thanks to its acres of coastal waterfronts, the beaches of South Korea are a favourite destination for many in the summer! We’re talking about powdery white sand perfect for relaxing on, an aquatic playground for water sports, and an eclectic mix of restaurants in the vicinity to whet your appetite!

From the famous beaches of Gangwon and Busan, to the secluded ones at Korea’s southernmost towns, here are just some of the best coastal playgrounds to explore in the Land of Morning Calm when borders to South Korea reopen on 15 Nov 2021!

Beaches on Jeju Island

1. Jungmun Saekdal Beach

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At 560m long, Jungmun Beach calls Jeju Island its home. It’s a popular destination for travellers and locals alike, and is perfect for water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing. In the summer, a Beach Film Festival is even held here!

beaches in korea jungmun

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However, perhaps the most appealing part of Jungmun Beach is its sand, which boasts varying colours from black and brown to red and white. To top it off, the surrounding cliffs, caves, and eclectic variety of rare plants make this beach in Korea a truly picturesque sight!

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2. Hyeopjae Beach

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On the northwestern tip of Jeju Island lies Hyeopjae Beach, known for its acres of white sand and shallow turquoise waters. Thus, it’s superb for swimming or just splashing around in! Black basalt and seashells are also aplenty; so, even though you need to watch where you walk, it’s a scenic terrain that’s every bit Insta-worthy.

Hyeopjae Beach

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Moreover, the sunset views here are nothing short of breathtaking, with views of Biyangdo Island on the horizon. The popular Hallim Park is just a few minutes away too, perfect for a respite from the heat thanks to the abundant canopy of trees.

Beaches in Gangwon

3. Jeondongjin Beach

Jeondongjin Beach lies a few hours away from Gangwon city, and is known for offering spectacular sunrise views. Picture the sun rising over the ocean, with golden beams flooding the beautiful pine-covered landscape on the perimeter.

Fun fact: It’s one of the most popular beaches in Korea on New Years’ Day, when people gather to watch the sunrise! Throughout the rest of the year, Jeondongjin Beach offers a tranquil getaway for people who need some respite.

There is also a small alley near the beach’s railway station; for a true adventure, follow this trail towards the mountaintop for an unforgettable view. P.S. — It looks pretty stunning in the winter, too!

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4. Naksan Beach

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Naksan Beach stretches 4km along Korea’s northeastern coast in Gangwon. In the summer, the beach draws in crowds eager to catch a glance of the remarkable landscape.

naksana temple

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For instance, besides the crystal clear waters, the nearby Naksana Buddhist temple complex is accessible by a short hike from the beach. Over here, be treated to panoramic breathtaking views of the Sea of Japan while the gentle ocean breeze caresses your face.

5. Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach

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Gangwon’s Gyeongpo Beach is a 6km playground of sandy shores and crystal clear water! It’s also a popular summer destination with many restaurants and hotels in the area. Not to mention, the surrounding pine forests and wild rose bushes make this a nature-filled paradise, too!

Perhaps the biggest appeal of this South Korean beach are its festivals. Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom in the springtime, and is marked with The Festival of Cherry Blossoms. The summer months call for beach festivals and other sun-kissed events!

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Beaches in Busan

6. Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach

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Haeundae Beach in Busan is a favourite destination for many in the summer. Expect a lively atmosphere with waters that are perfectly safe for children and novice swimmers!

Aside from the numerous pavilions around, the bustling affair in the vicinity makes this one of the most popular beaches in Korea. From cultural festivals and partaking in traditional games, to soaking in the hot springs and feasting at the myriad of restaurants and street food vendors by the beachfront, many tourists recommend spending more than a day here. After all, with so much to see and do, one can easily see why!

7. Songjeong Beach

Songjeong Beach

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Songjeong Beach also lies on the southern coast of Korea in Busan. With its fine sand and shallow waters, this 1km coast is a sunny spot that’s ideal for family outings: You can even rent cute floats to take to the waters with your little ones!

On the other hand, fishing is also a popular activity here, along with the Harvest Full-Moon Seaweed Festival and Songjeong Beach Festivals in the summer!

Be that as it may, don’t forget to head to Songiljeong Pavilion, i.e. the best spot on Songjeong Beach to capture that scenic sunset over the horizon.

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Beaches in Korea’s coastal towns

8. Sangju Eunmorae Beach

Sangju Eunmorae Beach

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Sangju Eunmorae Beach is a C-shaped 2km stretch lining the southern coast of Korea. Think white sandy beaches and turquoise water bordered by dense groves!

Aside from the backdrop of Mount Geumsan, the many hotels and restaurants nearby make this beach a favourite spot in Namhae. And, we’re not just talking about unwinding with a barefoot walk along the powdery soft sand!

9. Jinha Beach

jinha beach

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The tranquil winds at this this secluded beach in Ulsan are perfect for water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing. On that note, even though Jinha Beach is only a kilometre long, it’s every a hidden gem that’s ideal for relaxing in without the crowds.

Furthermore, if you’d like to carry on the adventure, the nearby islands are popular fishing spots that offer impressive sunrise views!

10. Songho Beach

beaches in korea Songho Beach

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Songho Beach is Jeonam‘s most famous coastal wonderland. This part of South Korea boasts fine sand and shallow waters, making the beach a perfect family destination.

If you’re in search of a nice beach away from the crowds, travel to the southeastern tip to enjoy the serene and scenic landscape of Songho Beach. Plus, the surrounding dense pine forests make for an even more picture-perfect sight!

From bustling cities to tranquil towns, it’s easy to see why the beaches in Korea deserve a spot on our itinerary.

On that note, head over to our VTL 101 guide to find out how to book your South Korean holiday, so that you can explore these coastal playgrounds — and Korea’s many other marvellous sights — in time to come!

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