14 Things to Do at Changi Airport — Aside from Shopping & Eating!

14 Things to Do at Changi Airport That Most Travellers Don’t Know About

This airport doesn’t just make you feel at home — it spoils you!

Remember that scene in Crazy Rich Asians where Rachel Chu raves about Singapore’s very own Changi Airport, and how it makes most Western airports (*cough* JFK *cough*) look despairing by comparison? For anyone who has had the pleasure of entering its hallowed halls, it’s definitely no exaggeration. Not only is it spacious and aesthetically pleasing, but there’s also an endless amount of attractions — some of which you wouldn’t even think you’d find at an airport! Is it any wonder that it’s consistently hailed as the World’s Best Airport for almost a decade now?

This airport doesn’t just make you feel at home — it spoils you! From amazing art installations and movie theatres to a rooftop pool and a gigantic waterfall, it’s certainly far from being the worst place to get stuck at (or simply spend hours on end). That said, we’ve rounded up the best things to do at Changi Airport, aside from eating and shopping! Some you’ve probably already heard of, while others aren’t so popular yet. 

Note: Some of these Changi Airport attractions might be temporarily closed due to the pandemic. 

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1. Check out the world-famous Jewel waterfalls

Image credit: William Chng via Canva Pro

How about a cool travel photo with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall as your background? Situated at the heart of Jewel Changi, the Rain Vortex is arguably the main event among Changi Airport attractions. It cascades down an impressive seven storeys that make for a stunning display. At nighttime, you’ll find an equally stunning light-and-sound show projected on the water. 

2. Conquer your fear of heights at Canopy Park

On the topmost floor of Jewel Changi is Canopy Park, where you can enjoy all sorts of recreation activities with views of the complex below. So, how about trying out the Sky Nets? One part is basically a massive suspended trampoline, while the other is a net-web made for walking (or crawling). 

things to do at Changi Airport

Image credit: Chris Putnam via Canva Pro

Although if you prefer something more straightforward, there’s also the Canopy Bridge, which has glass panel flooring and hovers 23 metres above the ground. This will also take you right in front of the waterfalls — how cool is that? 

3. Get lost in a maze or two

Prepare to be amazed by the mazes at the Jewel Canopy Park. (Yes, pun intended.) First up is the Hedge Maze: The largest indoor one in Singapore and utterly reminiscent of the ones in English manors. It eventually leads to a watchtower where you can experience even more panoramic views. On the other hand, there’s the Mirror Maze: composed of panels of reflectors in an evergreen setting as well as a kaleidoscopic chamber. Think of it as a non-creepy version of a circus funhouse! 

4. Take a leisurely stroll around different gardens

While waiting for your flight, why not immerse yourself in some of the most popular Changi Airport attractions? Given that the country has gained the moniker of ‘Garden City,’ it only makes sense that they show it off with an indoor wonderland of bloom-filled scenery. 

And the best part? There’s at least one garden in all four main areas: the Cactus Garden at Terminal 1; Sunflower Garden and Orchid Garden at Terminal 2; Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3; and the Petal Garden and Topiary Walk at Jewel Changi. 

5. Have an immersive time at Changi Experience Studio

Didn’t have time to go through most museums during your stay, or simply itching to see one more before you go? Then head over to Changi Experience Studio, a mini interactive museum centred on the history and operations of Changi Airport. From a singing garden to a virtual runway race with a Boeing 747, it’s practically a haven for kids and kids-at-heart! 

6. Experience the world’s tallest slide in an airport

In case you were wondering, The Slide@T3 (i.e., Terminal 3) measures a whopping 40 feet; that’s equivalent to four storeys! Clearly, not something you’d see every day (or in every airport, even). So, catch you on the other slide?

7. Go to a 24-hour cinema for free

Sure, you might have streaming apps on your phone to pass the time, but let’s be real — nothing beats watching something on a huge screen! But a free-of-charge airport cinema that shows the latest blockbusters, complete plush seats? Pretty sweet deal, if you’d ask us. That said, make your way to the Departure Transit Hall if you’re at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. 

8. Pass the time with video games

Image credit: Changi Airport Group

Calling all travelling gamers! At Terminal 2’s Entertainment Deck, you can enjoy a wide selection of PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox games for free. There’s also a LAN café if you prefer speedier Internet on your laptop. 

9. Take a dip in a rooftop pool

Weren’t able to check out the famous Marina Bay Sands pool? That’s okay because the Aerotel Transit Hotel (right above Terminal 1) has a rooftop pool and jacuzzi. It also has shower facilities and a 24-hour bar for all-out relaxation! Just remember to bring swimwear and extra clothes with you. Oh, and don’t worry — no need to book a stay in this hotel, since the entrance fee is just S$17! Although if you must, the pool access is definitely included in the room rate.

10. Take an airport staycation

things to do at Changi Airport

Image credit: IHG Official Website

Did your flight get delayed or do you simply have a relatively long layover? Either way, one of the best things to do at Changi Airport would definitely be checking in their own Crowne Plaza. There are rooms that come with a view of the airport runway and Jewel — how cool is that? 

things to do at Changi Airport

Image credit: IHG Official Website

The hotel pool is also great if you’d like to float along while gazing at both palm trees and the control tower. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day!

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11. Catch up on some zzz’s and get a free massage

Taking a nap at the airport isn’t exactly the most enticing part of travelling. But wait till you’ve tried the Snooze Lounges — A.K.A. one of the most relaxing things to do at Changi Airport! You can find these at all four terminals, too. There, you’ll find fully reclining lounge chairs as well as some massage chairs that you can enjoy for free. Just make sure to set an alarm! Wouldn’t want to miss your flight now, would you? 

12. Try out the fish spa

Image credit: Bernadette Eunice Baniqued via Canva Pro

A fish spa at an airport? Well, this is certainly one of the most unique Changi Airport attractions you can find! Head over to the Airport Wellness Oasis Lounge to soothe your tired feet with the help of ‘doctor fishes’ that feed on dead skin. They also offer traditional massages if you’d like something more comprehensive!

13. Take in some art and history

Who says you can’t add ‘getting cultured’ to your list of things to do at Changi Airport? Along with its state-of-the-art facilities is a wide array of art installations scattered across different terminals. That said, we definitely recommend taking the time to appreciate displays amid the fast-paced atmosphere. Some of the most notable ones include the Kinetic Rain at Terminal 1, A Million Times at Changi at Terminal 2, Crystal Garden at Terminal 3, and the Petalclouds and underpass murals at Terminal 4

14. Watch the planes go by

things to do at Changi Airport

Image credit: Changi Airport Group

The Viewing Malls at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 are great for plane-spotting while waiting for your flight! There, you can have a great view of the runway and all the aircraft that land or prepare for takeoff. Doesn’t matter whether or not you’re an aviation enthusiast, it certainly makes for a calming way to pass the time!

Also, there’s something poetic about watching all those planes come and go, don’t you agree? Plane-spotting could actually be meditative, if you’d ask us. 

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With all the many fun things to do at Changi Airport, it’s certainly a worthwhile travel experience on its own. Whether you’re there for a layover, before a flight, or after a trip abroad, we definitely recommend sticking around as long as possible. You won’t regret it! 

Featured image credit: monthirayodtiwong via Canva Pro

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