Tom Daley Shows Off His Finished Tokyo Olympic Knitted Cardigan!

Tom Daley Shows Off His Finished Tokyo Olympic Knitted Cardigan!

This looks so comfortable.

What do we love about the Olympics aside from talented athletes? Discovering that a lot of athletes also have other skills or interests that are quite relatable. Everyone’s under a microscope during the Olympics; how the athletes play, react, and mess up, can be televised at any moment. In the case of Tom Daley, he was caught on cam actually knitting while watching a diving event earlier this week — and the Internet went into a frenzy!

Tom Daley is a British diver, so obviously, not a lot of people outside Great Britain knew about him and his passion for knitting. We’re sure it was the last thing audiences expected to see during the Olympics too. But if there’s anything that this event has taught us, it’s that anybody, regardless of race, nationality, and gender, can excel at anything if we put our hearts and minds to it.

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Tom Daley and his knitted pieces

Tom Daley loves swimming and diving, and he’s already won one gold medal for it so far. But he also loves knitting, so much so that he actually has an Instagram account dedicated to everything he knits. He also uses his knitting and crochet account to raise money for charity sometimes. 

So far during the Olympics, he’s knitted a special pouch for his gold medal. And just one day ago, he showed off the finished cardigan which he was caught knitting earlier this week!

On his Instagram post, he says, “When I got to Tokyo, I wanted to make something that would remind me of these games. Something that I could say I had made in Tokyo, during the Olympics! I did a @teamgb logo on the back, with a flag and GBR on the shoulders and Tokyo embroidered onto the front!”

He further describes the details of his cardigan saying, “On the back, I went for a classic @teamgb logo, the shoulders have a flag and GBR on them. For the front, I wanted to keep it simple and I tried my best to embroider TOKYO in Japanese! 🇯🇵🔥”

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Tom Daley’s cardigan looks so nice, we want one for ourselves! Better yet, we might just take up knitting as a hobby too. How about you?

All images credited to Made With Love Tom Daley | Official Instagram Page

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