10 Famous Bridges in the World You Need to Cross

10 Famous Bridges in the World You Need to Cross

These are the dreamiest bridges you can explore on foot!

Anyone who has ever been to Prague or Venice knows that a great bridge is not just part of the view. It is the view. 

What is it about bridges that capture our imagination? Maybe it’s because they define the skyline of a city, lead towns and cities to each other, and stand the test of time. Above all, they offer a glimpse of the people who built them. 

Whether you’re looking for panoramic views or a place to attach your love lock, we’ve gathered the world’s famous bridges that you can explore on foot. You might recognise a few below! 

1. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, United States

famous bridges in the world: SF

Just like Frank Sinatra, we left our hearts in San Francisco. Arguably the most photographed bridge in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is, without a doubt, the star attraction of San Francisco. Prior to its completion in 1937, many people believed that it was impossible to build. Today, with its sleek towers and artfully curved steel cables, the bridge is a classic symbol of California, as well as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. As you bike across the Golden Gate, the two towers — coated in their trademark “international orange” — create a striking contrast between sea and sky. 

2. Tower Bridge in London, United Kingdom

famous bridges in the world: tower

Unlike that other bridge you know, Tower Bridge has no plans of falling down anytime soon. Built in 1894, this Victorian bridge with Neo-Gothic towers stands proudly among the timeless and enduring structures of London’s skyline, along with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Across the walkway is a stone-carved coat of arms of the City of London. As ships drift along the River Thames, the bascules of the bridge swing upward to let them pass. 

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3. Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Fondly called the “Coat Hanger” by residents, the Sydney Harbour Bridge earns its reputation as the largest steel arch bridge in the world; at its highest point, it stands 134 metres above sea level. Finished in 1932, this majestic suspension bridge links Sydney’s Central Business District to the North Shore. With the bridge’s steel halves looping up over the harbour, it also happens to be one of the most famous bridges in the world for celebrating New Year’s Eve, as fireworks and pyrotechnic effects light up the city at midnight. 

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4. Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

Stroll through Széchenyi Chain Bridge in the evening to find out why Budapest was once nicknamed the “Paris of the East.” Guarded by lion statues on both ends, the Chain Bridge connects the western and eastern sides of the city: the Clark Ádám Square in Buda to the Széchenyi Square in Pest. Below, the Danube River shines with the lights of the Hungarian Parliament. 

Before the bridge was completed in 1849, Hungarians would either use a boat or walk on top of the frozen river to get across. But when Count István Széchenyi found himself stranded on the wrong side in Pest, he missed his own father’s funeral. After that, Count Széchenyi was so frustrated that he commissioned what would eventually become the first permanent suspension bridge of the Hungarian capital. 

5. Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

famous bridges in the world: rialto

Traces of the Renaissance can be found all over Venice, a port city that has over 400 bridges and has been rightly called the world’s “City of Bridges.” By far, the most famous one is the Rialto Bridge, curving over the Grand Canal where the colourful boats and vivid buildings of Venice float before your eyes. 

Additionally, you can meander through the little alleys in “La Serenissima” or check out other popular Venetian bridges such as the Bridge of Sighs, Academy Bridge, Scalzi Bridge, Calatrava Bridge, and Ponte della Liberta

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6. Brooklyn Bridge in New York, United States

famous bridges in the world: brooklyn

Among the most famous bridges in the world stands New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge, which looks over the East River, joining the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan together. Designed by John Augustus Roebling and completed in 1883, this suspension bridge has Neo-Gothic granite towers, pointed archways, and web-like steel cables. Clearly, there’s no better place to behold the Big Apple, as you commit to the feeling of standing in one of the greatest cities in the world. 

7. Helix Bridge in Singapore

famous bridges in the world: helix

Unlike many bridges that follow a straightforward pattern, Singapore’s world-famous Helix Bridge mimics the structure of a double helix, almost like glittering waves. It features a covered walkway fitted with stainless steel; as evening falls, the footpath is illuminated by multi-coloured LED lights. Completed in 2010, this futuristic bridge connects Marina Centre with Marina South. 

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8. Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

famous bridges in the world: charles

Easily one of the most picturesque Gothic structures on earth, the Charles Bridge stirs up a wistful longing in anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Prague. Built in the 1400s and named after King Charles IV, this historic bridge continues to lead visitors from the Malá Strana (Lesser Town) to the Staré Město (Old Town). As sunset spills over the Baroque statues, you get postcard-perfect views of the Vltava River and Prague Castle. 

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9. Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran

Even in a country with mosaics and domes touching the heavens, the Khaju Bridge at the centre of Isfahan boasts a mesmerising symmetry that’s hard to find elsewhere. Intricate tilework decorate the stone arches of this 17th-century architectural gem, which once served as a temporary residence for the royal family. With a sun-baked hue that calls to mind the sands of the desert, the Khaju Bridge, at night, casts a stunning golden reflection upon the Zayanderud River. 

10. Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

Trust Switzerland to always make you feel like you’ve fallen into a fairytale. Alas, this sheltered wooden footbridge with a stone tower in Lucerne is 100% real. 

Finished in the middle of the 14th century, the Chapel Bridge cuts diagonally across the Reuss River, taking visitors through roof interiors whose paintings tell stories of Lucerne’s history. Drawing its name from the St. Peter’s Chapel nearby, the bridge is festooned with lush flowers and propped up by trestles. Be it in daylight or shrouded in winter, the bridge is the picture of charm itself. 

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Certainly, these famous bridges in the world are feats of engineering, shaping the silhouettes of their cities and enchanting us for years to come. 

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