12 Retro Diners in Singapore for Instagram-Worthy Vibes

12 Retro Diners in Singapore for Instagram-Worthy Vibes

Cheeseburgers and milkshakes with a jukebox playing tunes in the background? Yes, please!

Though the topic of eateries and restaurants in Singapore might be a bit overdone at this point, diners in Singapore, however, have yet to be fully discovered. Whether it’s American diners with Riverdale vibes or vintage diners that remind us of kampongs (villages), there’s actually quite a lot that’s yet to be uncovered within our little island! 

American diners in Singapore

1. Joji’s Diner

The newest member on the list, this quintessential American diner is located in the heart of one of Singapore’s many neighbourhoods, Serangoon! With a bright neon sign out front, barbershop-inspired touches, and bright red furniture, it’s certainly hard to miss this spot along the more monotonous Upper Serangoon stretch. 

Head on in, and you’ll find all the perfect finishes to what you’d expect of a diner — a black and white mosaic tiled floor, records hung up as wall decor; and not forgetting, the diner’s very own jukebox! Talk about some serious photo opportunities!

diners in singapore

(L-R): All Star Plate; PBNJ | Image credit: Joji’s Diner Official Instagram Page

The best part is, you get to dine in one of the booths, much like Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe in Riverdale! While channeling your inner Betty or Archie, try out some of their affordable menu breakfast items, like their All Star Plate. However, if you’re craving something sweet, try their PBNJ

Note: Due to recent media attention, Joji’s Diner has been experiencing high human traffic. Before heading down, be sure to check out their social media to find out how the crowd situation is. 

Address: 534 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534549

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2. OverEasy

Above all, one can’t talk about diners in Singapore without mentioning OverEasy. Deeming themselves the ultimate American diner, OverEasy calls Singapore’s waterfront its home as it sits by the Singapore River. 

Sticking to the classics, their menu items feature some tried-and-true American recipes. Just try out their popular menu items like Good Ol’ Fashioned Mac & Cheese, The “To-Die-For” Wagyu Beef Burger, and Our Famous Milkshakes — and you’ll see what the hype is all about! 

Besides digging into classic American goodness, the picturesque backdrop of this Singapore diner is complete with pops of bright blue, a red and white mosaic tiled floor, and a retro menu board. With an overwhelming feast for your eyes and taste buds, there’s certainly not much else you can ask for!

Address: 1 Fullerton Road #01-06 One Fullerton, Singapore 049213 

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3. Broadway American Diner

If red cushioned vinyl booths, milkshakes topped with a cherry and whipped cream sipped through red and white spiral straws, and juicy cheeseburgers are everything you’d expect from diners in Singapore, look no further than Broadway American Diner! It’s located in Capitol Singapore.

Have your pick at dining on the restaurant’s main floor decked with checkered floors and neon lights, or head on up to the second floor to dine amidst the lavish Capitol interior! 

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broadway american diner

(L-R): Double Black Angus Cheese Burger; Chili Beef Hot Dog | Image credit: Broadway American Diner Official Website

Not sure what to order? Don’t fret, as Broadway American Diner serves delicious American classics! For instance, why not order their Double Black Angus Cheese Burger? This 100% Black Angus beef burger is poetically described as “a beautifully stacked mess”. 

On the other hand, you have classics like their handcrafted Chili Beef Hot Dog, topped with melted cheese and served in a soft brioche roll. Mmm, just thinking about the tender barbequed meat is enough to make my tummy rumble! 

And certainly, it wouldn’t quite be a diner in Singapore without some local twists to American classics! Presenting their Chendol Milkshake, which comes topped with all the usual goodness of chendol — palm sugar, coconut, red bean, and green rice flour jelly.

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-84B Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Singapore 178905 

4. Fatburger

Do you have neon lights and pastel colours on your checklist when thinking about diners in Singapore? If you’ve answered yes, then Fatburger is the place to be! Established in 1952, the name comes from the idea of piling up the freshest ingredients into what some call the best burger on the planet. Some of these ingredients even include onion rings made from scratch and homemade beef chili! Sounds delicious and simply sinful, right? 

burgers in singapore

(L-R): The Hang-In-There Burger; Quad XXXXL Burger | Image credit: Fatburger Singapore Official Facebook Page

Some of their bestsellers include The Hang-In-There Burger, which comes with beef chili, onion rings, (and more!), and their iconic Quad XXXXL Burger, which — you guessed it — comes with not one, but four beef patties! 

Address: Islandwide

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Vintage diners in Singapore

On the other hand, you might prefer vintage diners instead; And yes, we understand the hype! With so many touches of retro-ness, from the decor and ambience, to the trinkets available for purchase, this list has got you covered too!

5. Brunches Cafe

A diner with all your retro fixings, from posters of Classical Hollywood cinema stars and chairs repurposed from barrels, to a vintage car-turned condiment display, Brunches Cafe certainly has it all! 

This diner in Singapore is also the one-stop-shop for you if you enjoy vintage collectibles. Whether it’s furniture or genuine trinkets, the collection here is certainly one-of-a-kind!

