Singapore Changi Airport: Clear Immigration Using Automated Lanes

All Travellers Can Clear Singapore Immigration Using Automated Lanes at Changi Airport, From Second Half of 2024

Singapore will be the first country in the world to introduce such a system.

Soon, going through immigration no longer has to be a drag. From the second half of 2024, all travellers entering Singapore may clear immigration at Changi Airport using automated lanes. No prior registration will be required. Additionally, travellers will not have to present their passports when departing from Singapore. Impressively, Singapore will be the world’s first country to introduce this immigration system.

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About Singapore’s new automated lanes

The upcoming initiative is part of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority’s “New Clearance Concept.” The concept will use multi-modal biometrics to verify travellers’ identities through their unique iris, facial, and fingerprint details.

The automated lanes will progressively replace existing lanes and manual counters at checkpoints, offering a more seamless immigration experience for all travellers in Singapore.

Featured image credit: Changi Airport Official Facebook Page

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