Plastic Bags to be Chargeable: Where To Get Reusable Bags in Singapore

Supermarkets to Charge for Plastic Bags: Where to Get Reusable Bags in Singapore

Find out where you can get trendy reusable bags in Singapore!

Supermarkets in Singapore are likely to begin charging customers for plastic bags in 2022. The move aims to encourage shoppers to use their own reusable bags instead. It will also prompt shoppers to use plastic bags purposefully. While the exact charge is not yet confirmed, details will be finalised in further discussions by the end of 2021. 

Plans for a charging model were announced by Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr. Amy Khor, at a workgroup earlier in April of the same year.

How the plastic bag charging model will work

Singapore’s plastic bag charging model will not only be based on similar successful models abroad. It will also account for local practices such as the use of plastic bags for garbage disposal in Singapore. 

However, Dr. Khor stressed that the issue of growing plastic waste is multifaceted and cannot be solved with this single move. Other ways to resolve the issue include greater public education, as well as the cooperation of retailers in reducing plastic packaging. 

While swapping out plastic bags for reusable bags is not the be-all and end-all, it is a start to Singapore’s efforts in saving the environment! 

Now, for the main question: Where can we get reusable bags in Singapore?

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Where to get reusable bags in Singapore

1. The Paper Bunny

The Paper Bunny is a homegrown brand that offers everyday pieces ranging from stationery to accessories. They stock a huge range of multi-coloured reusable bags in Singapore, with vibrant prints that are sure to make you stand out in the supermarket line. 

Price: S$16.90 for mini size, S$19.90 for regular size

Where to buy: Check out their stockists at or buy directly from the website.

2. IKEA 

Yes, IKEA has bags that come in other designs other than their iconic blue shopping bag. Get your hands on this net bag that comes in various colors. Fun fact: These bags keep your fruits fresh for longer because of the holes that allow for air circulation!

Price: S$4.90

Where to buy: IKEA Alexandra / IKEA Jurong / IKEA Tampines


The minimalist Japanese brand also carries reusable jute bags that are perfect for grocery shopping. Whether you’re visiting the supermarket for your weekly grocery shopping or simply popping by for a few items, the different sizes available are perfect for all occasions. 

Price: S$2.50 for B5, S$3 for A4, S$3.50 for A5

Where to buy: MUJI ION / MUJI Paragon / MUJI Raffles City / MUJI VivoCity / MUJI Tampines / MUJI Bugis Junction / MUJI 313@Somerset / MUJI Jewel Changi Airport

4. The Editor’s Market

The well-known brand Baggu is now stocked at local fashion brand The Editor’s Market. These durable bags hail from Brooklyn, New York, and have been popular ever since their launch in 2007. Small enough to fit in your pocket once folded, Baggu bags are a convenient go-to for reusable grocery bags.

Price: S$19

Where to buy: Check out the in-store availability on or buy directly from the website.

5. The Sustainability Project

Having started off as a sustainability blog, The Sustainability Project is now one of a few stores that sell only zero-waste products, including reusable bags in Singapore. Their produce bags are made from recycled plastic bags and function just like the disposable bags you see at the different supermarkets in Singapore.

Price: S$3.50 each, S$10 for a pack of 3, S$17 for a pack of 5

Where to buy: Buy it in-store at The Sustainability Project WCEGA Tower, or online at

6. Little Farms

Little Farms is a food market in Singapore specializing in fresh produce from all over the world. In 2020, they began charging for plastic bags at all their stores across Singapore. They carry a range of reusable bags, including Cotton Muslin produce bags. When you purchase a reusable bag from their store, Little Farms will also donate S$1 to AllClear (an organization that cleans Singapore’s waterways). 

Price: S$23.98 for 4 bags

Where to buy: Little Farms Katong Point / Little Farms Tanjong Pagar / Little Farms River Valley / Little Farms Holland Village / Little Farms Novena

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Now that you know where to get your reusable bags in Singapore, it’s time to ditch the plastic bags once and for all! Don’t wait for the plastic bag charge to kick in. Why not start now? 


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