Exotic Restaurants in Singapore That Let Your Taste Buds Travel Instead

6 Exotic Restaurants in Singapore That Let Your Taste Buds Do The Travelling

Let your taste buds travel the world when you dine at these restaurants!
exotic restaurants singapore

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Time and again, we’ve heard up-and-coming themed cafes and restaurants with unique dishes. However, how many of them can actually take your taste buds on an international journey? With Singapore’s vast food scene, food trends may come and go. Don’t miss out on your chance to tantalise your taste buds with these exotic restaurants in Singapore. Even if we can’t travel at this present moment, we’ll let these unique eateries bring us on a gastronomic adventure instead! 

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1. Dumplings.ru

Dumplings, glorious dumplings! After 15 years living in Singapore, Russian couple Vadim Zoubovski and Alena Zubovska opened Dumplings.ru to give Singaporeans a taste of Russian-Ukraine cuisine. ‘People cannot travel, so they travel to try new food.’ Boy, are they spot on! From Russian dumplings, soups and salads, Dumplings.ru serves its authentic Russian-Ukraine cuisine at Maxwell Road at affordable prices. They even deliver frozen dumplings islandwide, so you won’t have to worry about missing out! 

If Russian-Ukraine food is up your alley, check out their menu here. Given its relatively undiscovered tastes in the local food scene, it would be worthwhile to broaden your gastronomic horizons and savour dumplings from this exotic restaurant in Singapore! You can also take on their myriad of soup varieties, considering that soup is traditionally eaten everyday in Russian culture.

2. Binomio Spanish Restaurante

Binomio Spanish Restaurante is the perfect place for friends, colleagues and families to come together for a hearty Spanish meal. Through contemporary design, elegance and style, Binomio bears trademarks of the Spanish restaurants we know and love in our past travels. Plus, the name ‘binomio’ in Spanish means ‘pair’ or ‘duo’. This extends to their concept of pairing their casual tapas bar and fine-dining area. You can float between the two areas for a wholesome Spanish dining experience, or simply if you’re looking to satiate your appetite! 

In addition to popular Spanish classics, you can indulge yourself in personal dishes prepared by the Chef. Guests can feast their eyes on the various colours, textures and appearances in their dish. The best part is that these dishes are made with the freshest ingredients, coupled with creative culinary skills and a well-designed presentation. Interested to see what dishes await? You can head over to their menu to see what’s in store for your visit here! 

3. Éla Restaurant

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Clean, earthy and cosy. These three words aptly summarise the layout at Halal-certified Éla restaurant in Bukit Batok. Calling themselves The Little Lost Greek Place, this establishment is inspired by the pristine Santorini in Greece. It’s no wonder that notions of a healthy diet, a family affair and authentic taste have combined to give you this gem in the West. 

By infusing key Greek flavours of peppers, oils, cheeses, citruses and grilled meat, Éla Restaurant hopes to share a taste of Greece on Singapore soil. Choose between burgers, wraps, pasta, pita pizza and of course, desserts! Moreover, you can get a sharing platter or even a dish for four pax. Complete your meal with some memorable photos of the restaurant’s layout too! Let your taste buds do the travelling at this exotic restaurant in Singapore! 

4. Lime House Caribbean

Lime House first opened its doors in 2013 and brought the world of ‘liming’, which means hanging out with friends, to Singapore. The restaurant is set in a four-storey shophouse in Chinatown’s Keong Saik belt, setting the atmosphere for guests to have a ball of a time with their friends. Tuck into fine-dining and casual Caribbean cuisine at Lime House, where Caribbean vibes get you settled in no time. At the heart of it, they wish to welcome you home to a safe space where you can kick back and revel in great company, rum and authentic food.

Some favourites to look forward to at Lime House include the Signature Jerk Chicken, Tribajam Curry Goat and Mac Balls. Armed with years of experience, let the team of professional bartenders and chefs bring out the best of Caribbean cuisine when you dine at Lime House. Leave your troubles at the door, because you best be ‘liming’ here!

5. Artichoke Restaurant

Artichoke is a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in the heart of Singapore’s Arts and Heritage district. Chef-owner Bjorn Shen is the mastermind behind this playful and creative restaurant, inspired by his favourite movie ‘You Don’t Mess With the Zohan’. He creates dishes that draw inspiration from traditional Middle-Eastern flavours, yet adds a kick that resembles Artichoke’s colourful personality. If you’re just looking to chill out with a drink, Turkish sodas, housemade Turkish tea and Sunday Punch cocktails are available too. 

For home cooks and self-declared Michelin chefs, Artichoke even released an exclusive cookbook. Unfortunately, it’s been sold out at the time of writing. Regardless, this merely reiterates Artichoke as a fun-loving, playful bunch pushing culinary boundaries to put their best food (pun intended) forward. 

6. boCHINche Restaurant

Last but not least, we’re going Argentinian. Chef Fabrice Mergalat founded this Argentinian gem in sunny Singapore after moving to Singapore in 2013. Get ready to experience bold Argentinian flavours alongside a gourmet market with products specially curated by Jacquet. 

For those who’ve never tried Argentinian cuisine before, prepare to have an explosion of rich flavours in your mouth. boCHINche believes in serving the best, and that’s also why their beef is carefully selected, grass-fed and imported directly from Argentina and Australia. A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ll let those slices of steak above speak for itself.

Eat to travel worldwide

exotic restaurants singapore

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We simply can’t wait to dig into the mouth-watering food at these places. With all these exquisite flavours, you could travel all over the globe just by dining at these exotic restaurants in Singapore. Here’s to reliving the best travel moments with these gastronomic gains! 


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