15 Best Locations for Wedding Shoots in Singapore

15 Most Romantic Wedding Shoot Locations in Singapore

Find the perfect setting for your love story!

Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore can be a daunting task. Although there are plenty of romantic options, most have already become cliché. To find a picturesque place here that hasn’t been Instagrammed to death by lovebirds (engaged or not) is a tall order indeed. Well, don’t fret, because these stunning wedding shoot locations in Singapore might be just what you need to tell your unique love story. 

Whether you’re a local looking for hidden gems at home, or a foreigner dreaming of flying to Singapore for your wedding shoot, there’s bound to be a place here that’s perfect for you and your other half.    

Where to have an outdoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore

1. Jurong Lake Gardens

Jurong Lake Gardens is perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore. The vast fields of the park’s Lakeside Gardens form a lovely dreamscape with their cream-coloured flowers swaying in the wind. A lone tree with bare branches stands tall in the sea of grass, making for an arresting sight.

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Image credit: travel oriented

The park is also known for its Chinese Garden, which holds over 2000 pots of bonsai, elegant moon gates, and the majestic Cloud Piercing Pagoda. Couples going for East Asian-style wedding shoots in Singapore will have no shortage of photo opportunities here. 

There is also the Japanese Garden, which is the ultimate place to live out your anime fantasies, with its Japanese pagodas, stone paths, and arched bridges. However, it is currently closed as it is undergoing redevelopment. 

2. Upper Seletar Reservoir

wedding shoot locations in singapore

Image credit: Ko Zaw via Canva Pro

Upper Seletar Reservoir is a tranquil green space that is ideal for those who want a classic pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore. Its famous Seletar Wedding Tree makes a charming scene when photographed with the wooden park benches beside it and the reservoir in the background. Strike quirky poses like linking arms around the tree or leaning against it to get memorable pictures you’ll want to keep forever. 

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3. St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island

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Image credit: Jnzl’s Photos

Just a short ferry ride away from the mainland, St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island are serene waterfront retreats. These tiny islands might not have many tourist attractions, but they possess a quiet beauty that’s hard to find in Singapore. 

You won’t have to jostle with crowds of tourists here; just stroll along the islands’ idyllic beaches with your partner and relax. Don’t worry about the cool sea breeze messing up your hair a bit; your wedding photos will look even more stunning in a natural setting. 

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4. Punggol Ranch

Brides, your fiancé may not be a prince with a white horse, but he can definitely try looking like one at Punggol Ranch. Exuding a placid charm, the resort’s Gallop Stable is great for couples who want to experience a fairytale love story for a day. 

Here, you can ride through lush forest on a dashing horse, or feed adorable bunnies with your partner. Head to this bucolic piece of the English countryside in Singapore to unwind while taking romantic pictures you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

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5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens has many picture-perfect spots that make it a go-to location for wedding shoots in Singapore. The garden’s 150-year-old Heritage Tembusu Tree is featured on Singapore’s five-dollar note, and would be a fitting representation of your long-lasting love. Another favourite photo spot for newlyweds is The Bandstand, an elegant gazebo ringed by yellow rain trees. 

botanic gardens

(L-R); Curtain of roots; Sundial Garden | Image credit: Singapore Botanic Gardens Official Facebook Page

If you dread taking wedding photos that look like everyone else’s, head to some of the gardens’ secret spots that are enjoyed only by those in the know. One of them is the Frangipani Grove, where whimsical garden swings beckon couples to sit together and embrace under the shade of frangipani trees. Tucked away in a secluded corner, the Sundial Garden is another of the park’s best-kept secrets. This classical-style garden holds charming red-brick paths, serene lily ponds, and manicured shrubs arranged in a symmetrical layout. 

Lastly, the mystical curtain of roots outside the Botany Centre will make your photos look as though they were taken in a faraway land. This curtain is formed by the aerial roots of the princess vine: an exotic plant native to tropical America. 

Best locations for indoor wedding shoots in Singapore

6. National Museum

national museum of singapore

Image credit: Andrey Khrobostov via Canva Pro

With its striking Renaissance architecture, it’s no wonder that the National Museum is a popular location for an indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore. It houses sweeping staircases and refined black-and-white tiles reminiscent of a European palace. Arched windows that top the museum’s two rotundas also let in ample natural light, making it an ideal photography spot. The glass-domed rotunda is a new extension to the building and adds a modern touch to its classical charm.  

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7. Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel

Image credit: Chris Putnam via Canva Pro

The Raffles Hotel has been a symbol of elegance, class, and sophistication for over 130 years. This national icon was established in 1887 by the Sarkies brothers, and quickly became renowned for its high-quality service and state-of-the-art facilities. Over the years, the establishment has drawn illustrious guests, such as former President Suharto of Indonesia, Charlie Chaplin, and Rudyard Kipling. 

