A Boba Lover's Guide to the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Singapore

A Boba Lover’s Guide to the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Singapore

With the bubble tea craze back in full force — I would like to fuel this fire with...more bubble tea.

Guess who’s back! Yup, it’s your favourite, and also TripZilla’s very own self-proclaimed boba connoisseur. After scouring the whole country and tasting all these boba goodness, here’s a list of my favourite (and dare I say best) bubble tea shops in Singapore!

Obviously, taste is subjective, but if you don’t feel the same way about these drinks — you’re crazy. 

The Alley

Image credit: @_sipnchew

Hailing all the way from Taiwan, The Alley is currently my favourite bubble tea go-to! I fell in love with their brown sugar series when I first tried it in Saigon, so you have no idea how ecstatic I was when I heard they were setting their shores for Singapore. 

Funny story: I actually had The Alley on the first date with my boyfriend. We chanced upon the newly opened outlet at Cineleisure. And like the crazy boba fan I am, I made him queue with me for 30 mins  20 mins just after we first met. I’m honestly surprised he didn’t just leave me then. Too bad Chris, you’re stuck with me!

Boba connoisseur recommends: Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.


Image credit: @lihosg

Liho: my other staple for brown sugar milk drinks. Liho is the place to be if you’re on the go and looking for a quick boba fix. Unlike other bubble tea shops that only have a few outlets, Liho has outlets in almost every shopping mall in the country. So if I ever randomly feel like having bubble tea — to Liho, I go! Also, I love how they allow customers (me) to order drinks without pearls, and you can even swap toppings! 

Boba connoisseur recommends: Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk (swap pearl for herbal jelly — yum!), Original Taro Soy Latte

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info. 


Image credit: @jenjudansg

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I confess: I’ve never heard of this brand — until I went to The Bubble Tea Factory where I was given my first (complimentary) Jenjudan brown sugar boba. After my first sip, I was sold. With a taste like this, it’s not surprising how this humble store from Shilin Night Market has become an international franchise! 

Boba connoisseur recommends: Brown Sugar Boba Milk

1 Raffles Link, #B1-13 citylink mall, Singapore 039393


Image credit: @singaporefoodshows

This one’s for you if you’re into fruits. One of their specialties and my favourite from the store would be their Rainbow Tea series, which consists of chinese tea and fruits. That’s right: you get to sip on yummy tea and chew on some freshly cut fruits at the same time!  

Boba connoisseur recommends: Green Tea + Fruits

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.

Xing Fu Tang

Image credit: Xing Fu Tang

Unpopular opinion: I first had their brown sugar boba milk in Johor Bahru, and I’d admit I wasn’t sold at first sip. But hey, they’ve slowly grown on me. Though not at the top of my brown sugar boba list, these guys are slowly finding their way there!

Boba connoisseur recommends: Brown Sugar Boba Milk 

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.


Image credit: @karla.foodblog

These guys are the OG bubble tea makers, having been here way before the bubble tea craze became well, crazy. I fondly remember saving up so I could splurge on a bubble tea after school ended. Their milk tea has a strong tea flavour coupled with a rich creamy taste — perfect for anyone craving a boba on a hot day. 

Boba connoisseur recommends: Okinawa Milk Tea, Green Tea with Sea Salt Creme

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.

Tiger Sugar

Image credit: @feedrooroo

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Speaking as someone who has drank Tiger Sugar consecutively for a couple of days straight, trust me when I say this drink can cause serious addiction. If you’re wondering why the brand is called ‘Tiger Sugar’,  it’s due to the ‘tiger stripes’ formed when the brown sugar syrup is layered with milk. P.S. No tigers were harmed in the making of drinks.

Boba connoisseur recommends: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Creme mousse

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.


Image credit: @dessertcrushsg

Famously known as the “Starbucks of China”, Heytea are the original creators of the iconic “cheese tea” everyone craves for! I know what you’re thinking: cheese in tea really?! I assure you, it’s amazing. Heytea’s cheese foam compliments their fragrant tea beautifully. If you’re not ready to take that leap of faith, there are also many non-cheese options to choose from!

Boba connoisseur recommends: King Fone Cheezo Tea, Taro Blast Boboshake

Various stores island-wide. Visit their website for more info.


Image credit: @butfirstboba

Now, I’m not sure if you can consider this bubble tea, but damn — their mango sago drink is to die for. I recommend this if you’re not feeling bubble tea, but still want to spend $5 for a drink. Just kidding, these guys will turn your favourite fruits into crazy mouth-watering drinks! 10/10 would recommend. 

Boba connoisseur recommends: Durian Avocado, Petite Mango Sago

Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, #B1-45, Singapore 238877

Yanmi Yoghurt

Image credit: @weekendersgp

Okay you got me, this isn’t exactly a bubble tea either. But I’d say it’s a pretty good alternative to one. The best part? They’re healthier! Yanmi Yogurt uses Australian Yogurt Milk in replacement of milk tea, and purple rice in replacement of pearls. Despite the purple rice drinks being their signature, I’m obsessed with their Mango yogurt drink — it’s basically a healthier version of mango lassi, but tastes just as good!

Boba connoisseur recommends: Purple Rice Yogurt, Man-mango Yogurt

Funan, #02-03, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

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