Most importantly, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice if you’re hungry! Select from their wide selection of all-day breakfast or main dishes; and don’t forget to end off your meal with their signature waffle desserts or a freshly baked treat. Additionally, you can look forward to their exclusive high tea set for a fancy day out.

With so much to try, why not spend your next afternoon off with a visit to the retro and chic Brunches Cafe? 

Address: 96 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218381 

6. Old Habits

Looking for a new and unique hangout spot to unwind in? Then Old Habits is the place for you! This part vintage boutique, part diner is owned by Singaporean Donovan Goh, a collector who has been procuring vintage items since his early 30s.

Furthermore, patrons will never get bored of the food here too, as the menu for the weekend is always changing! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to find out what delicious grub’s in store for the week. 

Address: 2 Telok Blangah Way, Mt Faber, #01-04 Next to the Swimming Pool, SAFRA, 098803 

7. British Hainan

Be treated to British comfort food in a quaint little diner right in the heart of Singapore. Get ready to tuck into some of British Hainan’s best-selling classics; For instance, try the Braised Oxtail Stew, Braised Lambshank, or for something less hearty, try out their Bangers & Mash. 

Amidst the diner’s old-fashioned, cosy interior, enjoy digging into steamy, savoury goodness that will surely comfort you especially when it’s rainy outside. 

Address: Islandwide

8. Carpenter and Cook

Carpenter and Cook is a vintage-themed bakery in Singapore that serves up freshly baked goods daily! Therefore, it’s time to skip the usual BreadTalk and Four Leaves as Carpenter and Cook boasts a wide selection of delicious treats. From fruity tarts to butter croissants, there really is nothing quite like enjoying the smell of freshly baked goods inside a quaint little cafe! 

Of course, like the other vintage diners on this list, Carpenter and Cook even doubles as a vintage home store selling carefully curated furniture and home decor! Perhaps the next time you’re craving delectable grub and looking for a unique piece to decorate your home with, why not head on over to this humble eatery in Bukit Timah

Address: 19 Lor Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120

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9. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

With “hardware” right in the name of this cafe, Chye Seng Huat Hardware gets its interior design inspiration from old-school hardware shops! Thus, its usual fixings are adorned around the cafe, with a wooden signboard out front, a vintage white metal grill, and some walls even faded brown (and intentionally left that way). As such, dining here is truly a walk down memory lane! 

best coffee singapore

Image credit: Bex Walton

Also, as someone who’s dined here before, I can attest that the coffees here are definitely worth shouting about and one of the best in Singapore. Their coffee beans brew only the most flavourful and robust cuppa joe. 

There’s even a large al fresco dining area if you wish to take your dining outdoors! With so many large white walls and plants, this diner in Singapore offers plenty of opportunity to get some beautiful pictures in.

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Rd, Singapore 207563

10. The Coastal Settlement

Tucked away along the far-flung Netheravon Road in Changi, The Coastal Settlement and its soothing ambience is a favourite amongst many. This vintage diner in Singapore boasts the perfect blend of kampong (village) and modernity, with elaborate old-school decor amidst the rustic and tranquil atmosphere.

If you’re feeling hungry, its menu also has a wide mix of western and local dishes. These include Singaporeans’ all-time favourites like Nasi Lemak and Seafood Mui Fan, and fancier ones like Prosciutto Pizza and Truffle Eggs and Mushrooms! Regardless of what you’re craving, the wide selection here amidst cosy vibes makes The Coastal Settlement one of the better vintage diners in Singapore. 

Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529 

11. My Awesome Cafe

My Awesome Cafe is one that takes the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” quite literally. From thrifted furniture and vintage dinnerware to unfinished concrete walls, this eatery is all about finding the beauty in imperfection. Of course, that is what precisely makes My Awesome Cafe so awesome! 

Most importantly, that awesomeness applies to the diner’s food as well; they only use ingredients with the best value and quality. For the ideal vintage dining experience in the heart of Singapore’s hippest bars and restaurants, why not head on over to My Awesome Cafe instead?

Address: 202 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068639

12. Colbar

colbar cafes in singapore

Image credit: Google Street View

cafes in the west

Image credit: Google Street View

Finally, I believe I’ve saved the best for last. The epitome of a vintage diner, the appeal of Colbar is precisely in its old-school set-up, from the furniture and interior design to the food. Unsurprisingly, many of us have a stereotypical idea of what a good cafe should look like — chic interiors, high ceilings, and food served on fancy plates or semi-pretentious chopping boards. 

hidden cafes in singapore

Image credit: Google Street View

Colbar, however, is anything but that — and with old-school food to boot. Tucked in a little corner of Portsdown Road, its breezy set-up makes for a good weekend lunch hangout.

Here’s a little background: The name Colbar, short for Colonial Bar, used to serve the military soldiers living in Wessex Estate. Furthermore, since this was way back in the 1950s, it’s amazing that its signature dishes have remained on the menu to date! Thus, get ready for a wave of nostalgia as the food’s taste, smell, and appearance bring you back to your good ol’ childhood days.

Address: 9A Whitchurch Rd, Singapore 138839 

And there you go — 12 diners in Singapore that serve not only good food, but also some real poppin’ vibes too! So, the next time you’re eating out, why not pick a place from this list instead for a unique dining experience?

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