20 Other Fun Activities in Singapore If It's Not Your First Time

20 Underrated Things to Do in Singapore If It’s Not Your First Time

Count on local insider tips for these best-kept secret attractions!

Most travellers may associate the fun activities in Singapore with its most popular attraction sites like Sentosa, Gardens by the Bay, or Singapore Zoo. However, there are many best-kept secret places to visit in Singapore that even locals may not be aware of. So, take a trip with these 20 underrated things to do in Singapore for a truly local experience — along with top tips from local insiders! 

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Find hidden nature attractions in Singapore

1. Roam around Yunnan Garden Park

Newly reconstructed in 2020, the lush Yunnan Garden Park is a hidden gem deep in the west within Nanyang Technological University. It sprawls across a space larger than 12 soccer fields and is surrounded by the Chinese Heritage Centre and Nanyang Lake. Notable additions include 1,000 newly planted trees of over 80 species and a spectacular waterfall. 

2. Traipse through Tanjong Rimau Beach

Tanjong Rimau Beach is Sentosa’s best-kept secret and one of the island’s untouched beaches. Here, you’ll only be able to find spectacular corals, seagrass, and a wide variety of marine life during low tide (at around 5am and 5pm daily). Likewise, it offers a gorgeous view of the landscape with the aged rock outcrop. Furthermore, tours are readily available so you won’t have to sweat over what to do here. 

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3. Explore the ruins of Fort Serapong

You may have already been to Fort Siloso, but how about Fort Serapong — which is four times the size of the former? These hidden British defence ruins are home to a biodiversity of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Collared Kingfishers, and more preserved animals. And fascinatingly, the strangling figs adorn the top of the concrete structures that look straight out of Tomb Raider.

4. Lay back at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is the only hot spring in Singapore that’s accessible to the public. So, grab the opportunity to relax and soak your feet in this naturally occurring hot spring. Bring a bucket along to enjoy the hot water at sheltered rest areas surrounded by foliage. After which, stroll down memory lane with flower trails peppered by blooms that were especially popular between the 1940s and 1990s. 

5. Discover a hidden oasis in the Singapore Quarry

Image credit: travel oriented

You may recognise the names of the trails surrounding the Singapore Quarry: the popular Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Dairy Farm Nature Park. Its towering cliffs and breathtaking waterfront view make for an unfamiliar and unforgettable trek. Definitely bound to make you feel like you’re someplace else, like New Zealand!

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6. Marvel at the manmade and natural features of Maju Forest

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Image credit: ark.drew

Maju Forest is the size of approximately 33 soccer fields. Even so, the clear highlight is the abandoned Jurong Railway Line spanning 24 kilometres from Kranji to Tanjong Pagar. It was shut down in 1992, after the separation of Singapore from Malaysia. Nowadays, the railway and its picturesque tunnel serve as one of the Instragrammable places to visit in Singapore for nature hideouts. 

7. Admire Avatar Trees in Bukit Brown Cemetery

Image credit (L-R): spacemalao; Jnzl’s Photos

Bukit Brown Cemetery is home to fascinating trees resembling the Tipani Hometree from Avatar. It officially closed to new occupants in 1973 but remains open for public viewing. Here, you’ll spot ornate statues of Sikh guards, lions, and other guardians to the afterlife watching over the 100,000 graves. It’s also great for beginner-friendly hikers, given that many find it to be an easy trail. 

More fun activities in Singapore nature spots

8. Hop across Kusu, St. John, and Big Sister’s Islands

Image credit (L-R): Jnzl’s Photos; Schristia

Sail across the Southern Islands of Singapore on a public ferry as you hop across the scenic Kusu, St. John, and Big Sister’s Islands. Culture and history buffs will enjoy the temples and keramat topping off the natural scenery on Kusu Island. To add to the fun, drop by the Tortoise Shelter to coo at the adorable creatures. 

Meanwhile, St. John Island offers the ideal snorkelling experience with clear waters and marine life. It’s also the only Southern Island where you can spend the night! But if you’re looking for a more laid-back getaway, why not picnic, go on an intertidal walk, or kayak around Big Sister’s Island? 

9. Follow the tune at Singapore’s largest songbird display area

While we may be more familiar with the virtual birds of Twitter, some traditions celebrating the majestic songbirds are still upheld in Singapore. If you’re looking to celebrate a slice of Old Singapore, Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club is the place to go for admiring songbirds from cosy warm blankets and seats on the ground. 

10. Birdwatch at Kranji Marshes

Speaking of birdwatching, why not try this out at Kranji Marshes, a freshwater marshland? Look out for over 170 bird species from the Raptor Tower. Feast your eyes upon the year-round sights of Changeable Hawk Eagle or White-bellied Sea Eagle, or seasonal migratory birds like Black Baza and Japanese Sparrowhawk. 

A new frog species was even found here on 4 Jul 2022 and named ​​in honour of the late Subaraj Rajathurai: a pioneer of wildlife conservation in Singapore. 

