Travelling for the 'Gram? News Flash — It’s Totally Normal!

Travelling for the ‘Gram? News Flash — It’s Totally Normal!

Here are some reasons why it’s perfectly fine to travel #ForTheGram!

Got a penchant for posting lots of travel pictures and videos on social media? Don’t worry, we get you and you’re definitely not alone! Here are some reasons why it’s perfectly fine to travel for the ‘Gram — along with a few testimonies from your fellow millennial travellers. Let their #feedgoalsworthy photos inspire you to do the same!

It lets you channel your artistic skills, whether or not you intend to

Nothing like curating your Instagram feed with new travel pictures to get your creative juices flowing! 

From ‘scouting’ possible locations, deciding how to pose, choosing and editing the photo, to thinking of a witty caption — phew, that was a lot! — it’s not as easy as it looks. Just ask any influencer… or even just your friend whose profile is the definition of lifestyle goals

travel pictures

“I like letting my creative juices flow and paying close attention to artsy details.” | Image credit: Jan Sta. Romana

Nonetheless, the creative process is part of the fun. To some, it’s even a factor when planning out the itinerary! Come on now, that nighttime OOTD shot while walking along Shibuya Crossing isn’t going to capture itself. That said… 

Planning your posts equals getting a headstart on your itinerary

Searching for locations that would look good on the ‘Gram often means laying out your itinerary as well! This, of course, involves some good ol’ research — whether it’s a simple click on Instagram geotags or skimming through travel articles/blog posts. It helps to know which places are worth the visit and are photogenic. 

Then there’s the actual schedule. Aside from checking which places are near one another, there’s also planning the time to visit these. Fewer crowds are always highly preferred, but some spots look lovelier at nighttime when the lights are up and the city is abuzz. Meanwhile, some places look better in the morning, right after breakfast and before the harsh noon light sets in. Yep, the struggle is real sometimes. But hey, a fab photo can make up for it!

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It’s all about preserving memories that’ll last you a lifetime

travel pictures

“It’s the same as taking lots of photos for albums, or videos for VHS tapes back in the day!” | Image credit: Jeanelle Leuterio

Back in the day, people captured tons of photos to develop and compile in a big tangible photo album. I doubt anyone judged them and said that they’re just “doing it for the album.” After all, posting your photos online is the modern-day equivalent of putting together a photo album. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about the pictures getting lost or even fading over time. 

travel pictures

“I like to look back at my trips, but sometimes my memory gets fogged up. Good thing I have pictures to help me relive it.” | Image credit: Teddi Teopaco

It’s always nice to be able to look back on your trip in an instant. With travel pictures posted on social media, reliving your voyage has never been easier. So we say, snap and then post away!

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Travel photos encourage us to work harder

travel pictures

“It’s such a millennial thing to always be on the lookout for the next adventure.” | Image credit: Mikai Lopez

Looking back on previous travels induces nostalgia, and nostalgia definitely makes the wanderlust-filled heart grow fonder. In a perfect world, we’d be going from one trip to another, whenever we want. But alas, travelling involves saving up and/or filing a work leave because such is life. 

The desire to travel again soon is inevitable. Regardless of whether or not your last trip was something you paid for with your own moolah, your travel pictures could be your motivation to keep up the daily grind. Whoever said “more money, more problems” obviously didn’t know where to book their next plane ticket. 

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It’s like a travel journal, mood board, and scrapbook — all in one

Oftentimes, Instagram posts are the new travelogue. I’d be lying if I said I never became curious about a certain place after seeing it on a friend’s Instagram. And then occasionally, there would be people asking me about a foreign city or beach destination I’ve posted about. It’s flattering and somewhat surprising at the same time. By putting out your travel pictures, you get to share with the world (or at least your network, if your account is on private) new places that they can explore for themselves. 

Alternatively, it could also be your platform for self-expression. While travelling is something many consider as a well-loved hobby, we all have different ‘travel sub-interests.’ Some people like basking in culture and history, others like trying out the food. Some delve into environmental awareness on their captions, while there are those who advocate for tourism in their respective countries. Who said you can’t have travel posts that are both awesome and insightful?

Travelling is never a one-size-fits-all sort of thing

travel pictures

“Travelling shouldn’t be limited by the reasons for which you travel.” | Image credit (L-R): Maxine Marcelino, Angelo Templonuevo, Mae Lim

Some post-happy travellers get undeserved flak for posting a bit too much about their travels. Whether it’s the posting frequency or the fact that they travel a lot (and show it!) that bothers other people, we’ll never be sure. At the end of the day, it’s best to set aside such comments and not mind the negativity. If you travel for your own reason (i.e., for the ‘Gram) and you’re not stepping out-of-line with what you post, then you do you! Trust me, you’re in no way obliged to conform to societal standards for ‘worthwhile’ travel activities — whatever those are. 

Travel is essentially about having fun! After all, shouldn’t travelling be an escape from the stress of your everyday life? 

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At the end of the day, it’s all about balance

While the saying “let people enjoy things” rings true, it’s also good to remember to let yourself enjoy things. And I know sometimes it’s easier said than done, but avoid comparing your travel pictures with other people you follow — whether it’s your own friend or some famous style blogger. Repeat after me: it’s not a contest. Now repeat it while doing one clap after every word, for better recall. 

“Don’t forget to enjoy the moment while you’re there! You may get the cool pictures, but that’s not the only thing you want to remember about your trip.” | Image credit: Bea Osorio

Taking tons of travel pictures is great and all, but don’t forget to actually enjoy the trip itself! Live in the moment by taking in the sights, sounds, and everything else. Ask yourself how you’d want to remember the experience when you look back at the photos later on. Do you really want to ruin your trip because you were too obsessed with capturing the perfect OOTD? Friendly reminder that if all else fails (picture-wise), there are always apps like Snapseed and VSCO! You’re welcome. 

travel pictures

“Why pretend on social media that you’re enjoying when you can actually have fun, both on and off the camera?” | Image credit (L-R): Gianna Llanes, Kelly Que, Janeen Calinisan

Here’s a tip: take the photo/video, then put your phone away right after you get the shot. Editing and uploading on Instagram can wait. Determine if the trip is something you want to fully document, or simply take a few photos for in-the-moment content. You’ll only have that moment once, so choose wisely. 

Nowadays, with the omnipresence of social media, there’s the danger of over-romanticizing travelling. Some of us expect too much from a destination, instead of truly enjoying the trip. Best way to avoid unnecessary drama and disappointment? Aim to make the experience as personal and worthwhile to you as possible. And if that involves taking a handful of photos and videos for your Instagram — then go ahead, by all means. Life’s too short for terrible travel memories! 

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Have some interesting stories or tips for achieving awesome travel shots? We’d love to hear all about it!

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