With its spacious verandahs, high ceilings, and gleaming marble floors, the Raffles Hotel is one of the most sought-after wedding shoot locations in Singapore. The clean white-and-black colonial architecture complements white wedding gowns and black suits, while the verdant palm trees in the hotel lawn embody a laid-back tropical aesthetic. 

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8. Gillman Barracks

The former residence of the British Army, Gillman Barracks is now a thriving art gallery and a popular spot for wedding shoots in Singapore. The building’s stately colonial architecture provides a minimalistic background for couples who believe simplicity is beauty. The stark white walls and sharp lines of the barracks will make the couple the star of the picture. 

To give your photos an old-world flair, try shooting at the barracks’ European restaurant, Masons. The verandah here radiates a vintage vibe with its black-and-white mosaic floor tiles and black latticed railings. 

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9. Jewel Changi

jewel changi - wedding shoot locations singapore

Image credit: Sreehari Devadas

Jewel Changi is a versatile pick for an indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore, with its blend of natural and built elements. Its iconic HSBC Rain Vortex allows couples to experience the spectacle of a waterfall without leaving the country. This seven-storey-high indoor waterfall plunges from a hole in Jewel’s glass ceiling, which lets in all the sunlight you need to take incredible photos. 

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10. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay offers a magical forest setting with the comfort of air-conditioning. In these gardens, you can pose among lush rows of exotic flowers without worrying about your makeup getting ruined. The complex’s Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and Floral Fantasy can be booked for both personal photography and wedding ceremonies. 

More unique wedding shoot locations in Singapore

11. Haji Lane

Haji Lane is a vibrant street in Kampong Glam filled with colourful murals, fashionable cafes, and indie boutiques. Being a hipster paradise, this narrow alley can get unbearably crowded at times. However, couples who come here when it’s not so packed will have plenty of unorthodox backdrops to choose from. 

The bold graffiti art that decks out the street’s 19th-century shophouses features Aztecs, futuristic robot cats, and even Ultraman. With their eye-popping designs, Haji Lane’s murals will satisfy couples who want something radically different. 

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12. S.E.A. Aquarium

An aquarium is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning wedding shoots in Singapore. However, the underwater wonderland at S.E.A. Aquarium offers a dreamy, one-of-a-kind setting that’s definitely worth considering. Surrounded by sharks, manta rays, and dolphins, it’s easy to imagine being a mermaid prince or princess. 

Those who want a surreal backdrop for their wedding photos can try shooting at the aquarium’s Shipwreck Habitat. This famous exhibit contains a sunken ship that has been transformed by coral and sponge colonies into a flourishing oasis for marine life. 

13. Kam Leng Hotel

The Kam Leng Hotel offers retro backdrops that will help you recreate the look of classic Hong Kong films. Established in 1938 by a mysterious owner, this under-the-radar photo spot is great for cinephile couples who want to stray off the beaten track. Decorated with colourful furniture, latticed windows, mosaic floors, and peeling walls, it provides an atmosphere straight out of a Wong Kar Wai thriller.

14. Playgrounds

singapore dragon playground

Toa Payoh Dragon Playground | Image credit: GengHui Tan via Canva Pro

In land-scarce Singapore, old-school playgrounds are fast disappearing. However, a few of these cultural treasures remain and would make for a deeply nostalgic wedding shoot. Toa Payoh’s Dragon Playground, the Bumboat Playground at Elias Mall Pasir Ris, and the Dove Playground at Dakota Crescent, are among the traditional playgrounds that are still standing. 

dakota playground

Dakota Crescent Dove Playground | Image credit: Travjes23 via Canva Pro

Couples can reminisce about their early days while sliding down a mosaic dragon, or unleash their inner kid by playing around in the sand. Although the carefree days of childhood will never return, the pictures taken here will help lovebirds preserve their most precious memories. 

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15. MRT stations

promenade station

Image credit: SgTransport

MRT stations might seem too mundane when compared to other wedding shoot locations in Singapore. We often pass through these places in a hurry, and don’t notice how beautiful they are. The Land Transport Authority’s Art in Transit initiative has commissioned eye-catching art installations in many of the city’s MRT stations, which derive inspiration from local culture and history. 

dakota station art

Dakota Station | Image credit: Land Transport Authority Official Website

For example, Bayfront Station’s wall mural, When the Ship Comes in, celebrates Singapore’s origins as a port city by collaging drawings of ships by Singaporean children. Dakota Station’s Little Things, Little Stories features objects commonly found in HDB neighbourhoods, reflecting the everyday lives of residents. Capture these funky artworks in your wedding shoot to give your photos a strong Singaporean flavour. 

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Wedding shoot locations in Singapore don’t have to look bland and generic. The Little Red Dot may be small, but it’s full of hidden gems if you know where to look. Furthermore, even the most common locations can look fresh when photographed with creative angles and poses. 

Of course, the most important thing in a wedding shoot is not a scenic background but the couple’s genuine love. No matter where you shoot, as long as you focus on being your most authentic self with your other half, the pictures will turn out gorgeous! 

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