Singaporeans Can Now Travel to Denmark Quarantine-free

Border Reopening: Singaporeans Can Now Travel to Denmark Quarantine-free

Travellers from Singapore to Denmark no longer need to undergo self-isolation upon arrival!

It’s a good day for Singaporeans itching to explore Europe once again! Denmark has been gradually opening its borders, and its recent reopening effective on 21 April 2021 finally includes Singapore! That said, the country has eased travel requirements for Singaporeans upon entry.

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Travel from Singapore to Denmark: only negative COVID-19 tests needed

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What exactly does this mean? First, Singaporeans who wish to enter Denmark no longer need to self-isolate upon arrival, according to an announcement made by Denmark’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in Singapore

Singaporeans travelling to Denmark are also no longer required to submit proof of “worthy purpose” before entering the country. This means that it is already possible to travel for leisure within the Danish nation — provided that you follow its rules for tourists, as well as Singapore’s existing travel protocols. Previously, Singaporeans travelling to Denmark were only allowed entry if they were there for essential purposes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Singapore added that only the following are required for Singaporeans’ entry into the Danish nation at present:

  • A negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 24 hours prior to boarding
  • A negative COVID-19 test conducted upon arrival.

Denmark also opened its borders to the following countries outside of the European Union (EU): Austraila, New Zealand, South Korea, and Thailand. Singaporeans must note, though, that the Lion City remains closed to Danes travelling to Singapore for non-essential reasons. 

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Denmark’s corona passport or ‘coronapas’

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Denmark, meanwhile, requires locals to show their corona passport or coronapas before taking part in leisure activities, which has just recently resumed as well. This includes dining inside restaurants and cafes, attending sports events within the allowed gathering limit, and touring in zoos and museums, among others.

While it is still in its trial phase for Danes, it is unclear whether or not foreigners allowed into Denmark will have to sign up for the pass in the future. For now, Denmark’s coronapas — an app that shows previous COVID-19 infections and vaccination records — has only been rolled out to Danish citizens.

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With recent reports that Singapore has surpassed New Zealand in terms of COVID-19 resilience and management, Singaporeans must still take extra precautions before pushing through with travel plans. We wouldn’t want to spoil such good news, after all.

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