These Are the World’s Best Villages That You Have To Visit in 2023

These Are the World’s Best Villages to Visit in 2023

Prepare yourself for stunning views!

The World Tourism Organization has announced the world’s best villages for 2023. A total of 32 villages from 18 countries were selected, including those in Austria, Spain, Mexico, and South Korea.

Since the arrival of the new year, there are many destinations on the horizon that have yet to be explored. While travelling to the world’s best cities does have its appeal, taking the off-beaten path is also a great way to enrich your experiences. While some of these villages are in destinations you probably already know about, some are on the more underrated side. 

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What are the best villages to visit in 2023?

world's best villages in 2023 - zell am see

Image credit: Dimitris Kiriakakis

Zell am See in Salzburg is the first on the list of the world’s best villages in 2023, which is arranged alphabetically. The Alpine destination is known for its idyllic Lake Zell, mountain views like no other, and many ski resorts. 

Spain got an honourable mention with three towns. Historically, Guadalupe is known for its monastery, while Alquézar is famous for its myriad of outdoor activities. As for those looking for a peaceful getaway in this country, Rupit is a medieval gem with old stone buildings and river views. 

world's best village - alquezar spain

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Other countries that made it to the list with more than one village include Morocco, Italy, and Switzerland. You can view the full list here

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worlds best village 2023

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Looks like we’ve gotten in the mood to get into rural kinds of destinations this year. We hope to see you taking the off-beaten path in any of the world’s best villages in 2023 soon!

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