Singapore Airlines Imposes New Protocols After Severe Turbulence

Singapore Airlines Imposes New Protocols After Severe Turbulence

A more cautious approach to turbulence.

A recent Singapore Airlines flight (SQ321) from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence, tragically resulting in a fatality and injuries. In response, the Singapore Airlines new protocols are enacting stricter safety measures to prioritise passenger and crew wellbeing.

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Singapore Airlines new protocols after severe turbulence

Singapore Airlines new protocols

Singapore Airlines takes passenger safety extremely seriously. Following the SQ321 incident, they are implementing a “more cautious approach” to managing turbulence.

New Safety Measures:

  • Meal service on hold: When the seatbelt sign illuminates, meal service will be discontinued. This minimises the risk of injuries caused by spills or hot beverages during turbulence.
  • Buckled up crew: Flight attendants will now be required to be seated and buckled up whenever the seatbelt sign is on. This ensures their safety and allows them to assist passengers more effectively.
  • Existing protocols remain: Current procedures, such as securing loose items in the cabin and monitoring passengers who may need help (including those in restrooms), will continue to be strictly enforced.

Ongoing safety commitment

Singapore Airlines assures passengers by highlighting that its highly trained pilots and cabin crew are prepared to manage turbulence and actively maintain cabin safety throughout the flight. Singapore Airlines has a longstanding commitment to safety and will continuously review and improve its safety protocols.

Passengers on upcoming Singapore Airlines flights can expect a slight adjustment to meal service. To prioritise safety, they may serve meals earlier in the flight or delay them until after turbulence subsides. You might also see cabin crew members taking their seats and buckling up during periods of turbulence. These changes prioritise the safety of everyone onboard. Head on over to their official Facebook page for more updates. 

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While turbulence can be unnerving, the Singapore Airlines new protocol shows commitment to safety and offers peace of mind. By following crew instructions and remaining seated with your seatbelt fastened, you can help ensure a smooth and safe journey.

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