18 Comments Every Singaporean Traveller Has Dealt With Abroad

18 Comments Every Singaporean Traveller Has Dealt With Abroad

Every Singaporean traveller has encountered these questions/reactions from foreigners. Our airport is nice? Our city is clean? Hold on – Singapore Noodles?

1. After a long chat about anything and everything, they compliment you with:

“By the way, your English is really good! Where did you learn?”


2. And then you tell them you’re from Singapore and they answer

“Wait, where is Singapore again?”

sg 2

3. And even before you can tell them

“Oh I know, IT’S IN CHINA!”

(Why of course, I can’t even tell the difference)

sg 3

4. And they follow with a mistake even Cartoon Network has made

“Noooo, it’s in Malaysia!!!”

(Nice try)

sg 4

5. “I’ve had the ‘Singapore Noodles’ at Chinatown!”

(Wtf is that?)

6. When they meet more of your Singaporean friends

“People from your country speak funny”


sg 6

7. When they learn about Singlish

“Okay LAH, lets go LAH (winks)”

(Please, just stop the overemphasis on the LAH)

sg 7

sg 8

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8. Their reaction when you tell them chewing gum is illegal

“Chewing gum is illegal in your country?!?!”


sg 9



sg 10

9. Wait till you hear about our drug laws

“You HANG people?!?!”

sg 11

(Not me)

sg 12

10. Or the prices of our cars

sg 13

11. And to some (or most) of them we’re just a stopover

“I’ve been there once, to transit to Australia”

sg 14

12. Or just a nice airport

“The airport is soooooo nice!”

(That’s it?)

sg 15

13. At times, they ask you tricky questions

“What’s the capital of Singapore?”

(Not Orchard Road)

sg 16

14. And by the way, our SQ girls have a really good reputation

“I heard that the girls on Singapore Airlines are gorgeous. They wear really tight skirts too. Is that true?”

(Is that really all that you care about?)

sg 17

15. But once in a while, you talk to people who HAVE been there


(Now we’re talking!)

sg 18

16. “It’s so clean everywhere!”

sg 19

17. “And safe!”

sg 20

18. “People are so friendly. I love that everyone is your ‘aunty’ and ‘uncle’”

sg 21

It’s always nice to hear people say good things about Singapore and you can’t help but feel slightly proud.

sg 22

And yes, our SQ girls are gorgeous.

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