9 Travel Photography Tips for A Beautiful Instagram Feed

9 Travel Photography Tips for Your Instagram Feed

These handy tips will help you create incredible, professional pictures for a beautiful Instagram feed!

Remember being blown away by an influencer’s Instagram feed – one packed with gorgeous pictures of faraway places – only to find out it might not be real after all?

Beautiful Instagram feeds with shots of white beaches and golden sunsets neatly arranged in square grids have now become a form of escape from our mundane office jobs or the endless marathon of school work. 

While many think that using everyday devices, such as the iPhone or Android gadgets, will not be good enough to create our own Instagram-worthy pictures, think again! You don’t need an expensive professional camera or Adobe Photoshop to share the joy of your next big adventure.

Just be there for real and get clicking! Here are some camera cues for those who want to up their Instagram game.

1. Have a rough idea of the shots you want

One interesting way to come out with amazing shots when you travel is to actually note down the types of pictures you wish to have by the end of the trip. There are no rules cast in stone for this and it really depends on how creative you can get.

For example, I penned down a simple note saying “pictures of fishermen during sunset” while travelling in China. Of course, doing some prior research about your travel destination would be a good start! It will give you a clearer picture (no puns intended) of what you want to achieve with your camera.

2. Remember the Rule of Thirds

Despite its name, this is really one of photography’s firsts. The “Rule of Thirds” will create a well-balanced and interesting shot. You may not want to place the subject squarely at the centre of your frame but a third way in. This can really make a huge difference by giving character to your shot!

However, keep in mind that the beauty of photography lies in the flexibility to break conventions. Once you’ve mastered the ability to shoot using the “Rule of Thirds”, feel free to play around with composition. Shoot from the ground, up looking down, close-up or anything goes, and be amazed at how different moods are created. There are so many ways of capturing just one object!

3. It’s all about working the angles!

Taking pictures is about experimenting and playing around with creativity. Be flexible and avoid setting your mind on just one position. Practice some movement and try out new angles after each shot. More than that, moving around will enable you to understand the pros and cons of different positions.

After all, you won’t know which shot will capture you an Insta-worthy picture until you try, right? Personally, one of my favourite angles to shoot is upwards. This way, I will be able to capture ceilings of old buildings with intricate designs or majestic chandeliers hanging up high. Look up and you never know what you’ll find.

4. Get your legs moving and avoid using digital zoom

See something beautiful in the distance such as this streetcar? (Proceeds to press zoom button). As tempting as it may seem to quickly zoom in on a subject when taking pictures, what this actually does is decrease the quality of your shot and you’ll end up with a pixelated shot.

Camera zoom on a professional gear can be great. However, since most beginners start off with simpler gadgets, walking a few steps – when possible – is definitely a better alternative to create sharper images. However, you probably won’t want to do this if you’re already standing on the edge of a cliff.

5. Hold the camera closer to you

Keep your memories close and your camera even closer. Many beginner photographers hold the camera with arms fully stretched forward, having the idea that it will capture a clearer shot of the subject. However, what this actually does is destabilize your posture and affect your image sharpness negatively.

You won’t want blurry, slanted pictures to impress your friends, do you? Hold your camera close for a better grip and stability, and shoot away with perfect balance.

6. Make a mini-tripod your new best friend

Remember a time when selfie-sticks were the bomb? Here’s another alternative for better results! Placing your iPhone or whichever entry-level camera you’re using on a mini-tripod gives you way more creative control over the shot with added stability. Furthermore, they’re not as bulky as tripods used for professional cameras which can be a hassle.

Yes yes, I can hear you argue that the selfie-stick is incredibly easy to use and you can easily upload your pictures on social media. However, if you want that extra oomph, the mini-tripod will give you the stability and balance you need.

7. … at least until you meet photo editing apps!

Attention everyone, editing is not cheating! Just like photography, editing is a craft and form of art. Even the best photographers in the world use technology to improve their works or enhance a particular mood they wish to produce in their photographs.

Experimenting with photo editing tools can certainly bring out more qualities in your images and allow you to understand different elements such as colours, lighting, contrast and more. Some good apps you can use on your phone include VSCO (a personal favourite), Snapseed and Afterlight. As long as you ensure your images are your own or give credit when it’s due, you will be just fine!

8. Curate your feed for that finishing touch

If you’re really serious about taking great pictures and want to share it with the rest of the world, it might be a good idea to curate your feed. This will make it look organized and aesthetically pleasing. If your pictures are blurry, it’ll probably be a good idea to leave those out.

Don’t post pictures just for the sake of posting it, filter those which you feel are less eye-catching and include those that you think look beautiful. Well, of course, curating a feed requires effort and time but if you think this would be meaningful for you in the long run, do it.

Just a small tip, it’s good to mix different types of pictures in your feed. If you have too many things going on in consecutive posts, your overall feed might look chaotic. Add pictures that have more space, such as a blue sky or body of water, to make your grid look clean and less cluttered. If your feed looks too mundane, a pop of colour can break the monotony!

9. Most importantly, just shoot and don’t overthink!

Overthinking might probably be your biggest enemy when trying to capture beautiful images. Learn by experimenting and trying new things out. Gain the confidence you need along the way. Have your phone or camera with you whenever you explore new places because you never know what you might find. Your end goal is to inspire others with your craft, so make this an enjoyable learning process for yourself!

Photography, at least for beginners, should be fun and a platform to play around with your creativity. Don’t be too upset if you’re not able to get your best pictures from the get-go. You’ll definitely get better as you learn from mistakes! It’s always more fulfilling to capture beautiful shots of Santorini or vast lavender gardens when you can call it your own.

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