Singapore Airfares Set to Rise in 2026 With Sustainable Fuel Levy

Singapore Airfares Set to Rise in 2026 With Sustainable Fuel Levy

Greener skies, higher fares.

Get ready for greener skies at a slightly higher cost! Starting in 2026, Singapore will increase airfares for flights leaving the country. While this may affect your pre-planned travel budget, just know that this isn’t just a random price hike but an effort toward sustainable air travel.

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What’s behind the price hike: Singapore mandates sustainable fuel

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is paving the way with its Singapore Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint, and travellers are expected to contribute through a levy to fund eco-friendly fuel options.

An estimate of S$3 to S$16 is expected in 2026, depending on your flight distance and cabin class. Short-haul flights in economy may cost an extra S$3, while long-haul business class flights could roughly increase around S$16. Now, while this may significantly impact your travel budget or flight options, always remember the bigger picture: pushing a more sustainable and eco-friendly aviation industry.

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Why the sudden need for change?

Singapore sustainable fuel

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If you still don’t know, the aviation industry greatly contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions. The Singapore Sustainable Air Hub Blueprint aims to address this by reducing aviation emissions by 20% in 2023, achieving zero emissions by 2050. The key strategy to sticking to this plan? Switching to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

SAF, unlike traditional jet fuel that comes from fossil fuels, is made from renewable sources such as cooking oil and agricultural waste. While this is more expensive, it produces significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, making it the perfect choice towards greener skies.

To make sure all airlines utilise SAF, CAAS will implement a levy on departing flights; hence the price hike. This will be used to purchase SAF, effectively sharing the cost between airlines and passengers. 

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Now would you look at that — not only are you reaching your destination, but you’re also significantly contributing to sustainable air travel! Passengers can expect more details about the Singapore airfares to come closer to 2026.

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