Step back in time through these neighbourhood Singapore attractions

11. Wander in the untouched Kampong Lorong Buangkok

Image credit (L-R): Jnzl’s Photos; YL Tan

Kampong, meaning “village” in Malay, is often only mentioned in Singapore when referring to the “kampong spirit,” which indicates a neighbourly camaraderie. Kampong Lorong Buangkok is the last standing kampong in Singapore. With only about 20 residents, it captures the bygone era before Singapore’s rapid urbanisation. Join a guided tour through this frozen place in time, which definitely makes it worth adding to your list of underrated things to do in Singapore.

12. Uncover the mysteries of Wessex Estate

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Image credit (L-R): Joshua Tsu; JTC Official Website

Wessex Estate sets itself apart from the rest of Singapore’s high-rise residential flats, with its colonial two-story black and white facade dating back to the 1940s. If you’re looking to tick an item off your underrated things to do in Singapore list, check out the abandoned water tank. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the main house. 

After a venture around the rustic neighbourhood, sup at Colbar Cafe: the only dining spot in the estate, complete with a charming old-school canteen style. 

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Fun Singapore activities in museums

13. Immerse yourself in SEA art at National Gallery Rotunda Library 

Now, here’s a cosy space that some local bookworms may not even know about! The National Gallery Rotunda Library houses the world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian art resources. It also holds historical value as the Law Library of the former Supreme Court. 

Most importantly, the books are strictly for reference and not for checking out. As such, art enthusiasts and bookworms can take their time browsing, while enjoying the peace and quiet in this preserved colonial-style space. 

14. Interact with nature on Ng Teng Roof Garden

Conveniently located atop the National Gallery, the Ng Teng Roof Garden features ever-changing “live” exhibits by local and regional artists; from a large-scale bamboo maze to rare plants reclaimed from Changi and Tuas. Furthermore, snap away for the ’Gram with iconic sights like Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer in clear view. 

15. Gawk at the preserved displays at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

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Image credit: Jack at Wikipedia

Walk among the plants and animals of our planet’s past at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. On display are three dinosaur fossils belonging to one of the largest and heaviest animals to ever walk on land. Apart from the dinosaurs, there is also a 10.6-metre-long female sperm whale — the only one ever recorded in Singapore. 

The museum has many more highlights, such as the leatherback turtle specimen found in 1883, and the globally endangered Sunda Pangolin. It’s definitely one of those fun activities in Singapore you won’t want to miss! 

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Admire art and architecture in public spaces 

16. Appreciate unique Chinese heritage buildings gifted by Jackie Chan

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Image credit: smuconlaw

Jackie Chan donated four Chinese antique structures (straight from his personal collection!) to the students of Singapore University of Technology and Design. The four buildings date back to almost 380 years ago and are fortunately open for public visits. These structures consist of an opera stage, a double-tier pavilion, and two antique Zhejiang houses. 

You can drop by the opera stage and pavilion that host performances and recreational activities. Meanwhile, the two antique houses serve as an event space. 

17. Delight in the street art within Singapore’s heartlands

Image credit: cattan2011; Ittmust

Stroll leisurely along the Singapore heartlands and take in the local art of Haji Lane, Tiong Bahru, and Clarke Quay. Interestingly, the most popular mural on Haji Lane is untitled, though we do know that it depicts the lives of the Aztec people before the Spanish conquest. 

The murals capturing traditional coffee shops in Singapore (left photo) are the most notable in Tiong Bahru. Meanwhile, the Temasek mural (right photo) in Clarke Quay is an uninhibited social and political discourse of Singapore’s colonial past. Apart from being the ultimate spots for admiring artworks, these are also some of the best places to visit in Singapore for food and local culture. 

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Fun family-friendly Singapore activities

18. Wonder at the dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile

If you’re looking for large-size fun, head to Changi Jurassic Mile: Singapore’s newest permanent outdoor display of dinosaurs. Found along a jogging and cycling path near Changi Airport, there are over 20 giant dinosaurs of nine different species, including those that fly. The tallest figure, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, stands at almost five metres! 

19. Slip down unique slides at Admiralty Park

Featuring 26 different slides, Admiralty Park is the public park with the largest number of slides in the Little Red Dot. On top of that, it is the largest park in the north and houses the largest nature area within an urban park. Naturally, you could glide down all the slides for a fun-filled family day. Alternatively, take a walk while looking out for the rare Hedgehog Rattan flower or stunning dragonflies, butterflies, and birds throughout the park.

20. Merrymake at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Celebrated as the first garden in Asia dedicated to children, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is nestled in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The garden highlights exploration and play with its farm, orchard, forest with streams and ponds, suspension bridge, and tree houses. 

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And there you have it: 20 other fun activities in Singapore if it’s not your first time visiting the sunny island. Whether you’re a sucker for nature, a history buff, a foodie, or an art enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll find many fun activities in Singapore befitting your interests.

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