Denmark Lets Cross-Border Couples Reunite Upon Showing Proof of Love

Denmark Lets Cross-Border Couples Reunite If They Show Proof of Relationship

Sweethearts kept apart by the COVID-19 lockdown can certainly feel the love in Denmark!

Here’s heartwarming news: Denmark finally lets cross-border couples reunite after months of lockdown. The government began easing restrictions as well as border control measures that apply to Nordic countries. According to Denmark’s official tourism board, those who hold permanent residence in one of the five Nordic countries or Germany may gain entry into Denmark beginning 25 May 2020. But of course, their entry will depend on a set of predetermined categories that all visitors must fall under.

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While cross-border couples have the chance to reunite, they will only be allowed to do so if they successfully prove that they have been romantically tied for at least six months.

Cross-border couples: What would constitute as proof of their relationship?

Cross-border couples who have been engaged, married, or in a romantic relationship for at least half a year are to present proof. Actual face-to-face meetings would define the legitimacy of the relationship. Those whose relationships had purely been based online would not qualify under present restrictions. Relationships that have been based on sole phone contact would not be deemed to have a legitimate purpose as well.

The authorities announced earlier that love letters or photos could serve as proof of a relationship. Following an outcry over privacy invasion, the government later revised the following; partners of Denmark’s residents who live across these borders are required to produce a written declaration. This would grant them entry into Denmark. 

Heartwarming reunions

Denmark had previously shut its Germany-Denmark border in a bid to curb the transmission of the COVID-19. Despite border closures and restrictions on non-essential travel, the story of an octogenarian couple made waves online. The elderly couple continued to meet daily for coffee dates, even amidst lockdown restrictions. They would sit on either side of the border whilst maintaining the recommended safe distance. Although physically separated, their love truly knew no borders.

Therefore, it seems that this latest game-changer bears good news for separated couples. Denmark now gives them a chance to enjoy their better halves’ company once again. 

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Let’s rejoice and take faith in Denmark letting cross-border couples reunite. Furthermore, let’s carry optimism in our hearts as we await further COVID-19 updates from the rest of the world.

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