Singapore Remains Second Most Powerful Passport in the World

Singapore Remains Second Most Powerful Passport in the World

It has a score of 192 according to the Henley Passport Index!

Singapore’s passport remains the second most powerful in the world, just behind Japan. 

This is according to the Henley Passport Index Q2 2021 Global Ranking. It constantly grades the strength of passports by taking into consideration their visa-free access to a multitude of destinations all over the globe. 

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the index does not take into account temporary restrictions in place.

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Scores of the most powerful passports in the world

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Japan once again heads the list of the most powerful passports in the world. Citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun has visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 193 destinations. This is an increase from the previous 191.

Singapore came close with a score of 192. This means Singapore passport holders can visit 192 destinations without a prior visa. In the global index that was published in January, it only had access to 190 destinations. The two new destinations included for Singapore nationals are Oman and Iraq. 

South Korea and Germany came in third place. Both countries have a score of 191. 

Italy, Finland, Spain and Luxembourg bagged the fourth spot with a score of 190. 

Britain and the United States of America both hold a score of 187, placing them in the seventh spot.

China jumped from the 90th position to the 68th place with a score of 77 making it the biggest climber in the past decade. 

With blue skies ahead as countries flirt with the idea of travel bubbles, we may soon be able to use our passport for the purpose of international travel. 

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